Human Resource Information System Essay

Human resource information systems: a review and model development. by Mayfield, Milton^Mayfield, Jackie^Lunce, Steve Advances in Competitiveness Research • Annual, 2003 • ABSTRACT This paper presents a human resource information systems (HRIS) model with a primary objective: To provide a comprehensive framework that advances HRIS research (Kuhn, 1996). This model is based on general systems theory, relevant academic research, and practitioner observations. Our prototype is a necessary and vital step in developing a thorough and systematic strategy for analyzing one of the most dynamic and potentially useful areas in business today.

More specifically, our model addresses all major HRIS components and offers information on how these facets interact to support each other and larger organizational outcomes. These model units consist of organizational vision, strategic integration, personnel development, communication and integration, records and compliance, knowledge management, HR analysis, and forecasting and planning. Literature Review Tang et al. (1987) stated that the key to the effective planning of manpower and improvement of people productivity is an effective HRIS. It is required to provide the necessary information for decision making and policy formulation.

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Human Resource Information System Essay
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The application areas of this research were the current and desired applications of computer in HRIS. The research examined the impact of computer technology on personnel record system including cost, accuracy, fragmentation, duplication and difficulty of analysis. Lee and Cheung (1991) conducted a study “Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in Hong Kong: Some Preliminary Findings” with 202 organizations in Hong Kong. The study has found out the organization size was a significant variable which correlated positively with sophistication. The result showed that few firms utilized the systems for long-term planning and strategic purposes.


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