Human resource management analysis and countermeasures about restaurant waiter Essay

Human resource management analysis and countermeasures about restaurant waiter I worked in a restraunt in China before I came to the United States. So I want to write some words about human resource management about restaurant waiter. With the development of economy, service industry has become the dominant industry in China, the number of waiter in catering enterprises grows increasingly. Restaurant industry is a labor-intensive service industry. t is very important for managers to manage waiters, but in reality, management concepts about restaurant waiter are backward, lack of scientific nature and don’t pay attention to the incentive ffect of restaurant waiter. Therefore, how to improve the level of human resource management for restaurant waiter from the perspective of modern human resources management is a worth considering question for us. characteristic of restaurant waiter in China 1 . Most of waiters are young, generally come from the countryside.

Due to the general requirements for catering industry about ages are not more than 25 years old, so waiters’ age is generally in their late teens or early 20 s. Currently, restaurant waiter usually was born around the year 1990, people who was born in city has lower ncome pressure than people who was born in countryside, most of people who was born in city are reluctant to engage in the waiter’s work, so most waiters are generally from poor areas, young people in these areas drop out of high school and did not to go to college, the first choice about working for those parts of people is service industry. . Their degree is low, the overall quality is not high. According to social human resources related survey data, restaurant waiter with Junior high school degree or below accounted for about 24% of the total; waiter with high school ducation accounted for about 71% of the total; waiter with college degree (including education degree)accounted for about 4. 66% of the total; waiter with Bachelor’s degree accounted for only about O. 34% of the total number. Why can that happened?

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Human resource management analysis and countermeasures about restaurant waiter Essay
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On the one hand, people are affected by troditional cultural concept in our country, a lot of people with bachelor’s degree are ashamed to engaged in the waiter, general work in catering enterprises for them are management; on the other hand, physical labor is the all requirement, most of the employees feel good while they have low degree. 3. According to statistics,the difference in proportion between men and women about currently catering staff is huge, the waiter ratio for men and women is 1:3. 7. There are two mainly reasons caused gender difference. ne is that we do think women are more attentive and thoughtful, the other is that customers get used to being served by waitress. status of human resource management for restaurant waiter Management concepts about restaurant waiter are backward, lack of scientific nature and don’t pay attention to the incentive effect of restaurant waiter and don’t pay attention to the training for waiters. ompared to human resource managers in other industry,most human resource managers in modern catering enterprises have a knowledge and skills.

Usually human resource managers in catering enterprises master the knowledge and skills in the management process of the past, management idea has certain limitations and is relatively backward. Most of the human resource managers think catering workers in the labor market is endless and limitless reserve, even if the employee turnover rate is very high they also don’t pay more attention to the training of practitioners, they even think that employee training s a waste of resources.

Even if some catering enterprises train employees, most of training are simple product knowledge and service skills which is difficult to meet the needs of enterprises and staff development. 1 . The waiter has a high quit rate. According to the report, restaurant waiter turnover rate is as high as 80%, this is because the restaurants do not generally sign a formal labor contractwith the attendant, there is no stable employment relationship between enterprises and the waiter.

Therefore, the restaurant managers can fire a waiter according to the waiter’s ob performance and the restraunt’s profit margin; Attendant may also leave for other better Jobs or better payment, or the environment at any time. Some main causes of the employee turnover in the restraunt I worded before as follows: waiter wanted to find another development, they thougth the pay is low, and themself illegal, the intensity of labor is too strong, as well as other reasons. 2. The waiter’s work intensity is strong and work time is long.

Due to the nature of work, the attendant work from 9 am to 9 PM every day, usually at noon rest for 2 hours, work up to 10 hours, the standing time is more than 6 hours. Moment while customer was eating, the waiter was kept busy, especially during weekends and holidays, or undertake banquet, the waiter will busier than usual. 3. Compensation management is not scientific, lacking of fairness. I found in the investigation into the departure of restaurant waiter, the most important factor in all of the elements decided the waiter left, is the pay levels.

Catering enterprise managers think, there are a lot of labor force in market, so they deal with the compensation management in a negtive way, generally take a laissez-faire attitude, relying more on management experience. Compensation refers to the enterprise support to attendant the sum total of material and non-material, including basic salary and bonus, welfare three levels, but the waiter usually only get basic wage, even the bonus is also rare, let alone the welfare, almost all of the catering enterprises have no deal with endowment insurance and medical insurance for the waiter.

There is no relationship between compensation and performance, no different about doing good or doing bad. 4. The career development potential is low. Services are engaged in simple physical labor work, ompanies generally have no professional training, the waiter’s career is shorter than other professions. If the waiter is no promoted to management, because of the age, generally after pregnancy they will not work as a waiter.

Waiter’s work time is not long, companies are also considering the cost, there is no need for a waiter to career development plans. The impact to the catering industry 1 . The high turnover rate of waiter has a huge influence of restaurant’s income. Restaurant waiter left in great quantities, which cause labor shortages within the restaurant industry, customers come into restaurant without service staff, that will ost a lot of customers. Especially the period before, during and after the holiday is will bring immeasurable loss. . The attendant turnover rate is too high, restaurant cant guarantee the quality of service, and it will also increase the replacement cost. Moderate flow of employees can make the enterprise full of vitality, catering service will not be able to guarantee quality stability if the turnover rate is too high. Companies will also be in a maelstrom of constant recruitment and training management, which greatly increased the cost of human resources management. . The loss of waiter will hinder the development of catering industry. As people consumption ideas change, their demand for the restaurant industry is higher and higher, competition in the catering industry is bigger and bigger, the catering enterprises need to develop talent from the grassroots waiter, because they are understand consumers more and know how to manage business, how to lead the consumer trends.

Due to the error of the concept, it is difficult for the restaurant industry to attract excellent talents as a manager, so many enterprises choose training management personnel from the waiter, the waiter run off, enterprise do not know how to start even if they want to develop talent. Competition in modern enterprise is a competition in talent, the restaurant industry is not an exception. Keeping good waiters is the common problem in front of the catering enterprises. countermeasures Catering is a service industry, what they supply is service for customers.

Nowadays the competition in food industry increases fiercely, how to effectively improve enterprise human resources management level is the key for the catering enterprises operation and management. The competition in catering industry is talents’ competition, how to improve the waiter ‘s loyalty to enterprise, and increase the atisfaction of service, retain talent for catering, enhance the external competitiveness of the enterprise, attract talent into the catering industry are problems needed to be solved by catering enterprises. 1. Establish a scientific enterprise human resources management concept.

Catering enterprises need to get out of the pitfalls of traditional personnel management, they must have a break from the concept, set up the concept that human resource is the first enterprise resource; human capital is the first capital of the enterprise. Manager should be led by the raditional type into service; the waiter should be led from the practical to development-oriented; Waiter training should be led from emergency to useful in long time; Treatment should be changed from wage system to pay system. Once the concept has changed, human resources management work is easy to start. . The waiter’s introduction. On the one hand, most catering enterprises still have limits about the attendant’s age at present; On the other hand, due to the service work is not stable, working strength is strong, pay is not scientific, career development prospects are small, catering enterprise server lack is a clear phenomenon. So managers can relax the employing standard of catering enterprise, they cannot be limited by only young waiter, they can consider relaxing age appropriately and introduce some laid-off workers to the catering industry.

In addition, the enterprise can also establish relations of cooperation with secondary schools and training schools, introduce the waiter from them. That is not only can solve the employment problem for the society, increase the visibility of catering enterprises, but also can highly educated graduates who are reluctant to engaged in the work of the waiter. 3. The training of the waiter. Waiter is characterized by low degree, generally low quality, so the training to the attendant should be full aspects, should not be only training of grooming and operation process.

Managers introduce enterprise background, culture, idea, and vision to the waiter, which pointed out the enterprise’s development direction and space, as well as, indicates the waiter’s development space. Waiters feel themselves as a part of the enterprise, have a strong sense of belonging, bear the company’s mission, feel proud as a member of enterprises, and work together with enterprise to create the future, full of confidence. Let the waiter not take catering enterprise as the life of the interpretation of the station, but took the Job as a lifetime career. . Set up a scientific system of attendants pay. The low salary, unstable work is the leading cause of departure. Establishing a scientific pay system is a priority. The waiter’s compensation should be composed of basic salary + performance + welfare, catering enterprises should first improve the waiter’s basic wage; second they should combine closely with the services and performance, only in this way, catering enterprises can improve staffs enthusiasm, improve the waiter’s ork efficiency.

Cost savings can be used to pay the improved basic wage; finally, catering enterprises should be dealt with social insurance for waiter, which not only enhance the waiter belonging to the enterprise, but also keep employees and reduce turnover rate and can enhance enterprise’s external competitiveness to attract talent. 5. Design the waiter’s career path. To attract, motivate and retain excellent waiter, catering enterprises should design a scientific and reasonable career development channel.

Providing greater development space for the waiter, training nd reserving talents for enterprise development are designed for waiter self- knowledge and growth enterprise management solution. Attendant can take management Job, career path can be designed for: waiter—supervisor—floor manager—department manager, let the waiter take more responsibility to realize position ascension.

Catering enterprises help waiters achieve career goals and determine career development channel, fully mobilize potential services, maximize the attendant contribution, which is also conducive to enterprise’s goal realization process, make the employee’s career goals and catering enterprise development goals the same.


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