Human Resource Management and its Environment Essay


This paper will critically measure the attacks involved in developing strategic human resource direction as identified by David Guest. I will besides place the strategic human resource development attack that provides the most appropriate hole with the concern scheme at the Pace company. The function of Human Resource Managers in administrations continues to germinate with alterations in the complex and competitory market environment. It is a fact that Human Resource Management now plays a more strategic function for the success of their administration.

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Human Resource Management and its Environment Essay
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David Guest stipulated that human resource direction basically consists of 4 chief policy purposes and attacks to strategic human resource direction. These include:

Strategic integrating of human resource direction with concern aims

High employee committedness


Provision of high quality goods and services

The functions of human resource directors around the Earth continue to alter due to alterations in the competitory market environment. Another factor impacting human resource direction functions is the demand for human resource direction to be utilised more strategically in the success of an administration. Any administration that fails to concentrate on the attracting and keeping of relevant accomplishments and endowment in its country of operation might good happen itself at a terrible disadvantage, as other rivals may be surpassing such an administration in the strategic employment of their human resources. “ For the last 20 old ages, empirical work has been largely concerned with the nexus between Human Resource Management pattern and organisational public presentation, which is apparent in improved employee committedness, lower degrees of absenteeism and turnover, higher degrees of accomplishments and hence higher productiveness, enhanced quality and efficiency ” ( Beardwell and Claydon 2007 p. 182 ) .

The success or failure of any administration depends on the ability of the administrations human resource directors to pull off a diverse organic structure of accomplishments and endowment which can convey new positions, advanced thoughts and relevant positions to the workplace. It is possible to turn workplace jobs and challenges into a strategic organizational plus if an administration succeeds in taking advantage of the diverseness in its workplace.

In the current epoch of high concern fight in which we live, concern administrations operate in an ever-changing dynamic environment, and so must be able to accommodate to fortunes in order to remain in front of the aggressive competition. In today ‘s concern administrations, human resources are the major plus to deriving an border over the rivals and the accomplishment of organizational efficiency and success. This paper will critically analyze human resource direction maps like staffing, executive dealingss, public presentation, preparation and development. Human resource direction has been described as “ a strategic attack to the direction of employee dealingss which emphasises that leveraging people ‘s capablenesss is critical to accomplishing sustainable competitory advantage, this being achieved through a typical set of incorporate employment policies, plans and patterns ( Brewster, 2000 p. 130 ) .

Harmonizing to David Guest, there exist six dimensions of analysis. These are:

Human resource direction scheme

Human resource direction results

Human resource direction patterns

Performance results

Fiscal results

Behavioural results

David Guest ‘s theoretical account can be said to be normative in nature, as his theoretical account is based on the premise that human resource direction differs distinctively from the usual or traditional signifiers of forces direction.

Strategic integrating of human resource direction with concern aims
The ability of an administration to incorporate human resource direction issues with its concern aims and strategic programs helps to guarantee that assorted human resource direction facets are cohesive, and makes commissariats for the direction to convey a human resource direction position to the determination devising procedure.

Strategic human resource direction involves the strategic direction of the human resources/capital in an administration. In comparing to proficient human resource direction, the increasing importance of human resources to the success of any administration is correlated to the rise of strategic human resource direction as a planetary field of survey. Harmonizing to Walker ( 1992 ) , strategic human resource direction is “ a agency of alining the strategic facet of concern with the direction of human resources in an administration ” ( Walker, 1992 p. 78 ) . Strategic human resource direction is concerned with guaranting that the direction of resources in an administration is to the full integrated with the administrations strategic planning, and that human resource direction policies are in line with hierarchies and policy countries.

Human resource direction policies should besides be acceptable and can be implemented by line directors as portion of their regular agenda of work. Therefore, strategic human resource direction must supply a macro-organisational attack to the maps and functions of human resource direction in an administration, and this is what distinguishes strategic human resource direction from traditional human resource direction.

Harmonizing to David Guest, “ strategic human resource direction is largely about integrating, which is one of the chief policy ends of human resource direction ” ( Guest, 1989 p. 54 ) . Walker ( 1992 ) besides pointed out that human resource schemes are functional schemes such as selling, fiscal, Production and IT strategies.

High employee committedness
Presents, administrations have become more focussed on the development of competitory advantage “ because of rapid technological, environmental and planetary economic alterations. Other beginnings of competitory advantage have become less of import, and so the degree of committedness of employees in the administration is a important differentiating factor ” ( Beardwell and Claydon 2007 p.318 ) .

Often times, HR direction issues like these are seen to be the exclusive duty of the forces section. Recent research and surveies nevertheless, suggest that maps of specializer forces tend to take away from industrial and economic dealingss public presentation, instead than heighten such public presentation. One such survey is a research carried out by Fernie, Metcalf and Woodland in the United Kingdom. The survey was carried out in 1994, and employed informations extracted from nationally representative workplace samples.

High employee committedness, which consequences in a behavioral committedness on the portion of the employees to prosecute set ends, is of import in HR direction. This can be in signifier of an attitudinal committedness that is reflected by a strong sense of designation for the administration in inquiry. “ The current major position among strategic direction research workers is the acknowledgment that sustained advantage in competition arises as a consequence of a house ‘s internal resource gifts and deployment of its resources, particularly the human resources, which are amiss initiable, instead than from the organisation ‘s merchandise market place. ” ( Pfeffer, 1994 p.36 ) .


In recent history, alterations in the technological political and demographic facets of administrations ‘ operating environments have led to strategic human resourcing responses being focused on flexibleness in the workplace. Drivers for a more flexible attack to work construction have arisen from factors like new technological demands, uncertainness about demand, which leads to uncertainness about labor demands, economic force per unit areas from progressively volatile and competitory markets, new work forms and altering work force. In a study carried out in 1998 about workplace employee dealingss, it was found that approximately 90 per cent of employees said that there was increasing usage of subcontractors in many administrations.

Harmonizing to Felstead ( 1993 ) “ these types of sub-contractual relationship affect the administrations approach to employment patterns. ” It has besides been suggested that “ at one terminal of this spectrum accent is placed on competition between service suppliers ( subcontractors ) and a examination of contractual footings that will normally take to frail relationships and low trust ; while at the other terminal there exist more occupied relationships in which more security is observed in the contract agreement ” ( Felstead, 1993 p. 159 ) . Such relationships may be characterised by some component of common dependence.

It is non unusual for human resource directors to be required to undergo cultural-based HR direction preparation in order to heighten the ability of these directors to actuate qualified employees from diverse cultured backgrounds. It is besides of import for human resource directors to guarantee the local employees in an administration that foreign workers do non present a menace to their calling promotion chances. It can hence be seen that in many ways, the efficiency of pull offing workplace diverseness depends on the flexibleness and adept reconciliation of the activities of the human resource director.

One of the chief grounds for improper or uneffective direction of diverseness in the workplace is “ the sensitivity to pigeonhole employees, puting them in a different silo based on their diverseness profile ” ( Ketchen, Thomas, and Snow, 1993 p71 ) . The chief challenge in any analysis of flexibleness in the workplace is the designation of the exact significance of flexibleness in an organizational context. The theoretical account of a flexible administration depicts 3 types of flexibleness to fulfill altering demand degrees. “ These types of flexibleness include functional flexibleness, numerical ; flexibleness and fiscal flexibleness. Functional flexibleness involves the development and use of the accomplishments of the chief work force while numerical flexibleness has to make with the accommodation of the Numberss of direct employees. Financial flexibleness, which is besides called distancing, is based on the payment of fees alternatively of rewards through agreements like farm outing and outsourcing of undertakings. ” ( Torrington, Hall, Taylor, and Atkinson, 2008 p. 142 ) .

Flexibility can besides come in signifier of temporal flexibleness which involves executed work and evident in the growing of different clip frames and displacement forms that are designed to suit high and low periods in demand.

Provision of high quality goods and services

David Guest noted that one major driving force behind HR direction is “ the chase of competitory advantage in the market-place through proviso of high-quality goods and services, through competitory pricing linked to high productiveness and through the capacity fleetly to introduce and pull off alteration in response to alterations in the market-place or to breakthroughs in research and development ” ( Armstrong, 2003 p.26 ) . Recent developments in HR direction have shown the importance of holding a more concern oriented attack to HR direction issues.

The strategic human resource development attack that will supply the most appropriate hole with the concern scheme at the Pace company is a strategic integrating of HR direction with the company ‘s concern aims. Harmonizing to Bratton and Gold, strategic HR direction can be seen as an result or as a procedure. From the position of being an result, “ strategic HR direction includes administration systems designed to accomplish sustainable competitory advantage through people ” ( Bratton and Gold, 2007 p.253 ) . From the position of being a procedure, “ strategic HR direction is a procedure by which an administration seeks to associate its homo, societal and rational capital to the strategic demands of the house ” ( Bratton and Gold, 2007 p. 213 ) .

A properly operation HR direction system is an unseeable plus that creates value and involves the acquisition, development and motive of the administration ‘s human resources. This includes activities like occupation analysis, Human resource planning, employee enlisting, employee choice, public presentation assessment and Human resource development, among others. HR direction consists of 4 of import maps including staffing, choice arrangement, and compensation and public presentation direction. Human resource directors have to be sensitive to alterations in people, competition and market since they have become more concern oriented and strategically focused ; they besides have to be cognizant of the demand for an adaptative and flexible administration.

It has been said that alteration is the lone thing that is changeless in life. It is therefore really of import for administrations to fix for events which may hold a important consequence on assorted facets of their operations. HR direction is no different. A batch of events contribute to the defining of our field of work. Some such events are globalization, corporate retrenchment, changing accomplishment demands, work force diverseness, employee engagement, quality direction and reengineering of work procedures.

Any concern administration that fails to concentrate on pulling and keeping of gifted employees may happen themselves confronting hard effects, as the competition will likely outplay such an administration in strategically using their human resources.

Any administration that wishes to be successful must go more flexible, more resilient, and adaptable because of local and international addition in competition. Within this sort of environmental alteration Human Resource professionals must germinate to go a strategic spouses and advocators to other employees. Human Resource professionals can besides play the function of a alteration wise man within their administration. In order to accomplish the coveted success at the gait company, Human Resources direction must be viewed as a concern driven map and there must be thorough apprehension of the company ‘s ultimate ends. The human resource directors in the administration must besides be able to act upon the company ‘s major policies and determinations.

There are many treatments about effectivity of HR direction in an administration, and non all of them agreed with each other, although their chief point is same. Due to the increasing complexness of HR direction, most of larger size administrations today have established a Human Resources Department, but non all of these administrations perform all of the Human resource maps and activities. The organizational context in which HR direction is soon seen involves considerable uncertainness and rapid alteration. This is explained with assorted internal and external barriers such as, deficiency of HR direction ‘s position within an administration, top direction ‘s attitude to HR direction, deficiency of cognition and accomplishments of Human resource staff, rivals, authorities statute laws, economical influence, etc.

To get the better of those above mentioned barriers and restrictions, and to increase the effectivity of HR direction in their administrations public presentation Human resource specializers have to increase their accomplishments and cognition which are necessary to set about all undertakings and turn out the necessity of HR direction in order to be effectual in today ‘s competitory market.

The human direction field has emerged as a major facet that is necessary for organizational success, as HR direction is now strategically focused and concern oriented. Therefore, directors and other top forces in an administration should work together to successfully undertake market alterations and any alterations in the competition. Directors must besides be sensitive to the demand for flexibleness and adaptability in an administration.

There must be continued appropriate staff preparation as this enables the staff to acquire to cognize how HR direction can hike concern and how employee public presentation can be improved. As Buller ( 1988 ) noted, the grade of integrating between organizational and human resource scheme is influenced by an administration ‘s doctrine towards people.

It is of import to pull off people as they want to be managed, non how you think they should be managed. ( Buller 1988 ) Relevant human resource theories and theoretical accounts should be integrated into the workplace, as the soft attack to HR direction produces more positive consequences than the heard attack, due to the fact that a soft attack to HR direction involves the employees, thereby ensuing in more motive and committedness. More attending should besides be given to theories of single motive and the administration should develop a more psychological attack to organizational schemes.

Good directors commit to memory that concentrating on the simple things will frequently give the major benefits. In general, directors are selected based upon their functional proficiency. However, being a good director is about acquiring consequences through people. In other words, a trough must stand back and increasingly assign duty to the resources – people – around him/her, because the superior aims can non be attained entirely. Carry throughing through other people is one of the taking challenges in direction.

Directors are accountable for pull offing the assignment and following with the vision and scheme of the administration ; they must understand that the biggest part of their clip will be spent pull offing people. A director demands to be after what he/she is seeking to make and be originative with the resources he/she has, to organize his/her people, develop them and put single marks. The director can delegate undertakings and if required employ more people, and excite his/her squad so that they enjoy their work and the environment, and do them experience looked after and esteemed. A director must besides persistently look into that things are traveling harmonizing to program. Directors must non lose touch with the demand to carry through consequences, but should handle their squad with a human touch.


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