Human Resource Management Sample Essay

1. Discourse the challenges faced by HR direction when important staff cutbacks occur and how they should be addressed.

In my sentiment one of the most hard challenges faced by HR direction when important staff cutbacks occur is holding to put off fellow colleagues that do non merit to lose their occupations. When puting off portion of your work force you have to happen a manner to acquire the same sum of work done but with less people. This is really difficult because one time a layoffs occur other workers tend to lose morale. trust and productiveness suffers. Chiefly because the staying employees are ever waiting and inquiring when and if there clip will come to. As cutbacks occur employees start looking for other occupations. opposition could go a factor. their committedness to the company and its ends become overshadowed by the employees own endurance and security demands. Besides. to those employees that are left they can travel thru a period of choler. guilt. depression and even loneliness. I believe it is merely every bit difficult emotionally on the people that are cut. as those that are non.

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Human Resource Management Sample Essay
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HR Management needs to be understanding and supportive and seek to acquire their staying employees to accept the new alterations and recover their hope and trust within the company. I believe that this could be an chance for HR direction to prosecute and dispute their employees to happen efficiencies and advanced solutions which can hold a immense consequence on motive. morale and committedness. HR Management needs to utilize this clip to pass on with their employees more. They need to see that communicating is frequent. consistent and honest.

2. Use of engineering. employee keeping. and HR development have been at the nucleus of HR going more strategic at Xerox. Why have those countries been so cardinal?

I believe that the usage of engineering. employee keeping and HR development has become cardinal with all concern today. because there has been such a alteration in the work force today. With the economic system being as it is. it is really of import to guarantee that employees are still committed to the company. HR needs act as wise mans and steer their employees with preparation and educating them on how the company works and what its ends are for the hereafter. If you have good trained and competent employees this helps the company by increasing client satisfaction. adding credibleness and by adding to the repute of the company.

Showing employees that there is still hope and there are still advancement chances helps in cut downing turnover. and employee dissatisfaction within the company. I would be willing to take a lower pay to be happy in my work twenty-four hours. with a company that is honorable and straightforward with me than I would to hold a occupation with a company that I am wholly suffering at.

1. Discuss why the assorted diverseness attempts of McDonald’s and Starbucks are good concern patterns.

In the universe today we are a mix of every race and let’s face facts people are disabled. Why should any of these be an issue with being employed and holding a occupation? I have worked with many type of people from other races to the handicapped and every bit long as you have the privation to and the desire to work you will win and should win. I think it shows great enterprise for these big corporations to non merely engage but to develop all of their employees in there diverseness attempts. By learning and utilizing diverseness as a good concern patterns they are positioning themselves to be a more competitory organisation. Harmonizing to the “Bureau of Labor Statistics. 2004. ” a rapid growing of the minority and handicapped labour force will go on over the following 10 old ages.

I believe that if these companies train and continue to spread out their diverseness they will take the planetary market for employees.

2. Describe what HR attempts are needed by employers such as Cracker Barrel and Denny’s to cut down favoritism charges and ailments when they occur in single locations.

It is my belief that in order to cut down favoritism charges and ailments within a company. employers need several guidelines for
bar. They need to keep people accountable for their actions and they need them to understand that in no manner will it be tolerated. Employers need to hold a rigorous policy. they need to develop their directors and need them to understand that it bar of this is their duty. they besides need to react to any and all ailments no affair how little they seem because these issues can intensify. HR should make a conformity papers that everyone employee must subscribe non count their position. They need to be argus-eyed and pro-active when they receive presentment sing any type of favoritism. HR should exercise their attempts in denoting its policy and sing everyone adheres to it.


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