Human Resource Management Practices Commerce Essay

The rational for the paper. In this article, Mark A. Huselid, evaluates the theories that explain the relationship between house public presentation and the High Performances Practices. Previous researches and public presentation studies confirm that the current and future human resources significantly contribute to the development and executing of an effectual strategic concern program. In the article, Huselid seeks to measure the effects of HRM patterns on the corporate public presentation. He establishes that when the patterns are aligned with the house ‘s overall way, though mostly abstract, the human resources direction patterns help construct a sustained competitory advantage.

These findings agree with the old researches that Human resource policies, decently aligned to the organisations competitory scheme, enable important economical part to the house ‘s public presentation. Huselid contends that small has been done to recognition or discredit the given that effectual HRM systems at the same time exploit the possible art of staff and aid to implement a specific house ‘s competitory scheme.

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Human Resource Management Practices Commerce Essay
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Over and above what has already been researched, Huselid seek to spread out the degree of analysis used to measure the firm-level impact of HRM patterns to travel beyond the specific functional strategic aim to system-oriented mechanisms of analysis. Huselid ‘s theory efforts to give a more comprehensive and a specific focal point at the same time. His attack explicitly addresses two procedural jobs confronting survey-based research on the topic, which include the possibility for simultaneousness or contrary causality, between High Performance Work Practices and steadfast public presentation and study response prejudice. Huselid ‘s survey besides attempts to set up to prove being of a relationship between the impact of High Performance Work Practices on house public presentation and the grade of alliance or relatedness between a house ‘s system of such patterns and its competitory scheme.

Theoretical Background

Several theories have been put frontward to explicate the relationship between HRM policies with the organisation accomplishment of aims. For a long clip in the industry, it has been believed that single employee public presentation has deductions on the firm-level results. One of the theories is Barney ‘s ( 1991 ) resource-based theory in which he contended that human resources can supply a beginning of sustained competitory advantage when four basic demands are met. They must add value to the house ‘s production processes ; the accomplishments the house seeks must be rare ; the combined human capital investings a house ‘s employees represent can non be easy imitated ; and that a house ‘s human resources must non be capable to replacing by technological progresss or other replacements.

His 1993 new attack contended that human resources are often “ underutilized ” because employees frequently perform below their maximal possible and that organisational attempts to arouse discretional attempt from employees are likely to supply returns in surplus of any relevant costs.


The writer has given considerable justification to the relationship between High Performance Work Practices or HRM policies on firm-level public presentations. The impact of High Performance Work Practices on corporate fiscal public presentation is in partially attributed to due to their influence on employee turnover and productiveness.

As for HRM policy, the writer found out modest grounds of an consequence for internal tantrum and small grounds for external tantrum ; findings which are in line with recent efforts to pattern tantrum in the organisational scheme literature. As besides acclaimed by Venkatraman, ( 1989 ) the phenomena are possibly conventional given the preliminary nature of the steps of tantrum research workers will go on to developed.


The methodological analysis used for proving the set hypotheses involved both qualitative as good quantitative. The tools of mensurating spread and distribution such as agencies, standard divergence, and discrepancy were used to quantitatively measure the grade of relatedness between factors of high public presentation and the company degree parametric quantities such as turnover. Regressions analysis was used to find the quality of relationship between the two phenomena under survey.


The employee accomplishments, motivational factors and the on the job environment reflect an norm of standard tonss, so their agencies are really near zero connoting these are control parametric quantities of rating. By and large, these findings allude that the supervisory squads were concerned with accomplishing the stockholder involvements at all costs.

Surprisingly and as anticipated, despite employee accomplishments and organisational constructions both holding a positive relationship with to productiveness and corporate fiscal public presentation ; the two factors were reciprocally associated to each other. The arrested development analysis trial indicated important degree sensitiveness of single aspects of High Performance Work Practices on the turnover and productiveness among the staff.

Decisions and restrictions

Having discussed sufficient grounds, the writer concludes by asseverating that there is a relationship between the Work Practices and the reflected house public presentation. One of the defects of the theories is like the old ; it fails to propose mechanisms of how houses can so obtain significant fiscal benefits from puting in the HR patterns studied by Huselid, 1995. One of the other short coming associated with the Huselid ‘s surveies is the deficiency of guideline on how to set uping a changeless degree of changeless degree of investing in footings of a erstwhile disbursal ; these values have been underestimated by the of the impact of High Performance Work Practices on house public presentation.

In add-on, some of the determination ‘s influence on house net incomes is non accounted for. Having delved in warranting the significant effects associated with systems of High Performance Work Practices, and HRM patterns, the surveies leaves serious room for guess. One might easy reason that the simple acceptance of such patterns overtakes any other attempt to guarantee HR policies are internally consistent or aligned with steadfast competitory scheme.

Deductions for pattern

The findings of this survey have created a new avenue of bettering the HR patterns. The penetrations of these findings call for the HR troughs or confer withing companies to re-evaluate their schemes and attack to Human resource policy. High public presentation factors decently fitted in line with organisation strategic aim can heighten its competiveness. Employee turnover, Productivity, and Corporate Financial Performance are extremely sensitive to employee high public presentation patterns.

This implies that if they are decently managed they can impel the company ‘s strategic place in the several industry, but contrary to this, the organisation may be paralyzed in some or all of its operation due ineffective, uneffective, and dearly-won work force. Human Resource directors hence need to carry on through scrutinizing to find the relevant high public presentation patterns relevant to the organisation. This audit will enable the organisation assess the potencies among the employees and how better theses potencies can be optimizes for a better public presentation of the company.


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