Human Sexual Behavior and Thai Younger Generation Essay

Topic : The Negative Effects of Mass Media on Thai Younger Generation I. Introduction A. The media influence has grown quickly with the advance of technology, for example, the radio, the newspaper, magazines, television and now the internet. B. Media is an inseparable part of life for most of Thai younger generation. C. Media is responsible for creating ideals about body image, the amount of excessive violence or the number of celebrity hype created by the media. D.

The influence of mass media on Thai younger generation is so worrisome that we should know how it really works in order to make them stay safely from some double-edge sword mass media. E. Thesis Statement : There are several ways that certain types of media can negatively affect Thai younger generation as well. II. Physical effects is one of the most negative effect of media today that affect on Thai younger generation. A. This leads to one of the major teenager problems related to eating disorders and resultant health problems. 1.

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Human Sexual Behavior and Thai Younger Generation Essay
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There are many media that are filled with details on food recipes, various diet programs and exercise regimes. B. Many types of media today have significant material on violence. 1. News and internet can lead teenagers to feel that violence and killing are a regular feature of day to day life. III. Media strongly affects Thai younger generation in psychological effects. A. Thai teenagers are stimulated to have preoccupation of sex. 1. Teenagers are likely to have sex or engage in sexual acts if they see similar sexual behavior in the media. a.

Most media portray sexuality and related topics without much censorship. B. The important effect on psychology is that media has encouraged teenagers to take unhealthy habits. 1. The media, especially television, are a prime cause of smoking, drinking, and drug use among adolescents. C. The media desensitize teenagers to horror. 1. Horror shows the gruesome effects of violence or any other destructive process. a. The result is that they become more callous to evil and its consequences. IV. Another negative effect in Thai teenager that has grown over the last years is cultural effects. A.

Traditional culture has become worse. 1. Modeling of uncivil speech and conduct is more spread out on teenagers daily life. 2. The media makes changed teens original stereotypes. a. Many teens want to be like the characters they see on TV. Conclusion : There are several negative sides of the media that can be especially harmful to Thai younger generation. Hence it is necessary to make sense on teenagers in enhanced to use venue as a mean to promote information and education about a variety of things that affect them such as eating disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, drug use or even suicide.


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