Humanistic Theory and Trait Theory Essay

Humanistic Theory and Trait Theory My research was comparing the Humanistic Theory and Trait Theory. Humanistic Theory is based on the ability for individuals to be able to uniquely diverse with our own prospective on life. It evaluates how an individual’s choice can affect their decision making and how the decisions can take a positive or negative effect to the conclusion of that choice. It also focuses on how we allow others to manipulate us into believing what our self worth is, if we are capable of achieving what we set out to become.

Trait theory is based on an individual’s observation, and elements of their personality traits such as openness to new experiences, skill development, agreeableness, etc. and how that affects their choices. According to Tom Ato, psychologists believe that this trait stems from one basic group of characteristics which are biological in nature. Studies have concluded that is it not based on individualism but account for consistent behavior which are familiar in diverse situations. Both theories have a few similarities; however research revealed several differences between them.

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Humanistic Theory and Trait Theory Essay
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Their approach to personality traits differ because they go in different directions. Trait theory shows aspects of human personality can be stable and consistent in several cultures; it is not shaped by outside influences, where as Humanistic traits are. Trait theory is correct in its approach for many reasons; the success of the five-factor personality models, observers’ evaluations, the models withstood challenges that affects all cultures, the link between psychological disorders and personality traits, and the potential to predict what the individuals’ future may bring.

The Humanistic trait has been criticized for being too subjective in its approach. Because it focuses on each individual’s potential and gives the fundamental belief that all individuals are good, makes it harder to explain why people commit crimes. We can not objectively tell is self actualized, we can only rely on the individual own assessment of their experiences. Both theories have valid merit on the personality traits, but they have different approaches on how to establish their findings. Both Humanistic and Trait Theories are in disagreement on what way is most effective however both view the individual’s personality as a whole.


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