Hunters and Gatherers Essay

General Information on Industrial Families And Hunters and Gatherers. An urban industrial family formed when society moved into a more manufacturing and factory based occupation. Roles were distributed at home according to gender but both females and males worked together to establish businesses. Women were the homemakers and the men were the money earners. The role of women was to be nurturers to their kids and husband. Products were manufactured to help her with house chores. They were also financially supported by their husbands.

If they worked outside the household they were paid one third less than men. The men were the wage earners and worked at factories. The cchildren’s role in the urban industrial time was to have an education. It became compulsory for them until the age of fourteen. They also worked in factories helping their fathers but after the compulsory age of education. Hunters and gatherers consisted of groups of people that lived together to support each other. They were nomadic people so they moved with the season.

The men were known as hunters and women were the gatherers. They had few possessions because they moved a lot and it was hard to carry so many things from one place to another. They used bows and arrows to hunt and only did it when necessary. They had children through natural birth and had informal mmarriages. They would support each other by staying together during the search of food. Women use to collect herbs for medicine care. Hunters and gatherers were well known for equality.

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