Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath Essay

From 911 to Hurricane Katrina the United States authorities has used many of its different resources to assist with the wake. After every event that causes panic and devastation in the United States there is ever person at that place to assist clean it up, from big companies to the people merely desiring to assist. When natural catastrophes and hurricanes work stoppage its takes us to hanker to acquire everything taken attention of and there are excessively many losingss of life. When it comes down to it, It ‘s non clear if the United States is genuinely ready for another exigency.

On August 25, 2005 snake pit struck the southern provinces of the United States. Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Florida and parts of Alabama were taken over by the monolithic class 5 hurricane. Hurricane Katrina formed over the Bahamas on August 23, 2005 and so crossed southern Florida as a moderate Class 1 hurricane, killing some and doing deluging at that place before turning and beef uping quickly in the Gulf of Mexico. The storm weakened before doing its 2nd landfall as a Category3 storm on the forenoon of Monday, August 29 in sou’-east Louisiana. It caused terrible devastation along the Gulf seashore from cardinal Florida to Texas, much of it due to the storm rush and so made its manner towards New Orleans where the most harm was caused.

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As the nearing storm get downing turning stronger the citizens of New Orleans we told to evacuate. Many of the citizens did but some stayed. Many of the wealthy and in-between category citizens, who had a topographic point to travel and money to back up them left. The lower category citizens who had no money and nowhere to travel, stayed and suffered. As hurricane Katrina mad land fall the devastation started, the air currents and the rain were lay waste toing peoples places became afloat and households were trapped inside of their place and were killed. There were about 2,000 deceases from the Katrina, hunderds of 1000s of people with out places, H2O, or nutrient were left on the streets to contend for their lives.

The Super Dome played a immense function in the shelter for the people who needed it most. Peoples fled from their insecure places to happen a topographic point in the immense covered football field. Many people where interior of the dome when the storm struck, and many came to it after. When remaining in the dome you had what you brought with you, a cover and a pillow and your household. The bathrooms were overruning and the air smelt of decease. Peoples were forcing and jostling to happen a topographic point to kip in the crowed insanitary topographic point. If you were to walk outside of the dome and around the corner you would see the organic structures of the work forces and adult females who did n’t do it and who could non be brought in, many of them had a piece of paper with them saying the names of their household members so that after it was all over they could be buried. Peoples went without nutrient and H2O for many yearss, some were stranded on top of their ain places. Cars were under H2O along with some places and edifices, many people could n’t swim so that was the decease of them.

The implosion therapy came from the breakage of the levees. Why did the levees interrupt? That was the inquiry on everyone ‘s head. The authorities should hold had the levees in tip top status, but they did non last really long into the storm. It is believed that because the hapless maintaining of the levees most of the things that went under H2O and were destroyed and killed is the authoritiess mistake. That is a questionable statement to do, but the breakage of the levees played a large function in the devastation of New Orleans.

As the hurricane came to an terminal many people came to the deliverance, the first on site were the local constabulary and fire sections, but they were non big plenty to cover with the awful conditions. The Coast Guard arrived shortly after and many other little bureaus, the deliverance and clean up began. As there different groups of people started it was chaos no 1 knew where to even get down. There were people populating out of the ace dome who needed aid but besides the people stuck in their places. As the hunt and deliverance began so did the decease toll, house by house they figure merely went up.

During the clip of Hurricane Katrina President George W. Bush was in office. When intelligence of what had happened in southeast provinces he did non acquire on Air Force One and wing down to demo his state that he was at that place to assist, he took off to another state to make concern. It took the President 12 yearss to do his manner down to New Orleans ; he ne’er set pes on the land though. The president overlooked the metropolis from the comfort of his plane. On April 27th 2011 a ramped F5 twister took over the town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. President Obama was down at that place and back uping the attempts within three yearss. The support that the people of Alabama felt from their President was much greater so the visual aspect that Bush made in the air.

Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA ) became portion of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on March 1, 2003. FEMA was established to “support our citizens and first respondents to guarantee that as a state we work together to construct, prolong, and better our capableness to fix for, protect against, respond to, retrieve from, and extenuate all hazards.” When FEMA was asked about Hurricane Katrina and what it was like down there they layed it all out on the tabular array, they nor was anyone else to the full ready to take on what had be done down at that place. They labeled it a catastrophe and a catastrophe is what it all was.

“A catastrophe, it strikes anytime, anyplace. It takes many signifiers — a hurricane, an temblor, a twister, a inundation, a fire or a risky spill, an act of nature or an act of terrorist act. It builds over yearss or hebdomads, or hits all of a sudden, without warning. Every twelvemonth, 1000000s of Americans face catastrophe, and its terrifying effects. ( FEMA ) ”

If another exigency was to go on in the United States once more the authorities would hold a batch of work to make. When FEMA was added to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security they were thought to be the group that would be able to take attention of everything. They are apart of the authorities she they should hold adequate money to fix. At the point we are in with the national debt they money flow to FEMA and all of the other companies in really limited. If and when another exigency happens there is non traveling to be plenty to assist feed the people and shelter them.

Peoples populating in danger zones should besides hold a program for another exigency. Such as where they would travel if they needed to go forth and excess money would assist excessively. Local constabulary and fire sections need more preparation and support. The locals are the first to be at that place and they have to get down with the wake and if they are non prepared for it so everything starts to decelerate down and people are stuck in topographic points they will non last in.

New Orleans is still non a clean topographic point, many people had to travel from at that place because they were homeless and the United States authorities has done nil to assist reconstruct place for them. Brad Pitt is donating his clip and money to construct households places And even the rapper Lil Wayne has donated his money to assist reconstruct his place town. Still no money from the authorities to assist out the people that need it the most.

When looking at the wake of it all and seeing everything that was done and the things that were non done you can see some positive in it. The people of New Orleans have grown stronger and have become more cognizant of the levees and the jobs that come with them. Local constabulary and firemans have plants on new preparation methods.

When President Obama was asked if we were ready to take on another exigency like Katrina he said “Yes, everyone makes errors, but you ever acquire to larn from them.” When the twister swept through Alabama you could see an betterment in the actions taken by the authorities. Everything happened so fast, there was a program and that program is still in action, there are something ‘s that still need work but the betterments have been made with the timing and the recovery attempts.

Before making this paper, I got the opportunity to watch When the Levees Broke. It was an oculus gap film. Just being able to see what the people of New Orleans was traveling through was un existent. Peoples lost the 1s they loved and their places. As a United States citizen I do believe that because portion of New Orleans was a really hapless largely black vicinity that many people had no involvement in what the people were traveling through. But the chief point about it is that out authorities is pending to much of its money overseas taking attention of catastrophes in other states when our state has still non recovered from our ain. Is the authorities ready to hapless their money and aid into the following topographic point that needs it. The locals can merely make so much they need counsel from the large work forces, we merely need the large work forces to be at that place.


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