Hurricane Notes Sample Essay

What is a Hurricane?
A counter-clockwise traveling storm that forms in big organic structures of H2O
A storm with air currents & gt ; 74 miles per hour
Other names for Hurricanes: Typhoon. Cyclone
Anatomy of a Hurricane
Eye: 12-30 stat mis in diameter ; warm with light air currents
Eye wall: Wall of storm and high air currents environing the oculus
Storm Rush: High waves/tides caused by a hurricane
Rise in sea degree leads to inundations and human deaths
Dirty Side: Bottom right corner of the hurricane

Where are Hurricanes?
Coastal countries of the Atlantic. Pacific and Indian Oceans
When are Hurricanes?
Atlantic: June 1 – November 30
Pacific: May 15 – November 30
How do Hurricanes Form?
Hot H2O evaporates quickly tropical Waterss
Warm H2O vapour rises rapidly making a low force per unit area system

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Tropical Wave – Low force per unit area system
Tropical Disturbance – conditions system with clouds and precipitation is organized and maintains for 24 hours
Tropical Depression – conditions system with maximal air currents of 38 miles per hour
Tropical Storm – conditions system with maximal air currents of 73 miles per hour
How make you cognize a Hurricane is coming?
The Hurricane Center paths. predicts the way and prepares people for hurricanes
Hurricane Watch – a hurricane is expected to come on shore within 36 hours
Hurricane Warning – a hurricane is expected to come on shore within 24 hours

How are Hurricanes Classified?
Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Damage Potential Scale
Category| Wind Speeds| Storm Surge| Damage|
1| 74-95 mph| 4-5 ft| Some harm to unanchored nomadic places. bushs. trees| 2| 96-110 mph| 6-8 ft| Major harm to nomadic places. roofs. trees| 3| 111-130 mph| 9-12 ft| Destroys nomadic places. trees. harm to little buildings| 4| 131-155 mph| 13-18 ft| Completely destroys nomadic places. flooding| 5| & gt ; 155 mph| & gt ; 18 ft| Extensive harm to edifices. terrible flooding|

Hurricane Hazards
* Massive devastation
* Tornadoes and Flooding
* Billions of dollars in harm
* Fatalities
* Loss of beaches
Hurricane Preparation
Know the best paths inland or out of the country

Know the locations of the nearest community shelters
Have the undermentioned supplies
* Non-perishable nutrients
* Non-electric can opener
* Drinking H2O
* Flashlight. battery operated wireless
* First assistance Kit


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