Term Definition
Water/H2O A substance that every living organism needs to survive
Hydrosphere made up of water found above or under earths surface
watershed Area of land that drains in to a stream,river,lake or any kind of body of water
Surface water
Ground water water located below earths surface
Aquifer Rock layer that collects and stores water
Water cycle Continuous movement of water between earths surface and its atmosphere
Evaporation Process by which liquid changes into a gas
transpiration water vapor is released through tiny openings in plant leaves
Condensation process by which gas changes to a liquid
Precipitation water that falls to earths surface in the form of rain,sleet,hail or snow
Runoff water that flows over land without sinking into the ground
Universal solvent
Ocean 70% of earths surface is ocean water
Estuary Body of water in which fresh water and salt water meet and mix
Brackish water water that is dirty
Marine Ecosystem place in which marine animals live in a oceanic habitat

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