I am a Train Essay

Metaphor Presentation Speech Essay: I am a train!! I am Strong Determined Loud Fast And I stop for nothing Train carts represent my age & experiences. The Contents; people, animals, random items are facets of my personality. And Im moving full speed ahead, Strong willed & NOT looking back. I am Just like a train in so many ways. The carts are symbolic of me growing, learning & adding parts to who I am. As child, train wasn’t very long, Just as my life wasn’t long at that point. My carts were scattered, worn, & old looking – despite my youth.

I was a solem child brought up in a home lacking emotion &entertainment. My carts were with scattered with graffiti as a child so freely colours on anything. Just as I coloured on anything. As I grew, these carts changed & grew as well. And as I grew and changed so did the contents of carts. There’s a 6 yr old crying in one of the carts near front. 2/3 rd of the way thru there’s a 21 yr old running away somewhere. Do you hear the girl laughing in the 25th cart? Right beside the cart full that’s flowers? I hear an orchestra playing over the sound of elephants.

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I am a Train Essay
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The orchestra that I performed in when I was 15 yrs old elephants that I so righteously think that it’s possible to save simply by petitioning outside of circus’. Some carts are filled w/ fruits n veg… because a vegan has to eat. &, every one of the carts are in perfect order; most of the time. Just as I try to be; most of the time. But, what really makes me a train is not length or contents, it is the personality of this grand device. There was a time when, I was ‘little engine that could’ like the story / Watty Piper – I was barely chugging along as child.

The teen me was more certainly ‘a runaway wrong way tack Yes, Just like that depressing song soul asylum. And I still do derail at times but I always get back on track before Thomas the train knows what hit him But now this train does not stop for anyone or anything Nothing gets in a trains way. Just as I let nothing get in my way western Im not stopping for anyone. I learn from experiences and take them with me thru life, like the carts of train. I never really change I simply harbour portions of myself in the carts, I keep on moving – no turning back – no stopping – and I will reach my destinations! I am a train.


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