I Am Deciding Whether To Get A 3rd Generation Or 2nd Generation Mazda Essay

RX-7. The 3rd generation was made from 1993-1995 and is known as the RX-7 Twin turbo or FD3S. The 2nd generation that I am considering was made from 1989-1991 and is known as the RX-7 Turbo II or the FC3S. The FD has a more modern rounded look, kind of like a Dodge Viper or the Chevy Corvette C5. The FC is a little less rounded but more sharp or square, like a Porsche 944.

To begin, the power is a little different of the two cars. First of all they both have 13B rotary engines, but the FD has twin sequential turbochargers and the FC has a single turbo. The FD makes about 255 horsepower and 220 lb-ft of torque. The FC has 200 horsepower and 196 lb-ft of torque. The bottom end power is much better on the FD because it has the twin sequential turbochargers, which means it will be easier to drive around in traffic. The FC will have a little turbo lag, which means it will take a little longer for the power to come on, so it might be a little sluggish in traffic. Since the 3rd generation has more power it is faster than the 2nd generation. The FD does 0-60 in about 5 seconds and the quarter mile in about 14 seconds at 100 mph. The FC does 0-60 in about 6.5 seconds and the quarter in about 14.4 seconds at 93 mph.

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I Am Deciding Whether To Get A 3rd Generation Or 2nd Generation Mazda Essay
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Second, the prices of the two cars are a little different. Obviously, the newer 3rd generation will be more. It will range anywhere from $10,000 for a piece of junk to $25,000 for one in good condition. The 2nd generation will go anywhere from $2,000 for a piece of junk to about $12,000 for a really nice one. The cheaper I get one, the more money I will have left over to modify it.

Third, maintenance is always a big concern when it comes to RX-7s. The FD is much more complicated and not as reliable as the FC. This is mostly because of the very complex sequential turbo system, which has over 60 vacuum hoses that tend to break, or pop of causing the car not to work right. The FC is a little simpler since it only has one turbo and there is no need for a bunch of vacuum hoses. So when it comes to maintenance the 2nd generation will be much more easier and cheaper.

Finally, there are many things to consider when modifying these cars. There are many parts available for both models, so that isn’t something to worry about. The 3rd generation will need a computer upgrade if you do more than two things to free up air flow (exhaust, down-pipe, mid-pipe, intake). If you don’t upgrade the computer the engine will run dangerously lean and might blow up. On the FC the computer upgrade isn’t as mandatory, but you will need to get a fuel cut defender, which is much cheaper than a computer upgrade.

To conclude, I think I’m leaning closer to the 3rd generation FD, even though I like them both. Getting the 2nd generation will save me a lot of money; but I think I will spend the extra money in getting the 3rd generation, which will result in having a faster and more modern looking car. I wish I could get them both.


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