I believe that the National Government should be s Essay

trong enough to enforce and create laws to best suit the majority request of the country while also making fair accommodations for the minority. The government should also have enough power to protect the physical and economic structure of the country it rules.

Edmund Pendleton; a Virginian politician, lawyer, judge, and planter, was also a strong Federalist meaning he was all for the ratification of The Constitution of the United States of America. One of his main points expressing why the Constitution should be ratified was that the Articles of “Confederation is wholly ineffectual for the purposes of its institution.” This was stated due to the irrelevance of the document because it gave the Federal Government little to no control of what was happening in the newly formed and still developing nation. Another major topic Pendleton pointed out was that the “government must then have its complete power, or be ineffectual; a legislature to fix rules, impose sanction, and point out the punishment of the transgressors of these rules an executive to watch over officers and bring them to punishment; a judiciary to guard the innocent, and fix the guilty, by fair trial.’ This statement was the foundation of what we now know as the Bill of Rights, which are the first 10 Amendments gifted to us by request of the Anti-Federalist in the United States Constitution.
Patrick Henry; former Governor of Virginia, attorney, and well-known politician during the movement of independence was knows to be a major Anti-Federalist in Virginia. Patrick believe that the ratification of the Constitution of the United States would be “of a most alarming nature” due to the concept that without a Bill of Rights the “people” of the United States would be giving up their liberty to Congress without check, limitation, or control. Henry also suggests that in the Articles of Conferation “every right was retained by the states, respectively, which were not given up to the governments of the United States.”
Both sides made very compelling arguments but I would have to go with the perspective of Edmund Pendleton, simply due to the fact that history has revealed all the problems with the Articles of Confederations and it was agreed upon that the entire document had to be disposed of to form a new, better, more adaptable form of government known as The Constitution of the United States of America or the US Constitution.

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I believe that the National Government should be s Essay
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In modern-day United States I believe that the US Constitution has served its purpose along with the Bill of Rights in constraining the government of America enough so that the will of the government does not greatly impact the will of the nation’s people. However, recent events in the United States have displayed some examples of the government of the United States over stepping their boundaries. Not for the sake of the majority or minority of the population but for what they think is best for the nation as a whole.

Patrick Henry, Ratification Convention Speech Handout
Edmund Pendleton, Ratification Convention Speech Handout


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