I Deserve the Scholarship Essay

My name is Viangkaeo Lee. I’m applying for this scholarship because I want to get a superior education in the future. I personally believe I will do better in life with an education and will work hard to keep my grade point average of 4. 0. In addition, I also believe I am deserving of this award. With this award, I will be able to continue my studies, and become a nurse. As a student in middle school, I continually push myself so I can grow as a person.

Some of my goals are to continue to get good grades, graduate from high school and attend college. I want to go to my high school graduation ceremony and officially attend college with a major in the medical field. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to help people. My career goal is to become a nurse. I am empathetic, patient, flexible, and hardworking. By majoring in medical field, I feel I will be able to utilize my care-taking skills. I migrated from Thailand to the United States of America in November, 2004.

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I Deserve the Scholarship Essay
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Although I found myself in a new complex world, with a challenging language I had to learn from basic, I believe I can face the challenge of achieving my career with my other spoken language, Hmong. As well, I am a student who excels in my education. Because I have a grade point average (GPA) of 4. 0, I am a member of the Rivera Middle School Library Club, a member of Rivera Middle School Club Live, and also in a member in the Rivera Middle School Advance Math Class.

One of my greatest achievements is being a member of the 2009 G. R. E. A. T. Summer Program, in which I provided assistance to my community to help to prevent gang involvement. With this organization, I acted as a role model for my society and school to make it a better place. My short-term career goal consists of successfully graduating college with my Bachelor of Science Degree. With this short-term goal I will also achieve my long-term goal of becoming a nurse.

I want to hone my skills as a graduate of nursing school to help my community become a better place health wise. I have chosen nursing because this particular field will help me to develop my clinical skills, not only which, I will also be able to save lives, and shine through in my care-taking skills. I have encountered many difficulties in life; this is one of the reasons for my vigorous need to help care for others and save lives. My goals and life plans have always inspired me to do my best and I will continue on pushing myself to excel.


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