I, Too, Sing America Essay

In this essay, I want to talk about a poem “I, Too, Sing America” by Langston Hughes. This poem talks about an African-American man who wants to be equal with American people. The speaker doesn’t want to be like a servant which Americans can do anything they want to him. This poem is written to all African-American in the United States at that time. The speaker wants them to listen to his voice. The speaker has always eaten in the kitchen. He wants to eat in the dining room. By doing this he is telling to all African-Americans that they have to stand for their rights. They mustn’t be weak for this.

He wants all of them to feel more motivated in their actions, and not to be afraid to express their thoughts. This poem is using simple language but it has strong sounds. This poem is also straight to the point and clear. I really appreciate this poem. This poem is so moving and amazing. It is good to read and understand the meaning. If you understand the meaning, then you will know how beautiful they are. I, Too, Sing America is an anti-discrimination poem which contains injustice of racism that has done by the America. The poem is very effective because of its emotions.

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This poem is situated in America where the people did slavery at that time. The poem is made more effective by using words with deeper meanings. For example, the word “brother” means that the speaker wants to be close to the American and it symbolizes equality and acceptance. The speaker also uses idiom words like “dining room”, ”kitchen”, and etc because he wants the poetry looks good and more effective. The poem also contains a few metaphors and symbols such as “grow strong”. Metaphors and symbols are used because they represent what we want to say, more clearly and strongly.


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