ICT Information Communication Technology Essay

Ict ( information and communicating engineering ) are the installations provided to portion information and to enable members of an instituition to pass on with each other. These installations are abided with the authorities regulations of United Kingdom and assorted restraints are pushed to keep assorted ethical and societal issues. Institutions holding such installations are the graven images for new advanced engineering and thence provide latest but unafraid manner of communicating to its users.

Structure of the Building

This is a consultancy house holding a CEO ‘s room in it with attached secretary room, meeting room, talk halls, administrative section, staff room, technician room, common room, category suites, labs and all of these are constructed with certain specifications and demands in land, 1st and 2nd floors. This edifice is all equipped with new equipments and engineerings which make it look modern. All the suites are connected in a web. The services are used by all pupils, learning staff, administrative staff, technicians and their degree of usage depends on their function. Continuous power supply is provided so as non to hold any break in utilizing the services.

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ICT Information Communication Technology Essay
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Land floor

This floor consists of CEO room attached with secretary, server room attached with technician room, meeting room and a aid desk. Here CEO, secretary, technician will be holding their single Personal computer ‘s connected with cyberspace, pressmans and telephone. Help desk with a Personal computer entree to internet and telephone is arranged. A show screen is provided at the aid desk so as to inform events and intelligence. For supplying wireless cyberspace installation throughout there ‘s a router placed after the firewall that is in between waiter and Internet service supplier and links are given to a waiter and a switch. From the switch one Ethernet overseas telegram is used to link 3 entree points which are placed consequently, one in the meeting room, other at CEO ‘s suites and last 1 at aid desk. This floor is provided with air conditioners and the waiter room is designed in a manner to run into the necessary demands and safety. The room ‘s architecture is as follows: It is designed with a minimal clearance or room tallness and size. The floor should be of inactive free flooring and no false ceiling for the roof. Access limitation is provided on door of waiter room so as the individual holding the entree card can merely come in to that room. This room will hold merely entree through technician room and with an entree hallmark lock.

Server Room Environment Control specification

HVAC ( High-voltage jumping current ) is used to supply changeless temperature and humidness control in grades C and the Relative Humidity ( RH ) based on the criterions for active or inactive constituents. Intake and fumes of HVAC at 2.6m above finished floor ( AFF ) . A secondary chilling system and/or temperature dismay system is equipped in the room. Note: air conditioning systems will stop dead in the winter if it is cold plenty.

Server Room Fire Suppression Concerns are as follows: Wire coop over sprinkler caputs and Dry system or moisture system with drainage installation to avoid leaks and condensation harm. Two coats fire retardant white pigment on walls and /or wallboard over plyboard.

Lighting in the room: Lighting height above finished floor and exigency lighting.

Power supply: Power for AC unit or possible AC unit and batteries

Controlled particular purpose infinite: Telecommunication suites are recommended to be dedicated to the map. Unrelated equipment prohibited, this includes ductwork, piping, and edifice electrical.

Land floor architecture

First Floor: –

First floor consists of a staff room with 4 members holding their personal desk, 4 disposal staff and a research lab with a technician. Each staff has their ain system, telephone with two pressmans as it is a shared room with personal desk. Each administrative staff has their ain system, telephone, and pressman. Laboratory consists of 25 work Stationss, one telephone, two pressmans and a projector. Lab technician has his ain computing machine, pressman and telephone. Each work station is connected to each other by Ethernet overseas telegrams. This forms a LAN. All the work Stationss are centrally connected to the chief computing machine or service supplier. Printing installation and projector are connected to the chief computing machine. This floor has three entree points one in the lab, other near disposal office the following in the staff room.

This floor consists of two seminar suites, two talk theaters and one common room. All the suites ( except common room ) have their ain work Stationss provided with a projector, mic, pressman and telephone. In talk and seminar halls merely the staffs are allowed to entree the work station. There are three entree points. The staffs are given mandate to put in or cancel any informations or package. In the common room there is a large liquid crystal display screen where the company events and notices will be displayed.


Network services play a really critical function in the networking environment. These services are made available on the waiters for supplying a shared environment for the clients on that web. Network services are installed on the corporate LAN ‘s for the security intent and for supplying a friendly working environment to the clients sitting on that web. Network services aid LAN to run absolutely and expeditiously. Some of the services which the corporate LAN uses are the DHCP and DNS. The usage of DHCP is to delegate IP reference to assorted clients on the web and the usage of DNS is to change over the hostname into IP reference.

List of Network Services which enables the web to work expeditiously and absolutely is as follows:

Network Architecture

On the first floor, waiter room is made available with all the installations that the instituition required. Thence assorted installations are provided by the waiter to other workstations and entree points.

For radio web three entree points are installed on each floor harmonizing to their characteristics and allotment standards. From the waiter a router is connected to a switch which farther connected through three Ethernet overseas telegrams each for a individual floor, which farther connected to three entree points. This manner wireless local area network is established across the edifice.

Now for linking computing machines and workstations on each floor and besides to offer them server installations, Ethernet overseas telegrams are used. From server a switch is once more used to present installations on each floor. Harmonizing to the user Idaho and watchword on the clip of login to a computing machine assorted installations are provided consequently by the waiter. In the suites like staff room and computing machine lab where pressmans are non assigned separately, available pressmans are put on shared footing and used through the login Idahos. Similarly the projectors are connected to computing machines like in talk theaters, meeting room and seminar halls.

For lcd show in common room and at aid desk, these liquid crystal displaies are connected to computing machine at aid desk to play the recordings of company events and updates.


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