Idal Job Essay

Ideal Job I believe doing something you love and becoming a happy person overall, means having the right job. The right job includes: the people you will be working with, growth opportunities, business environment; and, what satisfies you and your employer. For some individuals ideal job means different from the others. Some may look for team environments, some just for the pay. However, I look at ideal job as being something that brings me joy. To understand what would be my ideal job I really have to understand myself first.

By being aware of my interests, motivations, so as personal and professional values; I will achieve my goal of finding an ideal job. Medical field always been my favorite; specially the billing. I decided to get hands on training for Billing and Coding Specialist with City College; and, here I am almost done with my program. Medical Biller and Coder is very exciting job to have. It requires you to have knowledge of medical terms, procedure codes, computer skills, and all secretarial duties. It might sounds simple enough , but being a Biller and Coder it is a big responsibility.

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Idal Job Essay
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They are playing a big role in the field. Because, if you make a little mistake in processing claim, your doctor might not get paid; and so as you. The good part of this profession is that there is no need to deal with patients directly. So, if you are type of person that likes to be left alone with your work, this job might be suitable for you. It is ideal profession for me because my neat personality fits right in this job criteria. I like organizing paper work , work on the computer; as well as, dealing with situations where extra


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