Idea for a Business Start Up Essay

My concern thought is a domestic cleansing service which I am supplying in my local country of Doncaster. My service is called pink ladies and is a concern which cleans offices and houses in the local country. The cleansing services which I am traveling to supply are:

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Idea for a Business Start Up Essay
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Domestic cleansing about place and offices

Spring cleansing bundles

Packages with different facet of cleansing

Window cleansing

Regular and one off cleans

Daily/ weekly/ monthly

Ironing and rinsing

Emergency cleansing

Brass cleansing

Traveling in/moving out cleaning

Carpet cleansing

My service will be supplying sure, trained and friendly staff.

My service is for people who do non hold clip to clean, older people who can non pull off to clean, offices and busy working people. I have decided to make a cleansing concern as they are small competition in my local country around the local country where I live for illustration Bessacarr, Cantley and Rossington. ( See appendix ) . Due to this I thought this would be a good market as they are a batch of chances in my local country for concern. I will utilize the money from my loan and the money which my grandparents hold given me to put up Pink Ladies.

My purposes and aims for Pink Ladies


I am puting purposes so I can seek and acquire what I want to accomplish in the long tally and what I want in the long tally. Tap Ladies purposes are:

Increase market share- in the long tally I want to seek and be better so my rivals by acquiring the market portion which is acquiring to be the highest in the market cleansing service. This can be done by making advertisement, holding cheaper monetary values or the same monetary value so rivals and developing staff to supply a better overall service so more clients will come to Pink Ladies which will increase the market portion.

Maximum profit- When Pink Ladies is provide cleaning I want to acquire the maximal net income I can by acquiring the market portion I will hold more client which will make more net income so I pay off my loans etc. By acquiring maximal net income, Pink ladies will be seen as a success. I will make this by advertisement so people know about Pink ladies. Besides seeking to breakeven so I am doing a net income and seeking to crush rivals.

I will maximum my success by doing certain I monitor my rivals, do certain staff are good trained and supply a good quality service. I will acquire my client involved with regular feedback to see how Pink Ladies can be improved.

I will mensurate my gross revenues by watching Pink Ladies market portion and step by net income by making fiscal cheque ups to look into my net income.


An nonsubjective aid to put marks to accomplish an purpose. Pink Ladies aims are:

Maximum sales- This helps me accomplish my purpose of acquiring maximal net income as the more gross revenues the more net income I will acquire. I will make this by advertisement Pink Ladies and doing certain I provide a good quality service so people recommend Pink Ladies so I can the most gross revenues I can.

To survive- it is really of import that Pink Ladies survive as my concern will non be successful and the money which I have put into it will hold been wasted. I measure my survive with my breakeven and my hard currency flow prognosis. I will accomplish my purpose of increasing market portion as by achieve this is will be working my manner up to the market portion. I will accomplish this by making advertisement and doing certain that money is kept safe and recorded.

To breakeven- I will necessitate to breakeven to do a net income so this is of import it helps me accomplish my purpose of maximal net income. I will make this by look intoing I am interrupting even and doing certain that I am making advertisement so people know about Pink Ladies. I must besides do certain I charge the right monetary values.

To spread out to public or private limited company- By spread outing it will accomplish my purpose of increasing market portion. As by making this I will be a bigger company which people are more likely to cognize about. I will make this by seeking to allow people cognize about my service Pink Ladies with advertisement.

To non acquire into limitless liability-If my concern fails I will acquire into limitless liability so if I can pay off my debts, I will hold to utilize my ain ownership. To do certain this doesni??t go on I need to do certain that I check my finance regular so I met my purpose of acquiring maximal net income.

Run in a cost effectual manner-By running in a cost effectual mode, I will forestall waste by doing certain waste is recorded and kept to a lower limit with preparation with staff. By making certain I will be able to do certain I do non pass any my net incomes on replacing waste.

My other concern thoughts

I decide to do two surrogate concern thought so I could research to see what would make better in the market.

My first alternate idea- One of my thought for a concern was a nail technician who visits people lodging to make people nails who like to hold their nails done at place or can non acquire out. After making secondary research ( see research ) they was excessively much competition around the Doncaster thought so it would be difficult to seek and acquire the market portion and hard to acquire client as they may already hold a nail technician they like. For illustration of my rivals would be Bedazzled in Balby.

My 2nd alternate idea- My 2nd option was a bouncy palace hire service for local people around Doncaster to supply events for parties and different events. After making some secondary research I found in winter went the conditions is cold it can impact gross revenues which could impact if this concern would be a success as less people have bouncy castle indoors. This would intend I may non breakeven and non do much money. Materials are besides really expensive to purchase so it would take a batch of the money I have gaining.

I chose cleaning concern of Pink Ladies as it can be done all twelvemonth unit of ammunition in any conditions, stuffs are inexpensive and they is small competition around Doncaster particularly near the country I live.

Primary research for Pink Ladies

Primary research is acquiring information about a topic which is been collected and has non already been done.

I did a questionnaire to 50 different people within different age groups. This is what I asked them.

1 ) what is your gender

I asked equal sum of males and females so my consequences were just as this would impact the people who I target my advertisement on and the publicity I would make which would impact my selling mix.

2 ) What age are you?

I asked this to happen what age group were more interested in my cleansing services. This would assist the publicity and happen the type of people I want to assist me make my selling mix. I chiefly get consequences from people above 21 twelvemonth old.

3 ) What portion of Doncaster do you populate in?

Most people I asked unrecorded in:












With these topographic points except Sheffield as it is excessively far off, it will assist me make up one’s mind in my selling mix the topographic point which I am traveling to aim my gross revenues and publicity on. A batch of these are locally to my base on place.

4 ) Do you cognize any other cleansing company?

I asked to happen what my local competition is as this would assist me watch out for them. They were:


Diamond cleansing

The plume dust storm


Done and dusted

Star beads

Help me see what monetary values they have on secondary research so I can make up one’s mind on the monetary value I will bear down and publicity I will take to crush my rivals.

5 ) Would you be interested in a cleansing service in your place or office?

I asked this to see if they were any involvement in the service which I was making which related to my people in my selling mix. Most people yes or possibly which is a positive mark as people may involvement in my cleansing. It will impact my merchandise in my selling mix as it affect what service I provide.

6 ) Would you be interested in holding cleansing in certain parts of the twelvemonth for illustration Christmas clip?

Out of 50 people I question 38 of them said yes or possibly, this shows some people may be interested in my cleansing service being provided at particular times. This affect the publicity I do at certain times of the twelvemonth and the merchandise I provide for this. It may intend offering particular trades at particular times of the twelvemonth.

7 ) What kinds of occupations would you anticipate to be done around the place?

I asked this to see what clients see a cleaner making in their place and anticipate them to be like so I can could the merchandise in the best quality. Peoples said:

Washing up

Reliable, trustworthy, good hygiene




Cleaning surfaces

Cleaning floors and vibrating

Spring cleansing

General cleansing occupations


By making it will assist me develop my staff to be these things so clients do what they want and treat they good to make a good quality staff. This will impact my Peoples at work and the merchandise they receive.

8 ) What would be the most suited clip for cleaning to come and clean your house?

A batch of the reply to this got the same consequences but more for forenoon cleansing. From making this it shows that some people may prefer eventide and this may impact the times could I could clean and the monetary values I charge for making cleansing at dark. It will assist me happen staff hours.

9 ) How much would you like to pay per hr for a cleansing service?

By making this it would assist me make up one’s mind on the monetary value I will bear down my client per hr for my cleansing services. This could impact the people at work will what they get paid. I will make up one’s mind my monetary value with this and my competitions monetary value. A batch of people would pay between i??4.00-i??5.00 lb but this may be excessively low for my costs.

10 ) What things influence you to a certain cleansing company?

A batch of people monetary values and recommendation, this means I have to do certain that I create a good quality service so people are recommended to Tap Ladies as this will assist my costs and acquire my purpose of maximal net income. The monetary value has to be similar to my rivals so people will pay it.

11 ) What physical environment you expect from cleaning service?

I did this to happen out what I could make to do Pink Ladies stand out from my rivals. This is what physical environment client expect and I must develop my staff to make:

Friendly service



Good clean house


12 ) How frequently would you desire a cleaner to come to your house?

The most common was hebdomadal and 28 people would prefer it so. This will impact the publicity I do as I need to do I suit my regular client in. It will besides impact the monetary value I charge them as they may desire particular bundles for holding on a regular basis cleansing.

13 ) Would you be interested in particular bundles

A batch were interested in the particular bundles as it is a manner of salvaging money. 28 people were interested in this so this may be something to see in my bundle trades. This will impact packaging and the merchandises which I provide with the trades.

From making this questionnaire it has assist me see what client want a cleansing service so I can work my Pink Ladies concern around this so I give the best service I can.

Secondary research for Pink Ladies

For my first spot of secondary research I found out by traveling on where my rivals are in my local country. This would assist me as I found by pealing up the service which they provide and the monetary values they charge. This would assist me make up one’s mind on the services to frequently my clients and the monetary values to bear down. This will assist with my selling mix. I have found my top five rivals and have found out their monetary values and the service they frequently. ( see map in research )


Service offered

monetary values



Weekly/monthly/fortnightly cleans, one off cleans, spring cleans, rug cleans, brass Ag, exigency cleansing

i??8.00per hr



Tailor made plans, window cleansing, spring cleans, bundles, hebdomadal and monthly cleans

i??7.50 per hr

61 boughton route, Bessacarr

The plume dust storm

Washing and pressing, one off cleans, day-to-day hebdomadally, monthly



Maid to clean

Weekly/monthly cleans, pressing, one off cleans


Town Centre


Weekly/Daily cleans, pressing, one off cleans



From looking at my rivals I have found that poppies is my biggest rival as it provides the most service, it is a national company and they are two cleaners working in the country. This means I must do certain I provide the same service and more so I look better so my rivals and the monetary value will be cheaper or the same as my rivals. I am traveling to seek and supply more service so poppies. In my selling mix it will assist me make up one’s mind my monetary value and the merchandise I will supply in my selling mix.

I besides look on poppies website to see how they persuade people to holding cleaning done by them. I found that they say about the physical environment which is expected from them when cleaning which are the same which I found out from my questionnaire. I am traveling to do certain I promote this. ( See research for web site )

To look at some more secondary research I decide to travel on national to look at the population and income of people. From looking at income and wealth I found that more people are gaining more money which means more people can hold the luxury of a cleansing agent. With wealth rise and longer hours at work, it means more and more people will necessitate cleaners in the hereafter. This affect my monetary value which I charge due to how much people can afford and who I promotion and publicizing my cleansing to. Household income is turning. ( see research )

I besides looked at the population rate which is besides traveling up which means more people in the universe, more people who will desire cleansing being done so pervious old ages. This will impact how many staff I have ( people ) and the sum of hours and the monetary value I charge.

Comparing the service which are offer between Pink Ladies and it rivals

These are the service which I am offering as portion of Pink Ladies:

Domestic cleansing about place and offices

Spring cleansing bundles

Packages with different facet of cleansing

Window cleansing

Regular and one off cleans

Daily/ weekly/ monthly

Ironing and rinsing

Emergency cleansing

Brass cleansing

Traveling in/moving out cleaning

Carpet cleansing

Poppies as my biggest rivals provide these service except:

Ironing and rinsing

Packages trades

Cleaning around offices

Spring cleansing bundles.

Other services which my other rivals offer are the normal cleans and rinsing and pressing.

BY supplying more service it makes me stand out from my rivals as I have more pick so clients are more likely to come to me.

My Proposal for Pink Ladies

From making my primary and secondary research I have made proposals on my service from speaking to possible clients and looking at rivals.

My biggest competition is from poppies which are in my local country of Bessacarr. I need to do certain I do publicity within my selling mix so people know about the service I am supplying. This may traveling to promotion in countries such as carcroft where they are no local cleaners.

To do certain I am up to day of the month with my rivals I will supply the same services and more service so I am more update and people come to my cleansing services. Due to the great assortment in services. I must give the same physical environment which I found from my questionnaire and poppies website.

I need to bear down the same monetary value as my rivals so my monetary values are non excessively high and seek and be the lowest monetary value in the market as people want cheaper monetary values shown when inquiring in the questionnaire

I will utilize my questionnaire and my secondary research to do certain I decide right when making my selling mix.

Market scheme for Pink Ladies

This the schemes I will utilize to seek and acquire the market portion. For my market scheme to acquire the market portion I am traveling to supply the service which my rivals offer so people are more likely to Tap Ladies as more service are offered. I will offer alone bundle trades so I look more up to day of the month so my rivals. Another market scheme I am utilizing is aiming country where competitions are non basal to seek and acquire client from at that place, as this is how I will construct my market portion by advancing in the paper and cusps to seek and acquire client and construct my market portion. I am besides traveling to seek the cheapest monetary value of my rivals of i??7.50 so people come to me as I am cheaper which will assist construct up my market portion.

Marketing mix of Pink Ladies

A selling mix is tactical constituents of a selling program. I am traveling to be looking at 6 pi??s of the selling mix.

Price- is what I am traveling to bear down for my service for cleaning people houses. When looking to the research I did, I found from my questionnaire that Peoples wanted to pay between i??4-5 cleansing per hr nevertheless from secondary research I found that my rivals were bear downing between i??7.50 and i??8.00. When besides looking at the net income a would do for i??4.00- i??5.00 I would non do a net income as it is my costs. So I decide to travel for the lower monetary value that my rivals alterations which is i??7.50 which is the cheapest. This will still do people come to Tap Ladies as it is the cheapest cleansing concern. Packages will be charge per hr as good with two things done in the hr e.g. Carpet cleaning a room and certain cleansing.

Place- this is where the goods are sold or services are placed. From making my questionnaire I found out where people live in country of Doncaster to give me the topographic point where my cleansing could be done. However in my secondary research I found where my rivals are situated so I could advance and acquire client from country of Doncaster where non many cleaners are. I decide to seek and acquire client from carcroft, adwick, rossington and cantley. I am non purchasing any premises as I do non necessitate one at the minute as they is merely me to get down with, I am traveling to utilize a place office at place. In the hereafter I may necessitate premises if Pink Ladies expand for staff interruptions and for people book our cleansing. In the hereafter I would seek and locate near my local country as Bessacarr so I am near where I am trusting my clients will be around rossington from when I found out in my secondary research. I besides would necessitate to believe about be close hard currency and carry as this would salvage money in gasoline. If I bought a belongings in the hereafter, I would acquire a mortgage and spent about i??50,000 on premises. This will depend on the lodging and store pricing at the clip.

Packaging- packaging can be boxing on a good but I am utilizing bundle as a service. This is where you include two things together for a particular deal.I will utilize packaging when making my bundle trades. I research this in the primary research by inquiring if people would involvement in bundle trades, I got a good response. From my secondary research I found that non other cleaners provide bundle trades, which makes my service unique and stand out from my competition. The bundle trades I would make is for illustration rug and certain cleansing in the hr for i??7.50 but would depend on the size of drape or room. This would intend a individual doesni??t has wage for cleaning but certain occupations around the house. These may be common in certain times in the twelvemonth as in my primary research a batch said they be interested in cleansing at particular times at twelvemonth such as Christmas.

Product-this is the service which I am supplying or if could be the merchandise which I am selling. From making my primary research I found if people would be interested in my service or workplace where I got a good response where a batch of people said no or possibly. I besides ask when occupations would be expected by a cleansing agent. This and my secondary research of happening out what service by rivals decide, I decide to offer more service or the same so I am at the same phase as my rivals. These are the service which I will be offering:

Domestic cleansing about place and offices

Spring cleansing bundles

Packages with different facet of cleansing

Window cleansing

Regular and one off cleans

Daily/ weekly/ monthly

Ironing and rinsing

Emergency cleansing

Brass cleansing

Traveling in/moving out cleaning

Carpet cleansing

From making this research I can supply these service which my rivals do non supply such as cleansing bundles.

Promotion-This is tools to assist advance a merchandise or service to carry people to purchase the merchandise or service. From making my secondary research I found that people are attractive to certain cleansing company due to with the monetary value and recommendation. This is why I need make certain I giving the best quality service at the lowest monetary value. I need advance my cleansing service, Pink Ladies to do certain that people know that a new service and available. I will utilize this utilizing cusp through people doors in country which I am aiming, cantley, rossington, carcroft and adwick. I am traveling advertise my service through the paper every hebdomad to do certain people know about my service and the service which I provide. From my secondary I found that my biggest rival poppies utilizing persuade about the service they provide such as trustworthy, I am traveling to make this in my advertisement to be at the same phase as my competition. By making particular bundle trades alternatively merely cleansing, this one of the publicity I will be making where I do two occupations such as rug cleansing and drape cleansing for i??7.50 in a hr or two alternatively of a individual acquiring their house cleaned.

Physical environment- this is the physical environment which a cleansing service is given. This could be the feel of the service and an environment which a client expects. From making secondary research I am utilizing my competitorsthoughts of the physical environment they expect from cleaning. These are things like trust and friendly. In my primary research I besides find that the client wanted these things out of service for a physical environment from cleansing:




Good environment

Good cleansing

Good quality

These are things I will be utilizing to do certain that clients feel like the environment around them is to a good criterion.

People-People is the people within a concern such as staff ; I need to do certain that my staff provides the physical environment clients want from cleansing. This will when holding staff in the hereafter. I found this out from my primary and secondary research about what people what out of a concern. For this staff will necessitate developing when I get staff in the hereafter when I expand.

Further account of place- At the minute Pink Ladies will be ran from place as they is no demand for a topographic point as it is non a large adequate company jet. When Pink Ladies expand I will necessitate a topographic point where my client can come and book, and office work can be done from a cardinal point. If I was to acquire a store where I could run things from, I would pass i??100,000 lbs and attempt and acquire a topographic point in the local country where I started or in town. Town is more direct for clients for clients to acquire to nevertheless it depend if they is a belongings available at my monetary value scope. It would be collusion in the town Centre as client and staff would be able to entree it easy nevertheless I would necessitate parking available to hive away company new waves and autos when non being used and for staff to derive easier entree. I would supply a topographic point where client can come and ask, and be able to employee people to make paper work and equipment can be stored. This depends on how good Pink Ladies do as they need to spread out before they do this.

SWOT analysis of Pink Ladies

A SWOT analysis is assisting pull off the hazard of doing determination and assist see what a concern current place is in.


This is something that a concern performs efficaciously and it is strong in it. These are the strengths of Pink Ladies:

Provides Package trades different from rivals which make Pink Ladies stand out as it is a alone merchandising point.

High quality service due to the developing the cleansing agent receive and what and how the services are provided.

High degree of client service- client semen foremost

Effective publicity within the bundle deals as people are attractive from making my questionnaire.


This is where a concern is executing ill and non efficaciously. These are the failings of Pink Ladies:

Restricted service sure to the expensive of equipment e.g. One rug cleansing agent.

Low gross revenues when the client base in turning.

Opportunities- this is the concern could take advantage of in the hereafter. These are the chances of Pink Ladies:

Expanding when net income is made, with more available staff to clean to do concern addition market portion

Technology development means better equipment which better services

New markets as more people are working longer hr and acquiring more money so do non hold non hold clip to clean and can afford it.

Product extensions when more equipment is bought.


This is a possible job within a concern in the hereafter. Pink Ladies menaces are:

A batch of rivals within the cleansing industrial and people are puting cleaning company all the clip

Poppies have a high market portion

New statute law to make with staff and stuffs may impact the concern in the hereafters

PEST analysis of Pink Ladies

This is where a concern analysis the external macro environment, looking what might impact the concern from the exterior. Plague is made up of political, economic, societal and engineering factors.

Political factors- These are authorities ordinance, legal issue and Torahs which a concern such operate under. The factors which may impact Pink Ladies are:

Employment laws- In the hereafter when I expand and get staff, employment Torahs may impact Pink Ladies as I have to see employment Torahs such as minimal pay and hr people are allow to work. I need to do certain that no 1 Idaho discriminated through my workplace. This could impact Pink Ladies as preparation will necessitate to be done about favoritism and more money may necessitate to pay for more staff. If the lower limit pay goes up, I will lose net income as I will hold to pay for rewards

Environment regulation- As Pink Ladies utilizing chemical within the concern, I need make certain they are dispose of right and command. This will impact Pink Ladies as more money disbursement on doing certain some substance are taking to dumping sites etc. this well cost money in gasoline and preparation staff how to acquire rid of certain substances.

National insurance and Tax- When I come to stop of Pink Ladies working twelvemonth, I will hold to pay a entire sum of revenue enhancement if a brand a certain sum of net income. This will impact Pink Ladies as I will hold to utilize money for revenue enhancements out of the net income I make.

Economic wealth-These are the buying power which could impact the concern and clients. These are the affects which would impact Pink Ladies:

Economic wealth-This is depended on the clients and how much money they have to pass. If rewards increase so more people are likely to hold cleaners as they have more money to pass. However if rewards go down it will intend less people will hold money to engage cleaners.

VOT-This revenue enhancement with is added on to certain which are purchasing. If VOT goes up so it will impact Pink Ladies stock monetary values as they will hold to pay more and things gasoline will be more. However if they go down it will intend Pink Ladies has less money to pass

Social factors-this is demographic and civilization facets. This affects the client demands and wants which could include age distribution. Social factors could impact Pink Ladies by:

Population growing rate- If the birth rate is lifting in the UK, this means they will be more people in the universe who may desire cleaning which means they would be a better demand. However if the population lower it would intend that they would be less demand for cleansing.

Emphasis on safety- This could be societal factors which emphasis on cleansing and safety. This may cleansing may non seen as safe so it may be difficult to happen staff due working with chemical. This means it is of import that I protect my staff from any dangers. This may more money spent on preparation and doing certain staffs are safe.

Technology factors- this relates to engineering which is available. This could impact Pink Ladies as:

Rate of technological change- When alterations to engineering occur, this may intend passing money maintaining up to day of the month with the latest engineering as my rivals may supply a better service them me due to better engineering. This may intend Pink Ladies passing money to maintain up to day of the month.

Latest technology- If Pink Ladies can afford the new engineering or non, people are more likely to travel to service with better engineering which could do jobs with losing clients.


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