Identification and Prioritization of Problems Essay


Every IT academy has some restrictions but many of them can get the better of the jobs and sometimes some of them ca n’t get the better of. Presently this academy has some jobs which need to be resolved in order to better the service of the academy. This academy has now one campus in cardinal Lodon and to open a 2nd campus it ‘s demand to to the full prepared and for that the job designation is really much of import. A elaborate job designation and prioritization of the identified jobs is given below:

Problem – 1:

Now-a-days there are many updated database systems available but the academy still shops their pupil ‘s information in an MS Access database. It ‘s backdated database system which has some drawbacks like when more than 20 users try to derive entree to the database, public presentation and response clip may get down to endure. It ‘s merely functional in windows environment and is non compatible with any cyberspace browser. It ‘s non portable so when we need to change over or migrate the informations it could be hard to make. MS entree does non back up bigger database systems but in the IT academy we can hold much informations to salvage and it might hold some opportunity to data corruptness.

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Identification and Prioritization of Problems Essay
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Precedence: High

Problem – 2:

Current instruction system is acquiring practical, means all the resources should be available and accessible from anyplace so that anyone can acquire the resources whenever they need. But presently the academy has no system available to make that. Students who are go toing in the categories merely they are acquiring the press releases but pupils who could n’t go toing the categories for any ground they are unable to acquire the press releases. It causes motive job among the pupils and they feel that the academy might non take attention of them. Lecture sheets for pupils should besides be available on the web for reliable pupils so that they can acquire the talk sheets from anyplace if they miss the categories. Printed press releases can besides be given in category room but in the same clip same press release can be uploaded on the web for the pupils who missed the category. Same job is happening for seminars, workshops and other events.

Precedence: High

Problem – 3:

Currently application signifiers are available and can be downloaded from the establishment ‘s web site. But there are no options to make full it up on the web site and directing via web site. It causes a bad feelings over the academy because as an IT academy it should hold a subdivision in the web site where pupils can look into, fill-up and subject the application signifier online though web site. Students as good the visitants of the website demand flexibleness and time-consuming installations. But if they need to download, print, fill-up and so direct the signifier via station so it creates some negative impact on the overall chance of the academy. It needs to hold a trim application signifier where a pupil can use on-line and will besides acquire a response online through electronic mail.

Precedence: Medium

Problem – 4:

Presently the admittances section sends a missive of credence to a pupil after acquiring filled-up application signifier. This missive is sends via stations which is all right but it can besides be done online through electronic mail. In this manner the pupil will besides acquire some positive attack about the academy and can be easy turned to it.

Precedence: Low

Problem – 5:

Student can pay class fee by either doing a full payment or by episodes. Payments from pupils are matched with pupil registration record by the admittances section and sent to finance unit.

Precedence: Low

Problem – 6:

Finance unit besides deals with the invoicing of pupils following the registration of class. The bill contains some of import informations such as reception figure, day of the month of payment, and staying sum of fees to be paid ( in instance of episodes ) .

Precedence: Low

Problem – 7:

Individual appraisal consequences are released to the pupil by the coachs and overall consequences are sent by station to the pupils.


Section 2: e-Marketing Scheme

eMarketing is still a really combative subject to discourse about it since no 1 succeeded to the different theories to unite it. But with no uncertainty – that eMarketing foremost appeared in the signifier of different techniques used by established companies publicizing their merchandises via the Internet in the early 90 ‘s.

eMarketing is marketing that uses the Internet as a agency of look. A working group definition is that of a group of CISCO specializers: E-Marketing is the amount of all activities of a company to happen on the Internet to win, win clients and keep.1

Chiefly the eMarketing scheme is based on the rules of 4 P ‘s of selling mix which extend subsequently to 7 P ‘s. As for the IT academy we need to keep these 7 P ‘s purely and the inside informations are discussed below about that:

a ) Selling mix for Academy:

1. Merchandise:

Now-a-days IT is a most valuable topic of survey and it ‘s a good enterprise to opening a 2nd campus where merely calculating & A ; IT subjects will be taught. Although presently the academy teaches assorted IT courses in cardinal London campus, we can offer new classs as merchandise at new campus to pull more pupils. We can present latest engineerings with province of art computer science construction. We can offer classs like:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Iphone application Development utilizing Objective C
  • Android application development utilizing Java
  • Information Security
  • Red hat Linux
  • CISCO classs
  • Microsoft Certified Vendor classs
  • Latest Web Technologies
  • Ruby on Rails Programming Language

These classs are the latest tendency in the computer science & A ; IT market and if the academy offer this type of class with adequate construction so pupils will be benefited all the manner and besides the academy. We will hold to develop different degree of course of studies harmonizing to the pupil ‘s degree and besides employ the best instructors to learn them. And the academy will besides hold to guarantee the service for the pupils.

1.http: //

2. Monetary value:

Although the academy is good established in cardinal London, but it will be a wholly new apparatus in 2nd campus and there we should pull the new pupils with Price fluctuation. As the academy will offer the latest classs with latest engineering it will necessitate some cost for the classs. However we need to give some price reductions at first clip gap and after that we will travel for our regular monetary value which should be compared to others but at least sensible for us and besides pupils.

We can follow the monetary value chart below for illustration:


Regular Price harmonizing rivals

Discounted monetary value for first clip

Fix the regular monetary value after 3 months

Cloud Computing

? 1000

? 600

? 1200

Iphone application Development utilizing Objective C

? 1200

? 700

? 1300

Android application development utilizing Java

? 1250

? 750

? 1250

Information Security

? 800

? 500

? 900

Red hat Linux

? 900

? 550

? 1000

CISCO classs

? 700

? 400

? 750

Microsoft Certified Vendor classs

? 500 – ? 1000

? 250 – ? 700

? 600 – ? 1200

Latest Web Technologies

? 1100

? 800

? 1100

Ruby on Rails Programming Language

? 1300

? 850

? 1400

Most of the client believes that, something that is expensive must be good and that is perfectly right in many ways. And the academy will put plenty to set up this class and they will hold to pay the instructors, care, class cost, equipment cost etc. So it needs to hold some expensive but can be reduces sometimes by giving particular offer.

3. Topographic point:

Puting is a really much of import factor to set up a new campus in a topographic point like Birmingham. If the academy chooses the right topographic point so it may really short clip to turn up the concern or if the topographic point is in uneven country so the concern can halter in an utmost manner. While taking topographic point we need to see some cardinal facts, like:

  • Communication systems should be easy ; the campus country should be in the center of the town so that all the pupils from all side can go to.
  • Campus should be in a quiet topographic point because it will be developing academy so it needs to hold silence.
  • Well ornament of both interior and exterior in really much of import to pull pupils.
  • The schoolroom should hold adequate infinites and besides office suites.
  • Well equipped calculating & A ; IT labs with latest tools.

4. Promotion:

This is the most of import in eMarketing scheme and we should give maximal emphasize to it in order to do the concern successful. As the academy will open a new campus in a wholly new topographic point so we need to advance that campus in all the manner we can. Effective promotional activities can raise the popularity of the academy to the high degree of every pupils mind. When anyone sees an advertizement all where in the metropolis so he/she must desire to cognize about that and this is our primary mark.

5. Peoples:

Peopless are who carry out the whole concern swimmingly ; they include all staffs, module members and all other employees. As it is a service company it can be merely every bit good as its people means the good the people are the good the academy is. As it will be a wholly new campus there should be some new employees and it ‘s really much of import to enroll merely the qualified staffs to maintain the repute of the academy as it ‘s already hold a good repute. Peopless or staffs should hold the followers:

  • Appropriate interpersonal accomplishments
  • Aptitude
  • Service cognition to turn out service that clients are paying for.

And it ‘s besides necessitate to make internal service selling to actuate the employees for better service.

6. Procedure:

It ‘s really much of import to do a smooth procedure to run the academy efficaciously. An effectual procedure can take to great concern trade for the academy which is really indispensable. In order to make that some subjects need to be considered:

  • Flow of activities: all the major activities of the academy should follow a defined construction where all the procedure will be documented decently on how the academy will run. All the occupation descriptions of staffs, all the talk programs, session programs, clip programs, selling program etc. The activities have been segregated into different sections hence.
  • Standardization: there should be some criterion to follow so that the quality can guarantee in a proper manner with the repute of the academy.
  • Customization: sometimes there necessitate to be custom-make some classs, systems, class fees, session etc.
  • Procedure to learn pupils: there should be a elaborate planned procedure for the instructors on how to learn pupils in a structured manner.
  • Online class registration and paying fees online.
  • Staff country in the web site

Computerized package can be implemented to pull off all the procedure so that all the procedure will be maintained easy and efficaciously. All the staffs/employees will hold to keep day-to-day procedures and have to subject a study at the terminal of the month.

7. Physical grounds:

Physical grounds includes the overall physical status of the institute like edifices, suites, frock codifications, and all touchable elements. When any pupils visit the campus to acquire admit or to acquire info he/she will first expression at the outside of the campus and it will do an effectual impact on the pupils mind. Very of course a pupil wants to analyze in a nice and good structured topographic point where all the things are arranged.

B ) Promotion methods

The academy will hold to make the undermentioned promotional activities:

1. Offline Promotion:

Offline publicity is an effectual manner to advance the concern and here our end is to advance the academy to the targeted pupils who are interested to cognize about latest calculating & A ; IT engineering. We can advance our classs with repute offline to pull pupils.

There are several offline methods which we can follow:

Own Items: First of all the academy can get down advancing with its ain points like all the stationary merchandises of the academy which may includes:

  • concern cards
  • letterheads
  • envelopes
  • reference labels
  • facsimile screen sheets

Tangible Items: Physical promotional points that people see or use every twenty-four hours are a great manner of maintaining the academy name in forepart of the peoples and prospective pupils. Promotional points that lend themselves good to this construct include:

  • Calendars
  • Paper weights
  • Pens
  • Jerseies
  • Business Card holders
  • Diary etc.

Ads: Ads are besides a great manner to make targeted clients and there are assorted ways of advertizements which we can follow:

  • Classified Ads – little classified can be published to different local and national newspapers in the metropolis of Birmingham.
  • Yellow Pages – academy name can be come ining to the official xanthous page.
  • Circulars – we can plan and print different circulars to advance our classs and can be distributed to the different countries in the town.
  • Television Advertisement – local Television can be a great manner to pull new pupils by giving an attractive Television advertizement.
  • Direct get offing – we can do direct mailing to different mailing lists.
  • Press release – directing regular imperativeness release to newspapers and other media can assist a batch.

2. On-line Promotion:

Online publicity is the quickest and easiest manner to make the targeted clients and our targeted clients are the pupils and most of the pupils are used to with on-line activities, so we will acquire much benefit from this. Some of the on-line prormotional methods which we can follow:

  • Article Submissions – Submiting articles to different targeted resource portals will widen academy ‘s range and place as a innovator in field of IT preparation. If pupils identify with us and happen our articles utile, they will see our web site to cognize more inside informations.
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO is the best ways than all others to acquire the concentration of the targeted clients which we need for the academy. Successfully subjecting the web site in the hunt engines will enable the academy to obtain top place in hunt engine consequences and enlarge the chance that public will associate into our site through hunt questions. We need to subject to each of the hunt engines available like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. Consequently, it is imperative to happen out about the different hunt engines and sort the 1s that are best suited for academy site.
  • Link Building – Link edifice provides an effectual manner for clients to larn about the academy through other sites related to calculating & A ; IT. The key to developing a successful nexus plan is to sort sites that are non direct rivals but have a similar mark market as the academy. It ‘s besides of import to happen out a balance between the measure of traffic that exits in academy ‘s site through a nexus and the figure of people who visit academy ‘s site through a nexus on another site.
  • Newsgroups – It ‘s of import to fall in a newsgroup which will enable the academy to construct the repute, place the latest tendencies in the computer science & A ; IT field, and measure the demands of possible pupils who wants to acquire best preparation.
  • Online Newsletters – An on-line newssheet can do a rapid alteration in every concern and particularly for the academy like this it will be effectual really much. It ‘s a low cost promotional tool, which build a bond and beef up the relationship with the client ‘s means pupils. It needs to print on a regular basis within a period of clip like hebdomadal or monthly.
  • Email Marketing – Electronic mail is the most common things which is on a regular basis checked by the pupils and if the academy can do an effectual electronic mail selling to that pupils, there is an immense chance to market to them and build solid client relationships. Email selling has appeared to go one of the most cost-efficient and cheap ways to pull off client interaction, showing sellers with many chances and benefits.
  • Banner Advertising – Implementing a streamer ad run is an effectual online selling method. Banner ads are helpful selling tool that can increase site traffic if they are resourceful and incorporate a call-to-action.

Affiliate Marketing – With an affiliate plan academy ‘s offer will be affiliated a motive to accomplish a fastidious result. The motive is typically a fee, provided as a plane rate or proportion depending on the affiliate plan used.

degree Celsiuss ) Impact of the execution:

Proposed eMarketing scheme will be a effectual on if it ‘s implemented successfully. It will convey a batch of alterations with their public presentation as they are presently utilizing old system. After utilizing the new system they can recognize the difference between both and it can be easy adoptable for them. If demands so academy authorization may set up some preparation for new staffs to present with new system. Within the new system maximal procedure will be held online where merely a small demands to be done manually. Following are the major countries of where the public presentation of the establishment will be improved:

  • Teacher ‘s effectivity: with the new system instructors will be more effectual than old in footings of taking categories and relationship with the pupils.
  • Increased pupil engagement: pupils will acquire more involvement to go to categories as they will more installation than old and from any other academy.
  • Faster and procure payment system: as there will be a on-line payment system that will be more faster and secure for who will pay and besides for the academy.
  • Reduced admittance procedure: an on-line application system will be present in the web site and it will cut down clip for admittance procedure.
  • Online consequence appraisal: all consequences will print online.

Section 3: Prototype Solution

Site Maps:

  • Home
  • Student ‘s subdivision
    • Students Login
    • View consequence
    • Wage fees online
    • Students enquiry
  • Faculty subdivision
    • Faculty Login
    • Upload talk
    • Upload Seminar info
  • Register Online
  • Contact

Section 4: Legal & A ; Ethical Issues


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