Identify and Describe the Control Strategies Essay

Control strategies in organisations play a really of import function in modulating employee behaviours and act as a boundary to assist employees at assorted degrees separate what patterns need to be adopted so that there would be no issues for the organisation due to incorrect patterns. There have been many companies which were executing highly good and all of a sudden have gone down owing to frauds committed by employees because of the force per unit area to execute good. Enron Inc. , for illustration was the biggest illustration how corporate fraud can do a company fail absolutely. Since the expounding of such incidents of corporate administration has ever come up from clip to clip and the implicit in ground in most instances is deficiency of proper control schemes at different degrees in the organisation. While it becomes the duty of the top direction to put up assorted diagnostic control systems in order to do employees aware of what are the standards n which their public presentation is step, there besides has to be a sound beliefs system which has been good communicated throughout the organisation.

However presence of merely these two systems would non salvage the organisation from being the victim of conformity issues or administration. There must be clear boundaries set by the senior direction as to what should non be done. While what can be done is already conveyed, what should non be done must be more significantly emphasized so that employees can non fault ignorance as one of the grounds for misdoings. Finally at that place has to be an efficient synergistic control system which ensures that the senior direction understands and interacts with the employees under them and really successful execution is being done across the organisation. All these elements of control would finally guarantee that the organisation has an effectual and efficient scheme topographic points through which employees public presentation is maximal and more significantly in the way of the organisation ‘s aims at the same clip.

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Identify and Describe the Control Strategies Essay
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Let us see the organisation General Electric for this intent. GE is one of the taking engineering based companies in America and has its operations spread across the universe. Known for assorted successful concern inventions in merchandises and services in diverse Fieldss, the company has learnt a batch of lessons the difficult manner when it came to puting up employee control schemes. Though it was a successful pudding stone with varied concerns in about all possible countries, which has a 125 old ages old history, the company had faced terrible jobs until Jack Welch, one of the most dynamic and radical CEO s came up and changed the manner GE had been making concern. Now, GE has a rigorous codification of behavior stating employees clearly what non to make which could set down themselves or the company into problem. The company issues a Spirit and Letter Policy to all its employees, providers etc, in short all the interest holders to keep a clear sense of unity.

The policy holds for all employees of GE and the regulations for covering with authorities, private providers etc are clearly mentioned for all degrees of employees. While the missive is written by the most senior direction, The CEO of the company, the execution has been across the organisation to all degrees of employees. The policy clearly references what are the things which might be compliance issue and advises employees what they should make when they encounter any peculiar state of affairs. While it is obvious that the codification can non incorporate every possible thing, it presents a reasonably clear thought of how GE intends to make concern and how unity is above everything and beyond catching up with Numberss. While the policy which is in ink is good plenty, the execution portion of it across the assorted entities of GE is what makes more sense without which there is no point of conformity. In order to guarantee for this every employee during orientation is made cognizant of the companies policies. The company has a separate squad for covering with conformity related issues at each of its subdivisions and offices.

Besides, it would be obvious to state that unless the senior direction adopts patterns which are advocated in the policy, it would non be possible to implement it at the junior degree. Therefore we see how the company enforces the issues of control and makes the employees understand the conformity issues as they do concern and represent GE to others. A sense of being the face of the company gives the employees a duty to be sincere and adhere to the codification and hence the belief system is automatically strengthened. In this manner, the company has learnt to pull off its employees public presentation at all degrees and is continuously using more schemes to guarantee that it becomes more robust.The aim is to supply an environment where invention and creativeness is nurtured and at the same clip stick to the ethical codification of behavior within which GE does its concern.

Critically measure the bing schemes placing the positive and negative properties

at both degrees.

We have seen how GE had to follow assorted control schemes that were aimed at altering the manner concern was being done i.e. the organisational degree and besides at each and every employee ‘s degree. While the company has adopted these schemes by larning from experience after it had issues sing questionable concern patterns particularly with authorities when the company had to pay a mulct for improper cost allotments. The company now clearly defines the manner the appraisals and the full procedure of the trade must be crystalline plenty to the people in the organisation responsible for it and if done otherwise would be viewed as a breach of conformity. The company stresses on unity and clearly makes it name for all employees at all degrees to set unity above doing net incomes either for the organisation or concern. It besides has a codification of behavior with its providers where it states that it shall non make concern with those who are involved in illegal or questionable patterns as per the jurisprudence of the province.

The company clearly defines in its Spirit & A ; missive policy which is like the book of codification of behavior for everyone who works at GE how to cover with providers, authorities, forestall money laundering, indulge merely in healthy competitory patterns. The company has purely focused on lodging to the control measures i.e. in short it has clearly set up a boundary system through which it can command employee activities. The execution of this boundary system is taken attention of by a separate section which looks into the conformity issues. The chief intent is to make consciousness among employees across the universe as to what they can non make being a member of GE in the best involvement of the organisation. Besides since it is a transnational company the conformity needs to take attention of legal issues across the assorted states it does concern. Different states have different legal and ethical issues which the company needs to pass on to its employees who work across international boundaries.

Therefore we see there is duty from the op direction to look into the execution of the boundary system and look into for any aberrances from it. Similarly the company has besides tried to further a strong belief system among the employees by promoting them to discourse about any uncertainty they had sing issues that would be against conformity to the set criterions. The company has tried its best to reenforce positive behaviour and besides develop an environment where transparence to the right extent is maintained in the employee activities. It has besides clearly set up assorted tools to implement the diagnostic control systems to acquire an thought every bit shortly as possible if something is traveling incorrect and at the same clip encourages single achievements and accomplishments. Performance rating is done on a regular basis and reasonably and the company checks all facets of the employees ‘ parts towards the organisation. The full system of controls includes all the four levers of control diagnostic, belief, boundary and eventually synergistic. While the diagnostic systems control is done through periodic rating and studies from the employee ‘s immediate supervisors, sometimes it is non sufficient plenty to take attention of the employee ‘s public presentation control issues particularly in big organisations.

The diagnostic control systems identify the potency to accomplish among the employee s of the company ; nevertheless they encounter certain organisational blocks like deficiency of focal point or resource and hence demand to take attention of by the organisation. This can be done by the immediate directors or the senior direction with the aid of an apprehension of the employee build clear marks and back up them. This would besides take to increased productiveness within the organisation as the ends are set up with common consent and understanding. The belief systems on the other manus unleash the employees ‘ potency to lend as they might be wavering due to uncertainness about intent. For illustration in most companies a individual working for it does non cognize what is their part to the company i.e. ; what does their work make for the company. If the employees are communicated the importance of their work and made to understand their function in the full organisation, it would supply intrinsic motive for them to lend for the organisation ‘s ends on the whole.

The function of belief systems is really important as the employees who really believe in the organisation ‘s mission and vision would be the 1s who are a portion of it all the clip. The boundary systems on the other manus give an thought of what non to make and therefore steer the employees to make right. However force per unit area from higher-ups or other organisational blocks might halter the purposes of an employee who otherwise would hold stuck to the boundary system. In order to do this effectual, the company must clearly stipulate what it stands s for so that there is no inquiry of any aberrant behaviour. The synergistic control systems eventually un tap the possible to make in the organisation. While deficiency of chance and fright of hazard might be keeping back the employee from lending something advanced and new, supplying an environment where they are encouraged would be good for the company more than it is for the person.

GE focuses on creativeness and invention. It is one of the companies which have done fantastic inventions in engineering at a really high terminal degree. This could non hold been possible without a reinforcing belief system which was evidently checked by boundary systems to guarantee that things do non go against any Torahs or land either the employee or the organisation into problem. As mentioned earlier, the company has learnt to develop the control systems really carefully after it had some bad experiences and it hence presently is seeking its best to do it as successfully implemented across all of its entities to the full. The negative facets nevertheless include the fact that more interaction demands to be done to guarantee that the full thought is spread across the organisation. Employees might still be nescient of certain patterns being out of the book which could damage the repute of the company.

For this more and more interaction until a new employee sets into the company must be done to do him/ her aware of the degree of importance that GE gives to keeping unity and being guided by the policy which it has in world. While excessively much control might do employees uncomfortable an environment of trust and openness might assist in bettering dealingss between the senior direction and its employees. The senior direction while doing an attempt to implement any control system must besides do the thought unfastened to all and let for interaction with the employees to acquire a feedback on their sentiment which would finally assist them in puting more realistic and practically implementable criterions. Otherwise all the regulations would be there merely in the book and employees might besides acquire a feeling of misgiving as they have non been informed or even given a opportunity to voice their concerns. However GE has been seeking to take attention of this through an Ombudsperson

At every entity to whom employees might describe the issues or concerns they have about any pattern being followed by the organisation. This would non merely be good for the company as it gets a opportunity to rectify a incorrect pattern but besides at the same clip inculcates o feeling of trust and belonging to the employee who has volitionally shared the information and who finds that his/ her sentiment or position has been considered and recognized. In this manner the assorted control schemes have their positive or negative impacts on the organisation at different degrees. While some create a positive impact at one degree, they might at the same clip make a negative impact on the other and frailty versa. It hence becomes of import for the senior direction to take the best control scheme which is accepted across the organisation and besides yields the coveted results.

Make recommendations for bettering one or more of the control schemes.

The assorted control schemes which GE has adopted have come a long manner in execution. They have been highly influential in bettering the control criterions in the organisation and encouraging public presentation productiveness from employees. The company has adopted these schemes based on their acquisition and booby traps in the past.However there are certain issues which need to be dealt while implementing these schemes. It is a good known fact that cipher likes being controlled, nevertheless for organisational intents at that place needs to be some control so as to guarantee that the company and its employees are working ethically and in the best involvement where no other party is being cheated or any other injury is being done. Thus it becomes the senior directions ‘ duty that they create control schemes which are effectual but at the same clip they need to be efficient for successfully implementing them in the first topographic point. For case, if the organisation comes up with an first-class control scheme but the people do non see welcoming it, there can non be much done even if the system is forcefully implemented.

This would merely take to unrest and disappointment among already good employees which could really harm the organisation instead than working for bettering it. Therefore while sing to implement a scheme particularly for commanding the employees public presentation in the organisation, attention must be taken to carefully and reasonably measure the pros and cons on both the sides i.e. employees and direction. In order to implement the control scheme through the Spirit & A ; Letter Policy, the organisation must guarantee that the full thought is decently communicated across the organisation. Though the thought is good on paper, and seems to be working good on the whole there can be certain issues in its execution. So, to guarantee that the scheme is good implemented across the organisation in all of its entities, more accent must be laid on educating employees officially in the early month ‘s f their work and there must be a formal workshop or talk organized otherwise an online tutorial which is a mandatory activity. Though GE takes attention of reminding through e- mails, it can be clearly seen that employees might non be interested on their ain unless senior direction show involvement and makes the issue more of import.

Besides, employees tend to follow merely those guidelines or regulations which they see and believe that their seniors at work are following. That is to state, unless the senior direction is able to convert that the proposed scheme is for all and it is compulsory to every individual individual belonging to the organisation, they would non unfeignedly follow it. This would besides necessitate to make belief system by doing employees experience a portion of the organisation and do them understand what each of one does for the organisation, what is the part they give every twenty-four hours by making their work justly, what would be the effects if they were to neglect in adhering to the set criterions. This would finally assist the employee in placing himself/ herself with organisation and be more responsible in their actions. Recognition for work is an of import motive factor and hence every positive measure an employee takes towards encompassing the control scheme out of their ain involvement must be encouraged and recognized.

All this forms a portion of linking with the employee and him/ her more loyal portion of the organisation. The execution of a scheme which happens through the willingness of the people it is meant for would decidedly be many times better than if it s implemented from the top direction side merely. In the earlier instance the employees would be more participative while in the latter instance more resistive to the alteration taking topographic point. Ultimately, it becomes the senior direction ‘s determination as to which manner they would wish to implement the scheme. This does non intend to state that GE is presently non sing the employee side of execution ; it instead is to stress the importance of employee oriented determination devising at times when it is necessary. Thus the current scheme which the company is following is decidedly a good one but it needs to take attention of the execution procedure more earnestly and look at ways in which it can affect employees in the procedure.

The thought of making an advanced and friendly ambiance would be successful merely when such facets are taken attention of and so far GE has been making good. It merely needs to take a little more attempt in doing the control strategies successful by implementing them for existent all across in world. This would necessitate more of the synergistic control systems scheme where the employees are made cognizant of what the company ants from them through interaction straight between both the degrees. For a big organisation like GE, it might be hard for personal interaction, but the company can work towards doing a periodic synergistic session one time in a piece to further a healthy civilization as good.

Thus it is in the custodies of the company to take how to implement the scheme for existent and in pattern so that the best consequences are achieved which is the end of any organisational control scheme. With its history of working through troubles, it would non be a large trade for the company to do this small measure successful and sooner or later the company would be able to make it. We can see through this survey how control strategies can be utile and their function in bettering organisation ‘s productiveness and the best manner for implementing such control schemes.


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