Identify the reasons for declining the demand for laptops in cooperate sector with special reference to Toshiba Laptops Essay

Identify the reasons for declining the demand for laptops in cooperate sector with special reference to Toshiba Laptops

Identify the reasons for declining the demand for laptops in cooperate sector with special reference to Toshiba Laptops


As universe in traveling to new ICT coevals, laptops are considered to be one of the indispensable and popular merchandises in the concern corporate sector.

Most of the Laptops Brands in Sri Lanka have been launched in late 90’s. Despite holding a huge competition among the Laptop trade names was found due to a fixed advertisement budget, laptop trade names were able to place their positions with different images or positions in Sri Lankan Market.

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Identify the reasons for declining the demand for laptops in cooperate sector with special reference to Toshiba Laptops Essay
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Harmonizing to evaluations soon 12-15 Laptop trade names were found in Sri Lanka and Toshiba is one of the trade names that are included.

In the early yearss there was a immense demand for Toshiba in cooperate sector, really that clip Toshiba’s chief market was cooperate sector, where some cooperate histories have been covering with Toshiba and JKOA ( John Keells Office Automation ) for about 7 -10 old ages whilst holding good religion on Toshiba laptops and JKOA. In recent yesteryear if we take JKOA public presentation on Toshiba laptops we can see immense lost in cooperate sector and JKOA fring most of the Toshiba clients and trade names like HP catching those cooperate Histories for some grounds.

Analysis of the issues on selling laptops in cooperate sector is a 1 of the on-going subjects in the industry. Promoting the trade name is acquiring harder as the tight competition between others, hence people in the industry tends to put more on advancing their trade names to the corporate sector.

The direction of JKOA has identified that there is diminution of the gross revenues of the corporate sector and authorities sector while re-sellers do exceptionally good in their out-lets specially in Unity-Plaza stores where they did a revolution in the state by offering really inexpensive monetary values while concentrating on Advertising and Promotions. It was identified that the laptop users have switched to deferent trade names for different grounds while many users switch to Toshiba for inexpensive monetary value with basic machine and others were bing Toshiba favourites with their user experience.

As reference earlier toilet keels office Automation has noted that Toshiba is non executing the expected degree in Cooperate sector and Government sector as initial phase of it, whiles re-sellers has shown the growing. Now Company has put similar attempt to advance both sections.

Research Problem

“Identifying the grounds for worsening the demand for laptops in cooperate sector with particular mention to Toshiba Laptops”

Research Questions

  • Why demand has drop down from Toshiba in cooperate sector
  • What strategies can be implemented to get the better of the Problem?
  • How to heighten demand and raise net income border degrees

Research Aims

  • To place grounds and facts on why demand has drop down from Toshiba in cooperate sector
  • To analyse options and implement schemes to get the better of the Problem.
  • To happen solutions and options to heighten demand and raise net income border degrees
  • To analyse the gross revenues and place the tendencies

Brief Literature Review

A laptop computing machine is a little, portable computing machine that is little plenty to sit on a person’s lap. While the personal computing machine ( Personal computer ) Industry began in the early 1970’s, it was non until 1981 that the first commercial portable computing machine became available. The following large event in the history of laptops came in the summer of 1995, after which Microsoft and Intel became the criterion for the package ( Windowss ) and hardware ( Intel processors ) used in laptops.

Over the past 15 old ages, the increasing price-performance ratio, consumer public presentations for mobility every bit good as increased hardware life has resulted in higher growing of laptop than the desktops since 2004.

Demand- Is defined as the customer’s desire and ability to pay a value for a specific good or service. Demand can be referred to the measure value of the merchandise or service is wanted by clients at different values. [ Steven M. Sheffrin ( 2003 ) ]

Consumer Behavior- The observation of consumers and the procedures they use to take, usage ( consume ) , and dispose of merchandises and services.

“ All selling determinations are based on premises and cognition of consumer behaviour, ” ( Hawkins and Mothersbaugh, 2007 ) . Establishing the aforesaid statement, a diplomatic solution for the worsening demand could be implemented.

Price- Is the payment which is given by a purchaser to a marketer in exchange of a merchandise or a service. This one of the variables that affects the merchandise demand, therefore the monetary value effectivity and the payment footings will divert from one trade name to another.

Promotions- Is an full set of activities that communicates the merchandise, trade name or service to the client. The enterprise is to do people cognizant, attract and persuade to purchase the merchandise, in penchant over others.

Features of laptops- One of the chief facts the triggers consumers to take Toshiba Laptops above other trade names is the characteristics that the laptops contain. Modern clients are frequently attracted to the laptops which are armed with tonss of characteristics.


Figure 1 Conceptual Framework

Above figure 1 indicate one of the cardinal methods that can be used to place independent variables and dependent variable is call conceptual model. And besides, a conceptual model is an analytical tool with several fluctuations and contexts. It is used to do conceptual differentiations and form thoughts. Strong conceptual models capture something existent and do this in a manner that is easy to retrieve and use.

The attack to the informations aggregation and analysis will be conducted in 2 ways where the primary method will be via an on-line questionnaire by Google servey which could be easy filled. Following that, an indepth Interviews with the procurance director, logistics director & A ; the IT directors in my organisation will back up a general position to the research.

The sample size will be decided inaccordence to the below computation.

Sample Size.png

Figure 2 Sample Size

As per the figure 1, in old page, the sample size of 40 will be given a nexus via an electronic mail with a breif account of the intent of this questionare and proper instructions will be given to respondents where they could make full same online. Snowball trying method which is a non-probability sampling method will be used in this research. The information was collected from the few members of the mark population that could be located, so the persons will be asked to give information required to turn up other members of that population whom they know. The sweet sand verbena trying method benefits the research by supplying entree to the population which can non be easy located by the research worker otherwise.

Secondary informations will be collected from a broad scope of beginnings such as ; books, diaries, official web sites etc..

Data analysis techniques for this survey will include:

  • Calculating frequences, per centums, proportions and charts
  • Calculating agencies ( norms ) , average, manner, scope.
  • All analyses wll be done in Microsoft Office Excel

Boundary line of the survey

  • Peoples can be bias in the selected sample of the focal point group.
  • Most of the representatives will be from the Colombo District hence samples will non stand for the other countries of the state
  • Time frame of the survey will non be plenty to make a in-depth and accurate research
  • Sample Size Not Sufficient


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