Identity Essay

Intro: In the novel The Kite Runner, author Khaled Hosseini demonstrates the way that individuals can have deceiving perceptions of themselves based on the perceptions that others have them. Throughout the novel Amir struggles with his sense of identity because his opinion is influenced by the way that various people in his life view him. How baba sees amir: Amir lived his life with one main goal, to impress his father, Baba.

He grows up seeing the great man his father is, from building orphanages to standing up for a woman on the verge of being raped. Amir struggles through life trying to be as great as his father. After overhearing A private conversation between baba and his friend Rhamin Khan Amir is haunted with the knowledge that his father doesn’t think Amir will ever stand up for anything. Baba’s words are proven true to Amir after he stands behind a wall watching his best friend Hassan being raped.

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Amir grows up in constant disappointment, knowing he doesn’t make his father proud. Early in The Kite Runner we are introduced to the disappointment baba has in his son when he tries to “conceal the disgusted look on his face” after Amir cries because of seeing a man being trampled by his horse at a Buzkashi tournament(p. 3). Baba is concerned that Amir will never grow up to be a man who stands up for himself because “he never fghts back. Never”when the neighbourhood boys push him around and take his toys(p. 4)Amir overhears the entire private conversation that Baba has with Rhamin Khan and is haunted by the truth Baba reveals “if i hadn’t seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, id never believe he’s my son(p. 25)Amir has trouble believing he’s Baba’s son too after that, Amir stood behind that brick wall watching Hassan being raped, Hassan his best friend, yet Baba stands up for a woman he doesn’t even know. Amir tries so hard to please his father that he no longer sees the terrible person he has become as a consequence of his attempts.

How Hassan has amir: Amir and Hassan grew up together, nursed from the same woman, played under the same tree. Amir was Hassan’s best friend, Hassan would do anything for Hassan including enduring rape just to keep his promise of retrieving the winning blue kite. Whatever Amir asked, Hassan would do such as shooting walnuts at the neighbours one eyed german Sheppard with a slingshot “Hassan never wanted to, but if i asked, really asked, he wouldn’t deny me”(p. ) Even after Amir set Hassan up by hiding money under his bed and accusing him of stealing, years later Hassan still told his son that Amir was “the best friend he ever had”(p. 21). Amir grew up thinking he was better than Amir because of social structure, but it wasn’t until he found out that they were brothers that he truly believed they shared the most sacred bond imaginable. Because of Hassan Amir strives the rest of his life “to be good again”(p. 2). How rhahim sees amir: Rhamin and Amir shared a fondness that no one else understand. While Baba was against Amir’s writing and wished he would be more athletic, Rhamin was always upportive of Amir. Rhamin read the stories that Amir wrote and assured Amir that “god (had) granted (him)a special talent”(p. 5) Rhamin is the one who assures Amir “there is a way to be good again”and gives him the courage to become the man who Baba never believed Amir he could be. How soraya sees amir: Soraya is in love with to reveal his past. She shapes the way amir sees himself and helps him to let go of his past. How farid sees amir: as a selfish rich kid back only to sell his fathers home and make more money. Realizes amirs real intentions and has a respect for Amir. Makes amir question himself. essay) How sohrab sees amir: as his fathers best friend.

Sohrab saves amir Just like how Hassan did all those years, this helps shape Amir into the selfless person he becomes. After almost breaking the promise of no more orphanages to Sohrab, and almost losing him, amir decides to no longer break promises and to be a selfless man now who indeed does stand up for himself and others, stands up for sohrab to sorayas family. How amir sees amir: not good enough because of baba, better than others because of Hassan, guilty also because of Hassan, selfish because of farid, finally selfless because of sohrab and soraya. Conclusion


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