Identity Essay

Identity Essay Everyone has something that defines who they are by the exclusive things they do. There are a wide variety of activities and hobbies that surround people’s everyday life. My life revolves around spending time with family and friends, going to school, and writing poetry. Without these things, I would not be able to set essential goals and a promising future for myself. Spending time with family and friends is perhaps one of the most precious things to me. Family is very important due to the fact that no matter the circumstances, they are always my family and their support is constantly available.

Even though family is necessary, I would not be able to make it through numerous difficult obstacles without the support of friends I have. Some friendships are so powerful that it feels as if they are part of my family. Having people that I love and care about in my life helps me get face anything that approaches me. Obviously, I need school if I want to achieve an excelling profession. School can be very frustrating at times but it is definitely worth receiving an education.

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Having to deal with the heavy work load is not something I enjoy but I know it is something that must be done. Achieving a profession and going to college are my biggest and most important goals I wish to achieve. Lastly, writing poetry has become my passion. It is the perfect way for me to express the emotions I feel in a manner that is not very common. I can always look back at old poetry and relive a few unforgettable memories. Creating poems is also a type of escape from all the exasperating events that are currently occurring in my life.

Nevertheless, it is something I do on a daily basis and I could not live without. Clearly, spending quality time with loved ones, receiving a good education, and expressing deep thoughts by poetry are all very significant in my life and have greatly affected the person that I have become today. Although the person I am now is not permanent, I plan to be the greatest I can possibly be. I am going through a stage of change, which means there are several other things that are yet to form the mature, experienced, and independent person I will further become in the future.


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