Illiteracy: Education and Politicians/ Corporate Honchos Essay

As an Indian I feel that not only the government but I also have got a big responsibility to start thinking about ; how these problems can be resolved and how India can get a good position & respect in the world, which it deserves for last few centuries. I have a simple approach to this complex Issue – Just list all the big problems down, then start Jotting down the solutions corresponding to them and start talking about / working on them. Not only I would start working on the solutions but I will urge my friends and family members to do the same.

And I am sure that the readers of this post would also agree with my intent. The rationale behind starting this series of posts is that if you know your problem(s) well and start finding solutions dedicatedly, it will be Just a matter of time that they are resolved. My firm belief is that once you start improving things in and around you it spreads to other people / circles/ cities and gets transformed Into a revolution. This Is the first step from an Indian to contribute to the nation. And I am confident that this would spread, Like the recent revolutions…. Ay be over a period of time. Here is a list of few of the ever growing problems which India has been facing: Illiteracy Corruption Population Water Shortage Crime Terrorism Pope arty Pollution Deforestation I will take one problem at a time and cover it sequentially in the upcoming posts of mine. This post is dedicated to Illiteracy: All the Indians should go to school without any compromise. The Government should make education free in all the government schools. Government should check that each and every family is educating their kids by sending them to the local school.

We as citizens of India should tie-up with the Government and volunteer to check all souses / schools in all the areas of the town once in 15-30 days. If any family is caught, who is not sending their kids to the school should be punished. Government & private companies should pay a good salary or incentives to the employees who are getting their kids a good / standardized education. The government should punish the Meals / MSP if their region has low level of education or school going kids. Or even a single kid not going to school. All families in villages / small towns / shanties (like Diehard) in big cities should be made aware of the rule.

Government and we citizens would keep a target of 3 years to implement this project (meaning that every kid and uneducated person starts going to school). Uneducated adult through an evening school if he or she is working. All the teachers in Government and Private schools should have a minimum qualification and trained every 3 months (train the trainer concept). They should be paid well and should get incentives based on their performance and dedication. Celebrities / Politicians/ Corporate Honchos have to mandatory spend 30 days (2 to 3 hrs a day) educating / doing guest lectures in schools and colleges.

They should be given a certificate after their 30 days completion and it should be submitted by October 31st every year to a committee. If somebody from the listed fails to do the same he or she should be penalized and not allowed to travel out of India for 1 year. Please note that these are Just my views and might not reflect all the possible problems and their solutions. This is what I know about the subject on the day of publishing the post, I am sure there can be plethora of things which can be added to this. You are most welcome to contribute.

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Illiteracy: Education and Politicians/ Corporate Honchos Essay
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