I’M Worried About My Grades Sample Essay

“I’m worried about my grade” . is a you tube video that I had to watch. Its about a conversation between a instructor and a lazy pupil. that thinks his instructor owes him another opportunity to break his class. The sad thing about this that it’s the terminal of the semester and there’s nil he can make do up his work. But this pupil keeps forcing the issue of excess recognition and do up work believing it would make him some good.

When watching this picture the first thing that came to mind was cunctation and deficiency of motive. Why enroll yourself in a category and non set in any attempt into keeping an good class that would profit you the terminal. And why wait so long to seek to turn out that you can make the work when its beyond to late. I believe that this pupil didn’t attention about get downing a category and completing it.

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I’M Worried About My Grades Sample Essay
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This picture makes you think. “how many people do this piece in school? ” and “why? ” The pupil logical thinking and logic didn’t add up at no point in his conversation with instructor. And the instructor tried his best to acquire this pupil to understand that. if he would had came to category. did the work. and asked for aid when he needed it he wouldn’t be in his current state of affairs.

It came to a point in the conversation when the pupil threaten to give the instructor a bad reappraisal on this the grade your instructor site. I feel like there was no ground for that. I mean you giving a bad reappraisal to person that was seeking to assist before you got to this neglecting point. In the terminal there’s no 1 to fault for the pupils deficiency of motive and his cunctation.

I feel like in order to make good in school and in life. take duty for what you do in this universe because no owes you anything. You have to work hard to acquire what’s best out of life


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