Imagery (796 words) Essay

Imagery is used throughout the Odyssey and the story of Oedipus. In the Odyssey, Odysseus is compared to objects, other people and animals. In the story of Oedipus, Oedipus is compared to riddles and objects.
In the Odyssey, Odysseus’s adventure brings him through many tragedies and hard time. His name is revealed in the story as being one who suffers. Toward the end of the story he is compared to a lion when he emerges victorious against the suitors and the maids are described as small animals scurrying away from him. He is described missing his wife as a shipwrecked swimmer misses the shore. His wife Penelope is described grappling Odysseus as a swimmer that has finally reached land. Throughout the Odyssey Sleep is used to convince the reader that Odysseus is mortal. When he sleeps something bad happens. Sleep means he is not like the Gods peppered through the story. He is mortal and Gods don’t have to sleep.
In the story of Oedipus his name is ?swollen feet?. This imagery of swollen feet is the key to his identity. The image of the foot in the riddle of the sphinx is used to describe man and Oedipus. He has 4 feet when he is a young child he has 3 feet when he is old and blind and needs the assistance of a cane and he has two feet when he is at the height of his power. There is curse over Thebes, making the land and women infertile. The image of fertility is given with the Goddess of the earth giving the curse upon the land and women. Throughout both the Odyssey and Oedipus the image of family is used. In the Odyssey lineage is used with Odysseus’s father son and himself bringing a sense of family values to the story. In Oedipus the link between him being Husband and son to his wife and mother and father and son to his children also relates to his multiple identities. As well as his family his identities are shifted to being a band of thieves that attacks and kills Laius, his father. Sight and blindness versus light and dark also have imagery in the story. Oedipus is blind to the fact that he killed his father and married his mother and is physically blinded when he gouges his eyes.
Both of these stories have many examples of imagery. They both have the main characters compared to many different things. Using imagery to get the point across instead of coming right out and saying it.
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Culture and Civilization
Culture and Civilization play important role in the text we have read. They make the characters act a certain way and make a devise a distinct structure of how characters act and as well as certain procedures to follow.
In the Odyssey, It seems nothing can be done without a sacrifice or a prayer to certain Gods or Goddesses. When you are setting out to sea an offering is given or something is burned. When a war is to be waged and victory is wanted an offering must be given. These were standard practices and seem to be a normal thing in this society. This would seem to be a drawback to society having to make these prayers and sacrifices to d anything. Family values are definitely a major thing to consider. The story has Penelope Odysseus’s wife and son faithful to him through his long journeys. A great deal of respect and honor is given to leaders and warriors. Odysseus’s name is revered. Everyone has seemed to hear of this hero of Troy. In his venture he hides this fact so as to find the true intentions of people. Giving his name would demand honor and respect and without it he will find honesty and the true nature of these strangers. The concept of being nice to strangers is a big deal. They say that you should be nice to them because you never know when they might be Gods in disguise. This being totally different of what is expected of today’s culture. ?Don’t talk to strangers.? The state of being fit and healthy has a lot to do with society. Warriors with big muscles and glistening skin and people bathing in oils and herbs are just a couple of the examples of what this society considers to be the picture of health. In all of the paintings and sculpture we have from this period all of them seem to be in pretty good shape.

This society seems to have its culture written in stone. The ups and downs are very apparent. The ups seem to outweigh the downs. This Civilization seems to be doing fine with these customs.
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