Immigration in the United States Essay

Immigration in the United States Even though the United States is over populated, legal immigrants benefit Americans because they provide cultural diversity and having them here does not discriminate against other nationalities. However, illegal immigrants affect the United States in a negative way. Even though legal immigrants benefit Americans by proving a diver setting for their children, it does not always end in a benefit. Illegal immigrants take away health care and housing that Americans could be receiving. They also, do not pay taxes as all legal citizens do.

This affects Americans greatly by not only being cheated money wise but then also lose out because illegal immigrants who do not pay into social security are still able to receive it. Unfortunately, there are two sides to every story so it is up for one’s own interpretation. Immigration in the United States can be a positive thing when done legally. Immigrants benefit the American citizens tremendously. By having immigrants in the United States it provided the nation with cultural diversity. Manali Oak stated, “Immigration leads to an exchange of cultural values.

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It results in an exchange of knowledge and expertise between two nations. Immigration serves as an opportunity to interact with people of other countries. It gives a platform for people from diverse backgrounds to come together and share their views”. This benefits our children by allowing them to see other nationalities. It teaches our children that there are other ways of life then what is shown in their own households. Also, by having immigrants here it teaches our children as well as our nation to respect each other and each other’s beliefs. This makes our nation a better place for everyone.

Immigration in the United States can be a beneficial thing when done legally. Americans benefit by having immigrants do needed labor that Americans do not want to do themselves. “It’s a well-known fact that many of the jobs immigrants come here to fill are jobs Americans are not taking, when we prevent immigrants from taking those jobs, producers and consumers suffer the consequences” according to Country Monitor. Immigrants provide the labor that allows the United States to have produce as well as products such as fruits, vegetables, and cotton.

They work seasonal to provide these items that are necessary for our nation’s survival. They also do other labor such as construction, this builds things like our homes and necessary and unnecessary items that we want to have. “Immigration increases the supply of domestic labor. However, immigration brings many secondary effects that offset the increased supply. Immigrants earning money demand goods and services, increasing the demand for labor, creating more jobs and pushing wages up” as stated by Denver Journal of International Law and Policy.

Having immigrants in American does have its benefits. , Image 1 When illegal immigrants come to the United States it affects this nation in a negative way. Illegal immigrants come to America and have many children which not only over populate the United States but it takes away from American citizens. They receive welfare benefits that are provided by American tax payers. Donald J. Boudreaux stated, “Suppose the government no longer redistributes income to immigrants”. They also receive free medical coverage that is provided by American tax payers.

This is very unfair because many tax payers cannot afford to have medical coverage themselves. “Reforms could fix this by trimming the services that immigrants and their children are eligible to consume” according to E, Medina. Also, they are the main receivers of cash aid also known as welfare. This takes away from American citizens who need to support their family and provide a home environment. Benefits are only one thing; they are many more reasons that illegal immigrants negatively affect the United States. , Image 2 , Image 3

Illegal immigrants take so much away from United States citizens, they take away aids, medical, and also jobs. Illegal immigrants take jobs that United States citizens should receive because illegal immigrants do the work for so much cheaper that a United States citizen would because they know how much they should be paid. This also hurts nation because illegal immigrants do not pay taxes. They use money that is provided by the United States but do not pay anything into it, it is like taking money from our nation. Speaking of taking money from our nation, illegal immigrants do take money from its citizens. Since many of the tax-funded services immigrants consume are funded at the local level and much of the taxes that immigrants pay goes to the federal government, immigration is a tax burden on some communities” according to A, Fairchild. Illegal immigrants do not pay into retirement funds such as social security; however, they receive social security. This negatively affects the nation because when it comes time for the next generation to receive social security there is not going to be any funding left for taxpaying citizens. , Image 4

The United States is affected negatively by many things that illegal immigrants do and do not do. Americans income decreases and our nation’s population rates increase. “During the past five years, more immigrants came to the United States than ever before in our history – nearly 8 million” according to S, Gold. The United States is greatly over populated due to illegal immigrants coming to America. Donald Boudreaux stated, “That immigrants are crowding our country”. Not only do illegal immigrants over populate this nation but illegal immigrants do not learn English.

When illegal immigrants do not learn English this presents language barriers. “Language barriers first and foremost result in deterring a victim from obtaining necessary assistance” as stated by S, Gold. Everything that is printed for the United States to see now has to be printed in more than one language. Also, illegal immigrants take homes that United States citizens try to buy for their families. United States citizens should have priority on things such as housing, medical, and jobs but illegal immigrants take from these families. The United States capital is greatly affected by illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigrants get jobs here and send money back to their families in our countries. By doing this it takes away the capital that should be circulating in the United States. Also, illegal immigrants increase our nation’s unemployment rate. By not working or not being able to find a job because some people do not want to hire illegal immigrants, they run out our nation unemployment funds. They receive unemployment checks that are provided by United States income. Illegal immigrants come here and take away so much from American citizen and do not care that they are hurting other families.

They say they come here to make better lives for their families, do they not see that it is hurting other families by doing so? Manali Oak made an excellent point when he stated, “Immigrants may bring in diseases that prevailed in their country. Pathogens, viruses and certain serious infections have a chance of being transferred between countries through the immigrants. To reduce the risk of such transfer of diseases, many nations have started carrying out a screening of immigrants on their arrival. Reportedly, AIDS was transferred to the United States in 1969 through one infected immigrant from Haiti. When illegal immigrants come to America they do not go through the proper checks to make sure that they do not have diseases or only other infectious things that may be contracted by other people. This is a very dangerous thing that can wipe out our country. I am not just saying that illegal immigrants bring it because our founding fathers brought the small pocks with them when they came here. However, it is preventable from happening again, if immigrants come here legal because they go through all types of medical checks.

I cannot express how important it is to the United States well being that if immigrants come to America that they do it legally. As was stated above there are positive and negative ways that Immigration affects Americans and the United States. Legal immigration is a positive factor for many Americans. There are a lot of benefits that are enquired from that transition; such as, labor and cultural diversity. Illegal immigration is a negative factor for Americans and the United States as shown above, however, as stated before it is up for one’s own interpretation.

Many people believe that coming here will make a better life for their families but are not thinking of the other families that will be affected by that decision. What decision is the correct one, be a legal citizen and endure all the benefits of living in the United States or be illegal and take away from other hard worker families? Legal citizens benefit Americans and The United States, but illegal immigrants are a burden to our country. The decision is everyone’s own opinion; however, everyone would benefit more if immigrants become legal citizens of the United States before coming to this country.


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