Immigration Law Essay

“America was indebted to immigration for her settlement and prosperity. That part of America which had encouraged them, most had advanced most rapidly in population, agriculture and the arts. ” – James Madison America is a nation of all nationalities and cultures. Some might even say that America was built by immigrant hands. But, immigration is becoming a hot political and ethical issue nationwide due to the number of illegal immigrants illegally crossing Americas’ borders each day.

This famous quote was the normal thought process when it was said almost two-hundred years ago. However, today with the struggling economy, terrorist acts, and the highest unemployment rate in decades states that share borders with Mexico are implementing strict immigration laws that are seen by some as unethical and a violation of human rights. I believe that the strain on these issues is enormous and after decades of lenient laws and passive implementation of border crossing enforcement, we see the bubble breaking.

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Immigration Law Essay
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It’s time to tighten these laws and enforce them so that each person entering this country enters it by legal means. Today, nationally, immigrants represent 1 in 2 of new workers in the 1990s, and children of immigrants are now approximately 23% of all children in the US. We are fortunate in the immigrants who have arrived in our states – many of whom arrive with already high levels of educational attainment, and who integrate into our workforce and communities, paying taxes, engaging in community development, opening businesses and bringing rich traditions with them.

However, with the drug wars increasing in Mexico, more and more criminals are crossing the border illegally to flee from the repercussions of making enemies or simply because they feel that if they come to America and establish themselves in normal society and obtain a fake social security ID and find work to support their family back in Mexico.


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