Immortal Technique Sample Essay

Have you of all time heard a vocal that gives you goose bumps all over your organic structure? The manner the vocal is expressed and sung with all those different sorts of emotions are the 1s that get to you the most. “Dance with The Devil” by a successful belowground rapper. is an astonishing vocal. Reading the wordss makes you believe more into thought about what they do. You’ll be shocked one time you read them.

In the beginning of the vocal Technique is speaking about how he knew a cat names William. who his primary cared for doing easy money. He was a immature child. with the age of 13. who was turning up without a male parent and whose female parent an nut. The older the male child got the tougher things he did. “He started hanging out. selling bags in the undertakings. look intoing the immature biddies. looking for the hit and run prospects” ( 9-10 ) . He didn’t have feelings the minded what was go oning. All he cared approximately was the material objects. As clip passed. he dropped out of school to sell weed and to go portion of the streetwalker life.

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Immortal Technique Sample Essay
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The hook in the vocal explains how people ever take any easy path. but don’t return in consideration of what the effects will be. Raping. selling illegal substances. and slaying is something the Satan will do you make if you worship him. He wants to derive power and strength over you and everyone else. “Devils used to be Gods. angels that fell from the top” ( 31 ) . No 1 could of all time be superior. other than God himself.

William. besides known as Billy. attempted to hold a topographic point in a crew. To carry through that he had to steal. acquire into battles. sell ace cocaine. and to to the full turn out himself he had to knife person boulder clay they died. cold blooded. The members of the crew wanted to prove him before he was admitted. He had a opportunity to turn back around to his normal life. but the outlook of being a hardcore “nigga” demanded him to run into them Friday dark. Friday dark. a one-fourth to three. they drove around the undertakings. They were basking themselves. imbibing. smoke and stating each other gags. They saw a adult female walking place from work. tardily at dark. They pulled off to the side and decided to follow her. The cats told Billy. it was a opportunity to turn out himself. Billy was eager to be in the pack. so he abducted the alone adult females. covering her face with her shirt. Terrified as she was. they took her to a anteroom. and forced her walk up the stepss.

As they were standing in roof top. she did everything she could to seek and get away. They started shouting at her stating. “Shut the screw up. and halt traveling around” ( 70 ) . They stomped and kicked her boulder clay she wasn’t able to travel at all. Blood was leaking from her ribs. and tear beads were falling from her face. Those cowards knew precisely who she was. They continued to ravish her violently. they wanted Billy to travel foremost but each and every one of them took a bend. Interrupting her jaw. they didn’t attention. As she was on the floor all bloody. bruised and sore. one of them took out a trade name new gun. “They told him she was a informant of what she’d gone through and if he killed her he was guaranteed a topographic point in the crew” ( 82-83 ) . He ducked down and pointed the gun to her face.

Before he pulled the trigger and destroyed her life. he had so many ideas running in his caput. They manner he sold drugs. and the money he got was all he of all time did to be near to his “new brothers” . When he seen her face. he started to agitate. and blench over. He was starring into the eyes of his ain female parent. “She looked back at him and cried. cause he had forsaken her. she cried more distressingly when they were knaping her” ( 94-95 ) . What he had done wasn’t deserving holding a topographic point in the crew. His extortion had changed wholly. All her difficult work wasn’t appreciated. He cried and cried. because he was lonely and scared but merely the Satan responded cause God wasn’t at that place. At that really same minute he eventually found out what it felt to be empty and cold. “And so he jumped off the roof and died with no psyche. they say decease takes you to a better topographic point but I doubt it after that they killed his female parent. and ne’er spoke about it” ( 104-105 ) .

The message that is given through this vocal is that money. celebrity. and wealths take you to a whole new degree. Making atrocious things to acquire the stuff objects isn’t worth anything. The outlook people have of illusionating themselves blinds them to recognize what they do and who they will make it to. Selling your psyche to philistinism will kill you.

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