Impact For Adopting Global GAAP Accounting Essay


The IASB and US GAAP have been working together on convergence undertaking for 10 old ages. Undoubtedly, it is highly hard to acquire an understanding that give these two criterions a common satisfaction.

Furthermore, US announced that it will non follow IFRS for at least five old ages.

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Impact For Adopting Global GAAP Accounting Essay
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Harmonizing to this state of affairs, some people argue that possibly we should be taking for a Global accounting and fiscal coverage criterions GAAP which can be suited and accepted for all over the universe. Besides come up with two following inquiries.

a-? is Global GAAP desirable

a-? is Global GAAP executable

This study discuss these two inquiries and besides by utilizing historic illustrations and practical affairs to explicate the issues.

Main Body

Global GAAP is desirable

US crisis affect it to necessitate IASB ( IFRS )

The US regulators ‘ sudden receptiveness to IFRS because the impact of the fiscal coverage crisis in 2001-2001 in US. This fiscal prostrations had fuelled US to let or necessitate principle-based attack of the IASB as a footing to play. After the accounting crisis and allowing the principal regulation, the FASB believes that it is necessary to concentrate more on the rules clearly in order to better the quality and transparence of US fiscal accounting and coverage. ( IFRS ) . ( ”Principles-Based Approach to Standard Setting ” , FASB Report, November 27, 2002 )

However the US will non follow IFRS which is principle-based attack alternatively of their ain rule-based attack thoughtlessly and quickly. The US merely had an unintended effect to follow IFRS to assist US covering with crisis of 2001-2002, but it can unclutter be seen that for harmonisation between IFRS and US GAAP, a Global GAAP is highly of import and utile.

Impact for following Global GAAP

a… Advantages

Harmonizing to the of import of the globalisation, it reflects the increased integrating of economic systems giving rise to greater degrees of trading activities, increased capital flows, enhanced cross-border investings and more extended and complex fiscal minutess ( Masson, 2001 ) .The globalisation of concern encompasses really many dimensions including greater interaction between endeavors over big geographical distance ( Robertson, 1992 ) , expanded economic growing and invention through mutualities across many industry sectors ( Moshirian, 2008 ; Prasad et al. , 2003 ) and by and large broad motion of fiscal assets and degrees of fiscal globalisation ( Obstfeld and Taylor, 2004 ; Prasad et al. , 2006 ) .A big

and spread outing organic structure of scholarly research suggests that the reform of national establishments which address corporate administration and fiscal transparence issues non merely heighten economic growing enabled by globalisation but besides that planetary ordinance itself sponsors the outgrowth and growing of international establishments and criterions which further enhance planetary integrating ( Drori et al. , 2006 ) .


a-?Time consuming

The procedure is really complex for states adapt from their ain national GAAP to IFRS. All differences needed to be identified and quantified, new accounting manuals prepared and describing processed adapted. The complexness of accounting and coverage processed has increased significantly since the alterations brought approximately by each part by IFRS in fiscal instruments, pensions, impairment testing and share-based payments ( Ernst & A ; Young, 2006 ) .


Companies on the brink of holding to implement already adopted IFRS of what the existent costs are of IFRS with respect to increased audit, revenue enhancement, and other hearer charged fees. Auditor charged fees could lift because of the move to IFRS. Because hearers provide the confidence necessary for any trust on Numberss within one-year studies, they provide valuable service to the populace. However, as companies those are publically traded must use hearers, their commissions sometimes deserve to oppugn the fees charged. Although hearers can be changed, the markets tend to respond negatively to that determination. Besides, with the market for the most well-thought-of audit houses lessened, an oligopoly has developed that could potentially ensue in indistinguishable fees with any other audit houses ( Diehl, 2010 )

a-?Easily lead to confound

The country related to disbursals that seems inconsistent and may take to confusion from fiscal statement users is the passage proviso for the residuary border. The usage of sedimentation and non-deposit accounting in the individual statement of comprehensive income may be confounding to analysts and investors. Automated analysis of alteration theoretical accounts, combined with bridging analysis between the different bases, will be needed to cipher, understand and explicate the consequences to users. ( Ernst & A ; Young, 2010 )


Mistakes are skips from, and misstatements in, an entity ‘s fiscal statements for one or more anterior periods originating from failure to utilize or misapply of dependable information was available when the fiscal statements for that period were issued. It may because of mathematical errors, errors in using accounting policies, inadvertences and misunderstanding of facts and fraud. ( BDO International Limited, 2012 )

Although there are plentifulness of disadvantages and hazards lead states to doubt that whether adopt and put a planetary GAAP is good scheme or non. It is still true that in the long term Global GAAP will bring forth more benefits than unwanted impact. And besides Global economic system urges the accounting criterions to be unified around the universe.

Global GAAP is executable.

The first idea in Europe

In 1999, in Europe the Financial Services Action Plan was agreed by the European Commission and one of the aims in the Financial Services Action Plan is to make a individual big capital market within the EU. In 2000 all listed companies were proposed by the European Commission that they should utilize one set of accounting criterions for fiscal coverage intents. ( Alexander, 2011, p. P42 ) . It is the first idea about set up a individual criterions although at that clip it merely applied in European states. ( EU Directives

General state of affairss at the present phase

As we all know, there are two chief accounting criterions used widely in the universe which are International Financial Reporting Standards, or IFRS, and US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or US GAAP.

IFRS is a formal fiscal coverage set Forth by IASB or the international Accounting Standards Board. U.S.GAAP is published by FASB or the Financial Accounting Standards Board. The former is principle-based accounting and the latter uses rule-based accounting. IASB is a private sector which is based in London, it has been developed really rapidly in recent old ages and it is the most accepted criterion by the universe. Particularly after Enron ‘s prostration and Lehman Brother ‘s fiasco US GAAP got unprecedented uncertainty. Therefore IFRS becomes more attractive and dependable accounting criterion and worldwide usage of IFRS is increasing.

Worldwide states adopt IFRS

Harmonizing to the IASB president Hans Hoogervorst mentioned. By now there are more than 100 states utilizing IFRS. In 2002 EU decided to exchange to IFRS from 2005 and the members of EU states adopted IFRS from their ain national accounting criterions. After that, Australian and New Zealand listed groups were capable to follow with IFRS on a compulsory footing as the EU did earlier. Since 2005 Australian listed groups were capable to compulsory conformity with IFRS every bit good. For the list companies in New Zealand they have to fix their group accounts to IFRS from 2007. Furthermore in Asia and Americas the IFRS acceptance besides increases. In Brazil Bankss had to follow with IFRS from 2009 onwards and listed companies from 2010 onwards. Canada is working towards a deadline of 2011 to implement IFRS. Russia and Mexico are required from 2012. ( Alexander, 2011, p. P48 ) International Accounting criterions

Furthermore, a figure of states have decided to travel to IFRS for their listed groups.

U.S. tries to travel towards IFRS ( Convergence undertaking ) .

Since 2002, the IASB and the FASB created the Norwalk Agreement and agreed to work together in order to minimise some of the differences between international criterion IFRS and US GAAP. The aiming is to accomplish convergence of IFRS and US GAAP and have a common set of planetary criterion which is suited and acceptable for both IFRS and US GAAP. ( )

Gross acknowledgment, rental and fiscal instrument are three chief undertakings in the convergence undertaking.

In world, a figure of convergence undertakings are still outstanding in the short term. Like intangibles, rating of investing belongingss and income revenue enhancements which need clip to work out. For the undertakings with a longer timeframe, the current patterns will be studied in order to happen out how the current criterions can be improved. ( Alexander, 2011, p. P49 ) the procedure of credence of IAS/IFRS in the USA

It is certain that the convergence undertaking is a really hard and challenge work. Fortunately, during last 10 old ages the advancement of convergence undertaking tonss of criterions became much closer and besides it is better for the US to make up one’s mind whether and how they adopt the IFRS.

In November 2007, the SEC approved that for “ foreign private issuers ” , fiscal statements prepared in conformity with IFRS would be accepted on American stock exchanges without rapprochement to US GAAP. This is a really important measure towards planetary harmonisation of accounting ( Alexander, 2011, p. P48 ) .inter a s

In US GAAP was brought in line with IFRS though the Numberss of criterions for initiation of a just value option and the convergence was done for the new criterions on section coverage and adoption costs ( Alexander, 2011, p. P49 ) the procedure

Furthermore, in 2009 IASB and FASB joint statement stated that due to the aftermath of the fiscal crisis they aimed to supply a high grade of answerability through appropriate due procedure, including broad battle conducted in the public involvement such as stakeholders and inadvertence ( Alexander, 2011, p. P54 ) The IASB ‘s due procedure of standard scene

However, the state of affairs of the convergence undertaking these yearss seems more hard. After a joint meeting between IASB and FASB in July 2012, AICPA president Gregory Anton announced that “ US will non follow IFRS for at least five old ages ” and IASB president Hans Hoogervorst said the failure of the understanding was “ profoundly abashing ” . ( Crump, 2012 ) It can unclutter be seen that it is hard to acquire the common reply between this two criterions.

Recently, in November the two boards stated that they will no longer work together and it means they split over the convergence undertaking and they have now reached the terminal of the convergence. ( Crump, 2012 )

Although the convergence is dead US investors expect the state will finally follow IFRS, but this needs to take clip and set attempt into staff preparation. ( Crump, 2012 ) .From the address of the president of the IASB, he mentioned that the US had to do up their heads and besides advised the US can follow the IFRS in the terminal.

Consequently, in the short term the planetary GAAP or world-wide usage of IFRS can non be achieved merely if the SEC accepts international accounting criterions for listing intents. ( Alexander, 2011, p. P48 ) inter Air Combat Command s

Development of the IFRS itself

IFRS is developed through an international audience process-due procedure, which involves interested persons and organisations from around the universe. This due procedure contains six phases, with the Trustees holding the chance to guarantee conformity at assorted points throughout ( ) :

Puting the docket

Planing the undertaking

Developing and printing the treatment paper

Developing and printing the exposure bill of exchange

Developing and printing the criterion

After the criterion is issued

This study will non spread out inside informations for the due procedure, since it clearly shows that IFRS has a rigorous program to better and develop itself in order to be satisfied around the universe

Besides the IASB was undertaken with the FASB to take the demand for IFRS users registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) to accommodate their histories to US GAAP. ( Grant, 2005 )

Recently, in November 2012, the IASB has opened its first international office in Tokyo. The aiming is the development, acceptance and consistent for the Asia/Oceania part. Some of the biggest and growing capital markets are in the Asia/Oceania. It is necessary and really momentous betterment for the planetary criterion IFRS. ( Crump, 2005 )


Two chief of import procedures for set uping planetary GAAP


In proficient term it is a word that tends to be associated with the supranational statute law promulgated in the EU. In recent old ages, it focuses on planetary harmonisation more than regional harmonisation. ( Alexander, 2011, p. P41 ) . EU vitamin D In order to make a globally recognized criterion needs states to halt developing their ain national GAAP and accept the international criterions and replace their national GAAP with international criterion. ( Alexander, 2011, p. P48 ) . And nowadays what is more of import is for planetary international criterion IFRS, it should absorb other states ‘ utile thoughts to supply a more comprehensive planetary criterion.


As we all know in the modern communicating, information, transit and other engineering agencies, Global GAAP is an pressing demand for peculiar economic globalisation. The purpose of IASB is to develop a high-quality, compatible accounting criterions that could be used for domestic, cross-border and globally accepted fiscal coverage criterions. It is more hard and complicated to put an international criterion than a national ‘s. Without uncertainty, the IFRS received globally now. The IFRS continues developing and go more popular and planetary than earlier at this phase.

On the whole, truly it is the clip for states to harmonise between domestic GAAP and international criterions. As the betterment of Global GAAP it tends to be adopted over a long period of clip.


This study has discussed the desirable and executable of Global GAAP and there is no uncertainty that planetary GAAP tends to be achieved in the long term. For short term, we must let states to hold clip to accommodate the IFRS. Besides the betterment and development of IFRS can take to states to follow and believe this international accounting criterion and so accomplish a planetary accounting criterion will be more convenient and quicker. Therefore, the planetary GAAP will finally be established to fulfill all over the universe


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