Impact Of Globalisation On Hr Practices Essay

Our chosen organisation is southeast bank Ltd, Bangladesh. It is a scheduled private commercial bank in Bangladesh. It is established under the Bank Company Act 1991 and under Company Act 1994 incorporated as a populace limited company on March 12, 1995. May 25, 1995 this bank foremost started their commercial banking operations. Within this short period of clip the bank go financially sound and successful to do their place in a progressive and dynamic fiscal establishment in Bangladesh. All the little and big bargainers of the state widely acclaimed the bank. It becomes one of the top-rated corporate borrowers, because it ever appreciated as a forward looking bank and advanced thoughts.

As this bank has a vision of going best banking service supplier of the state so with this short period of clip it has created a great image with accomplishing a great important repute to the banking sector in the state.

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Impact Of Globalisation On Hr Practices Essay
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Southeast Bank Limited has been licensed by the Bangladesh Government as a private sector bank on agenda. The policy of the authorities was to prosecute of liberalising the banking and fiscal sector. From the above position, we can state that within 15 old ages of company actions achieved a great success with run intoing the great degree of capital adequateness of Bangladesh Bank. It is a 2nd coevals bank which is now fastest turning leader of that coevals as a private bank as a concern organisation and their profitableness which they showed in their 15 old ages statement.

The Bank has now 56 Branchs spread over the state. The Bank plans to open a good figure of Branches in the close hereafter covering of import geographical locations of the state providing to the turning clientele demands of trade, commercialism and industry. With the transition of clip the activities of the Bank has expanded significantly giving rise to complexnesss of operations, therefore, necessitating preparation of unvarying operational processs covering all updated` regulations, ordinances and patterns of General Banking.

Southeast Bank Limited-one of the fast turning 2nd coevals private sector Banks came into being in 1995 with a position to stand out as a innovator banking establishment in the state and lend significantly to the national economic system. The Bank started commercial banking operations with an initial authorised capital of Tk.500.00 million and paid up capital of Tk.100.00 million. The Authorized capital of the Bank stands Tk.10,000.00 million and the Equity Fund ( Capital and Reserve ) stands Tk.9,927.16 million which includes paid up capital of Tk.3,422.66 million and Reserve Fund of Tk.6,504.52 million as on 2009.

The Bank has been successfully finishing its 12th twelvemonth of operations holding enjoyed the complete assurance of the depositors and accomplishing important growing in the full countries of banking operations. The Bank has a sedimentation base of Tk. 96,669.05 million and loan portfolio of Tk. 51,147.28 million in the twelvemonth 2009, which posted a growing of 16.93 % and 20.89 % severally. During the twelvemonth 2009 the Bank has earned runing net income of 4,614.66 million, which is, 28.57 % higher compared to the old twelvemonth. The Bank ever fulfills the provisioning demands as set by Bangladesh Bank reflecting sound fiscal wellness and subject.

The Bank is soon runing with 56 subdivisions including 7 Islamic banking subdivisions and 5 rural banking subdivisions, programs to spread out more new subdivisions in the close hereafter in of import concern hubs including rural growth-centers with solution-driven high quality banking and fiscal services to lend towards enlargement of trade and commerce/industry and agribusiness for balanced growing and economic prosperity of the state. The consistent and increasing growing tendency of the above mentioned public presentation indexs has increased depositors ‘ assurance every bit good as goodwill/reputation of the Bank to a great extent and these have contributed to increase the stockholders ‘ value.

The Bank focuses on constructing high-quality human resources with expertness and professional accomplishments following the Human Resources Re-engineering and Development Plans with a position to making an first-class patronage service environment for ultimate accomplishment of sustained net income growing doing no comprises with the quality plus creative activity. The Bank ‘s Human Resource Development scheme is to construct up quality work force with conceptual/ managerial cognition, accomplishments through designing/ arrangement of uninterrupted in-house and outside preparation plans.

The Bank focal points on customer-friendly selling attacks by offering assorted sedimentation strategies with merchandises variegation and market cleavage guaranting efficient bringing of personalized banking services at the clients door stairss and caters to the ever-growing funding demands of patronage at a competitory monetary value The Bank introduced “ On-line Any Branch Banking ” to ease clients to draw/deposit money & A ; do concerns from any of the Branches irrespective of locations.

The Bank has been successful in operations of concern as a fiscal mediator and generated highest per Branch net income with a significantly high degree of employee productiveness. The company doctrine to workout best solutions for clients ‘ funding demands have positioned the Bank as being perceived by the clients and clients as a concern and client friendly Bank.

Research Question:

How Southeast Bank Ltd pattern Human Resource and its impact on Globalization in context of Bangladesh?

Research Aims:

Human resources direction was termed people direction in early yearss where homo are being treated as resources like machineries but the HR brings the constructs human is sustainable capital.

The aim of the research has cover definite portion of human resource development. These are as follows

1, Recruitment: there is important huge difference between MNE ‘s from western state ‘s and host state enlisting procedure.

2. Employee relation: we will research individuality VS Bolshevism, employee public presentation assessment, employee engagement, motive, committedness and trust and so on.

3. Industrial relation: we will detect the engagement of trade brotherhood, employer association, Joint consultative commissions ( JCC ‘S ) , and authorities policy in industrial relation and besides the impact of trade brotherhood jurisprudence and brotherhood denseness rate and there correlativity attacks.

Indicative Literature reappraisal:

Hofstede cultural frame work is widely accepted across the planetary sphere of HR patterns. His five cultural dimensions are individualistic vs. Bolshevism, power distance, and quality of life vs. measure of life, uncertainness turning away and clip orientation.

Parent expertness in host state:

First expertness from parent state will anticipate cultural sock in host state in term of security concern, clip direction, attitude to adult female conveyance, local linguistic communication, inordinate bureaucratic. Culture daze leads expertise hostile attacks towards HCN ‘S. Cultural daze creates emphasis and lowers the productiveness and lesson of employee. In US, figure of employees claim compensation due to work related emphasis. Its expertness occupation to spread patterns from parent state to host state it could be hard because HCN ‘S besides find it hard in footings of different cultural of parent.

Solution: Most significantly to get the better of civilization daze is get bying with uncertainness but important for critical to success depends on is faster adaptation. Person has the experience more likely perform good in host state instead inexperience EXPERTISE. Company need gives security to the employee ‘s household and periphery benefit such as kids instruction, free lodging, auto, furniture etc. To acquire best end product from Expertise Company need to do them experience unrecorded in place state. Language preparation is necessary to understand the local linguistic communication to pass on efficaciously. Expertise failure causes for personal accommodation job in footings of societal, cultural, economic and political and that can work out by better choice, preparation and mentoring the expertness.

United statess based C county board of commissioner president O’Gurek said that why they form brotherhood they do non necessitate to state us whether for societal or economical ground we ever been just particularly in this economic state of affairs it ‘s become trouble for the MNE ‘S to buttonhole against the brotherhood. So there is ongoing battle between capitalist and socialist. It ‘s become trouble for the MNE ‘S to buttonhole against the brotherhood. So there is ongoing battle between capitalist and socialist.

Cross -culture direction:

Martin ( 2002 ) said civilization is mostly unwieldy at the organisational degree. MNE ‘s issues cross-cultural difference between state and differences between national values and attitude. Schneider and Barsoux ( 1997 ) identified that job exists in all society ; different group will work out them in different ways. Corporate civilization of parent is really hard diffuse in the place state because values, behaviour and attitude of people are significantly different. Interpret employee societal and cultural values are beginnings of employee and direction struggle. Labors demand and provide tendencies in the host state and their accomplishments, industrial and technological promotion. And besides subdivision methods affect the parent enlisting policy at host state issue such as deficit of accomplishments, favour etc. Maryann ( 2002 ) pointed that Monolithic organisation is still feasible which is insulating organisation from force per unit area of alteration. Massive guardian is normally forestalling organisation to accommodate with diverseness and do cultural integrating.

DU GUY et Al found that issue besides arise in different states workforce cognition, discourse, power and individuality. Gallic and Italy pattern ER IN their organisation in power Footings but in Britain is opposite.

Universal attack of best pattern of US based parent ( high public presentation pattern ) ignore the social facet of host state because states are differed as flexible adaptation in Italy, diverse quality production in Germany sociotechnical in Sweden. It ‘s hard for parent diffuse parent state pattern in host state due to cultural diverseness.

Change senior direction due the retirement brings alterations in the leading manner which crates job for employees to set with these alterations. Gender obstructions are seen as chief job in many states. Corporate linguistic communication and subordinate linguistic communication could be different and that can make job in communicating because interlingual rendition takes clip. Dowling and device identifies linguistic communication could be the barriers for the communicating between PCN and HCN. They focus on linguistic communication standardisation, double linguistic communication pattern at work topographic point Language ; state like Germany prefer German instead English. Jin ( 1998 ) found that most Chinese, in English they are weaker colloquial than written.

Solution: MNE ‘S demand to cut down the local civilization barriers by exporting parent civilization and communicate with people the benefit of the standardisation of pattern. Reduce the degree of interaction in cultural facet and understand the local and patterns intercrossed civilization for the committedness employees to achieves concern ends. In footings of convergent or divergent attack parent have bring synergism. Boxel and Purcell ( 2003 ) identified for the sustainability of MNE ‘S developing advanced scheme and pattern these to state to state. Parent have able header with alterations in construction, process and employee relation pattern of specific state socio-cultural facet. MNE ‘S concern should be on organisational effectivity or wellbeing of the employee instead work stoppage focal point o the cultural differences and next. Hofstadter ‘s model of civilization widely used to identifies difference between national civilizations.

Power distance: State with low power distance reflects more level and democratic direction construction, on the other side high power distance where centralisation of authorization, bossy leading fundamentally based on power civilization. MNE ‘S with high power civilization or lower power civilization demand to accommodate with subordinate power civilization or convergence necessary for the success of the company. Director from higher power distance to lower power distance state need to understand the direction manner because communicating flow different from his/her place state.

Example if Britain traveling operates it ‘ subordinate company in France, Singapore and other high power distance civilization. In this aspect parent demand to considered adapt with subordinate power civilization and convergent the HR patterns in a balance attack.

Uncertainty turning away: Low uncertainness turning away by parent patterns into high uncertainness turning away subordinate is really hard to accomplish. Manager in Britain have greater liberty than German, so German expertness work in UK need to see in head.

Individuality: United States and China stand opposite each other ‘s. US are individualistic and china more likely leftist society. So, MNE ‘S have adjusted the wagess and public presentation direction and manner of edifice relationship whether short-run or long term depends on the pattern of peculiar society.

Maleness: Masculine society value money and accomplishment and make excess work to make the mark where feminine society are opposite they less concern about pecuniary wagess other than vacation and exhausted clip with household.

Labor Market: demand and provide tendencies of labour in the host state.

HR deduction: labour market is changing from part to part state to state even metropolis to metropolis in footings of accomplishments, cultural background, industrial and technological promotion, flat economic growing, instruction, vocational preparation etc. develop economic system demand higher cognition and engineering based work host state. So subordinate company developing states are less able to the demand of PCN ‘S. Legislation besides affects the enlisting and choice procedure of parent in Host-country. Recruitment and choice procedure is rather ambitious in peculiar states because of deficit of accomplishments, dialogue. Company utilizing E-recruiting will tough to spread in host-cost hapless substructure.

Solution: host states company deficit of cognition could outsource from TCN ‘S.

WOK-LIFE BALANCE: work-life balance differs from state to state.

HR deduction: Work life balance is of import issue for concern runing international. Long working hr can make work load among the employee, negative impact on their societal and besides negative impact on employees wellness. In consequence this will impact the occupation public presentation of the employees. Employment jurisprudence varies from state to state where in the UK mean hebdomadal working hr is 48 but its longer working hr in Japan, US, and Australia.

CIPD believes that employer should protect employee from continuously working long hr as it impact on the company overall productiveness.

Most of the authors give sentiment to accommodate with national civilization they focuses on relationship with people, human nature, clip linguistic communication etc. Better apprehension of these is critical to the concern success.

But Hofstede work does non take consideration cultural complexness and disregard the state ‘s sub-culture. Although it ‘s of import for MNE ‘s to utilize his model to place the cultural issues affect their convergent attack to Host state.

Hall and Hall ( 1990 ) considered communicating in high context civilization more focal point on indirect ( Japan, China ) communicating where low cultural ( Britain, Australia ) context are more direct communicating.

Research Methodology:

For methodological analysis subdivision there are three sorts of ways for doing the research proposal. Exploratory, Descriptive, Analytical & A ; Predictive methods. As this Globalization and its impact on HR pattern itself is a wide subject, in this instance Descriptive method will be most effectual. Descriptive method is by and large used to place & amp ; clear up elements of the topic by analysing every facet.

For this method Quantitative information aggregation is the most effectual one here. Under quantitative method of design & A ; methodology some of import factors has to be considered:

Stress on roll uping informations sing HR pattern in Southeast Bank Limited.

Concentrating on mensurating graduated table or scope of inefficiency financess or loaning of money every bit good as analyze bank ‘s motions towards the planetary HR pattern.

Beginnings & A ; Acquisition of informations:

Primary informations:

We will roll up primary informations by doing a sample inquirer to the employees or the governments of the bank holding replies from them. Much of the research involves acquiring information from employees of the bank about their perceptual experiences refering the HR patterns and the impacts of it in globalisation.

Secondary informations:

We will roll up secondary informations from the web site of Southeast Bank limited and other HR and related web sites. We will besides seek to happen informations from the globalisation related books and web sites.

Method of Data Collection and Analysis:

Quantitative informations analysis method will be used for set uping the informations:

Random sampling:

It does n’t intend ( Jon cunwin-‘Quantitative methods for concern ) haphazard choice. It means each member of the population has some calculable opportunities of being selected, non ever equal opportunities as we see. It besides means the converse that there is no 1 in the identified population who could non be selected when the sample is set up. Random trying gives opportunity to every person to be selected.

Bunch sampling:

Some population has groups or bunch which adequately represent the population as a whole for the intent of study. It can be said that students from a peculiar school would hold many experience in common with students from a peculiar school that the mistakes in one file vary to another file. For doing the study of garnering information about globalisations impact on HR pattern in Southeast Bank Ltd a group of employees of Southeast Bank Ltd will be selected in a cluster footing.

Quota sampling:

The most usual signifier of non random sampling is the Quota sampling. In this instance varies features of the population identified as of import for the intent of study.

Judgmental sampling:

In judgmental sampling there is no group of people select by the surveyor to take opportunity or justice. This method is usually used when sample size is little & A ; researcher wants to utilize the local cognition. In this instance employees experience towards HR pattern in Bangladesh will be analyzed.

Convenience sampling:

As the name suggests a sample is selected on the footing that it is easy to obtain & amp ; does the occupation. Convenience sampling is a speedy & A ; low costs solution. It may be convenient to choose our friends or a peculiar question. In this procedure informations will be collected from the employees whose pattern is most of import for this subject.

Form of presentation

At the clip of presentation, some graphs, charts & A ; related tabular arraies of HR pattern in Bangladesh with compare the other states with a survey on Southeast Bank Ltd will be shown to analyse the subject. Charts from varies economic or concern diaries is really much necessity for showing in a better or clear manner.

Four ways of roll uping informations

Interview method:

Focus group interview-a Focus ( Mahhotra & A ; John -2002 ) group is an interview piloted by a most trained people with great experience with few people. The moderator leads the treatments. The chief intent of focal point group is to derive penetrations by listening to a group of people from the appropriate mark market talk about the issues of involvement to the researches. Focus group is the most of import facet in a qualitative research. The group size should be 8-10.

In depth interview is besides unstructured & A ; direct manner if obtaining information but unlike focal point group in deepness interview are conducted for one to one interview. A deepness interview is unstructured, direct personal interview in which a individual respondent is probe by a extremely skilled interviewer implicit in motives, beliefs & A ; attitudes on a subject. It takes 30 proceedingss to one hr clip. There are few advantages of deepness interview which may convey out the greater deepness than focal point group. In this type information can be exchanged freely which focal point group do non concentrate. Unstructured inquiries are opening ended that respondents answer in their ain positions & A ; words. They are referred to as free response or free reply inquiries. Open ended inquiries are good as first inquiries on a subject. It enables the respondents to show general attitudes & A ; sentiments.

Survey method:

The study method is obtaining information is based on the inquiring of respondents. Respondents are asked a assortment of inquiries sing their behaviour, purposes, attitudes, consciousness, motives, demographic & A ; lifestyle features. The size of the study will enable statistical analysis to be applied to any hypothesis. The inquiries may be asked verbally, written, computing machine systems. It involves separate questionnaires to a willing & A ; a co-operative responds. The respondents require some inquiries to reply which inquiries are prepared by the surveyor before oppugning the respondents.

Survey method has several advantages: in this method questionnaire is simple to administrator, informations obtained are dependable because the respondents are limited to the option stated. The usage of fixed respond inquiries reduces the variableness in the consequence that may be caused by the differences in the interviewers. Finally coding, analysis & A ; reading are simple. It has different types-Central location Personal interview, Telephone interview, electronic interview, mail interview. Central location Personal interview, this research methodological analysis is characterized by establishing the study. This study is located in a topographic point where the targeted people are largely available.

Observation methods:

This method records the form of behaviour of the people, their attitudes and gestures in a proper manner or we can state in a methodological manner. The perceivers or the surveyors do non straight experience the people attitude and they do non even straight communicate with them. Generally information is recorded or collected from the past happening. Observation method may be structured or unstructured, direct or indirect. Techniques such as descriptive anthropology & A ; instance survey methods are involved here to happen the certain types of information.


In most scientific question ( Peter-2000 ) research is chiefly centered about controlled experiments in which attempts are made to keep conditions changeless therefore enables the consequence of a peculiar sector of variables to be studied & amp ; measured. Any alteration observed to hold taken topographic point in the in the trial of state of affairs is measured, statistically tested by the step of significance. Harmonizing the consequence of trial the alteration may be held to attributable to the intercession of the independent variables.

For this research In-depth interview is the most appropriate one.

Pilot testing:

To make this research we will utilize questionnaires which are needed to roll up right informations from the employees of the Southeast Bank Ltd where the employees are knowing. We will carry on a pilot survey to roll up proper information. With this statement ( Sullivan and Gilbert 2004 ) suggested that pilot proving be required to make a high quality of inquiries because the trial helps to place and extinguish possible jobs. Flying can affect a pre-test of the conducted questionnaire on a little of respondents to attest the cogency and dependability of the inquiries ( Gill and Johnson, 1997 ) .


By the deepness interview inquiries was done to guarantee that the questionnaire consisted of an appropriate topic based on the research ‘s subject. It was concluded that the inquiries were suited to the survey and that the concluding replies version could be released. Validity is important in making such research as it allows the research to be both meaningful and explainable ( Symon and Khan1997 ) . Harmonizing to ( Campbell-2005 ) , cogency is the ability to mensurate what is supposed to be measured. The most common manner is to mensurate the face cogency of the questionnaire ( Karon-2000 ) .


Harmonizing to ( Pallant-2005 ) , internal consistence is normally measured by utilizing a statistical tool called the Cronbach ‘s coefficient alpha, which Judgess a mark greater than 0.7 as bespeaking a dependable logic. Reliability refers to the consistence of a measurement instrument, i.e. , the internal consistence Nachmias ( 1992 ) . This is “ the grade to which the points that make up the graduated table are all mensurating the same implicit in property ” ( Micheal 2000 ) .

Access and Ethical Issue:

HR deduction: Adams ( 1965 ) suggests that single measure their relationship between their input and end product at work. If they found that working really hard and small reward motive will be dropped automatically. Ethical motives perceptual experience are culturally different, Buelens said it is about accept difference instead common apprehension. In host state Child labour, longer working hr and working in below standard degree those of developed parent states.

Employee engagement and engagement: Salaonm suggests that engagement construct committedness and engagement involve employee take portion in determination devising procedure. Participation gives corporate power employee increasing their function in determination devising instead acquire information to be committed in engagement. Organization determination about work status such as bettering quality and efficiency direction sometimes do non promote employee engagement. Participation build employee committedness and addition public presentation, employee should hold the power and influence on determination devising procedure. Once determination has been made and there is no contemplation employee voice could be less promoting for them to move on it.

Power of the both parent and host states determine the convergent or divergent HR patterns. Powerful HR strictly adapted takes convergent patterns to host state where diffusion rate is high and vice-versa. In the facet of deficit skilled labour issue MNE ‘S can outsource harmonizing state specific regulations and ordinance. Training and development programmed attempts to implement by parent demand to be culturally adapted to run into local fortunes.

Host-country authorities policy: Government influences the MNE ‘S policy in Numberss of different ways by presenting employee dealingss statute law.

Government is concern to protect citizen right in equal wage, equal chances for both adult male and adult females, disable worker, minority worker. Some states authorities recognized the trade brotherhood. Government is concern about economic policy of the state where companies are bound to obey the statute law. Government policy evolves over a time-whether takes portion of volunteers or interventionist attack depends on the political party and their relationship with brotherhood. In US Government has small intervention on concern and company has the chance to make best for sustainability without any external influence. But recent economic crisis alteration the scenario. On other side in European Government is major employer and greater influence on concerns.

Solution: authorities with good relation with TU can be influenced through lobbying by MNE ‘s FDI is a national involvement.

Resource Implications, Action/Chart:





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Design Of The Research

Choice Of Methodology

Datas Beginnings

Collection Of Datas

Analyzing Of Datas

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