Impact of the Environment on Personal Health Essay


The term environment implies all the external factors i.e. life and inanimate, material and non- stuff which surrounds adult male. The environment has an influence over the wellness. Environment has been a chief focal point for public wellness and intercessions because of presence of disease doing agents released by human activities and are capable to command by possibility of wellness publicity and disease bar.

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Impact of the Environment on Personal Health Essay
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Deciding Factors:

  1. Demograpic distribution of populations:

There are assorted societal, economic, environmental and political factors that play a function in finding wellness experiences and results for persons and societal groups. These factors include:

  • Income
  • Occupation or employment position
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Social Support
  • Political System
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Ethnicity
  • Traditions
  • Income:Income has an impact on the wellness of single. Economic position of an single influence the planning and execution of wellness intercessions. It can be known from the income of that person and by happening per capita income. Income provides the information related to buying capableness of an person. The income is attached with the better and healthy life style. The greater the spread between the richest and poorest people, the greater the differences in wellness.
  • Occupation or Employment Status:An single holding low income due to his business or holding no business will hold reduced buying power and it besides consequences in hapless societal interactions and nerve-racking life. Due to this, individual can endure from physical unwellness, psychological unwellness and societal jobs etc.
  • Housing:Adequate lodging includes proper airing, clean and safe H2O supply etc and it contributes to good wellness. Lack of lodging is linked with inauspicious wellness results. it strongly influence the wellness intercessions because hapless lifestyle conditions are impacting a broad scope of wellness jobs such as respiratory infections, mental unwellness etc.
  • Education:Education creates awareness among people related to healthy and unhealthy life manner forms. Education means cognition of the factors act uponing wellness and besides wellness intercessions that are available for care of wellness. Improvement in wellness position can be achieved by bettering educational system and other economical fortunes. It was explained in Education and Pacific peoples in New Zealand and should be explored in any study on economical development. Education, to some extent will be able to keep the wellness by learning preventative steps and it plays a really of import function in the execution of wellness intercessions.

  • Social Support:Social support is defined as interaction with household members, friends and equal and wellness attention suppliers. Social support influences wellness position, wellness behaviour and usage of wellness services that communicate information, regard, assistance and emotional aid. Social support includes emotional & A ; instrumental support that is provided by household, informational and affirmational support that is given by wellness attention professionals who provide information about the process and feedback of wellness intercessions in a state. Evaluation of societal support with its virtues and demerits is required to be done. If societal support is withdrawn, the wellness of people can be disturbed.
  1. Political System:

Political system of a state influences the planning, execution and rating of wellness intercessions sing wellness position of people. The determinations taken by political leaders of a state sing latest engineering, beginnings and handiness of wellness services shapes the wellness of population.

Accessibility of wellness services contribute to wellness position of people by cut downing morbidity and mortality in a peculiar state. Government provides assorted wellness services such as immunisation for kids, attention to pregnant adult females, bar of catching diseases etc. Provision of these wellness services influence human wellness and it is required to supply preventative, promotive, healing and rehabilitative wellness services to accomplish the wellness position.

  1. Religious Beliefs:

The trouble in gestating faith comes from the multidimensionality of this construct and it extends to the job of how precisely religion influence wellness. Religious beliefs and patterns enhance wellness and well-being. Harmonizing to the psychological literature suggests about the benefits of wellbeing flow from the societal support, sense of intent, religional belief system and moral codification that faith may give to the community. Religious Beliefs include love, charity, intent, rules, moralss, unity and hope in life. Some people believe in God and think that ailment wellness is due to the penalty given by God or due to wickednesss or immoralities. Hence, they prefer to travel for supplications or religious assemblages for delighting supernatural powers. If this is non allowed, so it will ensue in feeling of guilt and consequence in emphasis thereby doing physical and mental ailment wellness. So, spiritual beliefs strongly influence the planning and execution of wellness intercessions in a peculiar state.

  1. Ethnicity:

Ethnicity strongly influences the wellness position of population because a wide scope of fluctuations can be seen in assorted cultural groups related to their wellness conditions, behaviours and patterns that affect the wellness intercessions. Now these yearss, nigros and less cultural groups are by and large have more bad wellness status than that of all the community population, but in some groups there are much worse than other groups and forms vary for different wellness disease status and state of affairss. The appraisal of the societal and economic status part is based chiefly on the analysis in response to the affect of societal and economical inequality on the different bases such as in between Maori and European or may be another cultural group of people in New Zealand.. The particular Population known as Pacific is a sample that is Insufficient for the same analysis.

  1. Traditions:

Peoples live in society and within society exists values, norms, attitudes, civilizations and traditions. The people adopt the manner of populating harmonizing to societal values, civilizations and traditions. It means people adopt life manner form to some extent from their traditions. But some of the life manner patterns are harmful and some are harmless. Harmful healthy patterns affect the wellness. In some societies, the tradition on the juncture of matrimony is to function intoxicant to invitees. Excessive consumption of intoxicant on these occasions disturbs the individual mentally and leads to utilize of opprobrious linguistic communication, aggressiveness and force which in bend can take to hapless interpersonal relationships, tensenesss and force ensuing in sick wellness.


An attitude is a sensitivity to respond in a persistent and characteristic mode to some state of affairs, thought, stuff or individual. It merely makes significance that personality may impact in such a manner in which it can pull off the wellness and the manner in which it react to the unwellness. Prevention, support and other intercessions are hence be ready to work within present clip beliefs and attsitudes. It can be concluded that wellness intercessions are strongly influenced by wide scope of assorted societal, cultural, economical, environmental, educational and political factors. Hence in apogee, we can state that people with fewer socio economic beginnings tend to hold hapless wellness results, greater exposure to wellness hazards and behaviours, greater psychological emphasis and reduces entree to wellness services.


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