Implementation of Green Building Construction Strategy on Company HQ Essay


This statement of corporate purpose represents the ultimate purposes and aims of our company in our new building of central office. Due to the big increase in our company graduated table, our board of managers had agreed to build a new central office on our company owned land located near to the AUT Southern Campus at Manukau. As one of the New Zealand taking company, our company ends include carry oning any activities in conformity with the rule of ecologically sustainable development. Therefore, building a new central office with sustainable design and green edifice characteristics is hence a must.

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Implementation of Green Building Construction Strategy on Company HQ Essay
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1.1Undertaking Description

Our company proposes to implement a green edifice building scheme on our new central office. The preliminary thought of this undertaking is to build a multi-storey degree edifice with an estimated budget of approximative $ 250 million and the building continuance of 36 months. Besides holding an iconic edifice of New Zealand, our company besides hopes that this new central office will function as an illustration for other similar edifices. The edifice will dwell at least but non limited to three sections, viz. the processing sections, selling and exporting section, and disposal section. Presently our company has about 500 employees, hence the new edifice should be able to house 1000 employees as we aim to duplicate our company graduated table in a twosome of old ages. Furthermore, the edifice design must hold less demand for renovation and have a certain grade of flexibleness for future re-structure of sections.

As we intended to maintain the edifice for a complete lifecycle ( 99 old ages of keeping period ) , the life rhythm cost of the edifice will be an of import factor. The edifice must hold a comparatively low energy cost but a steady flow of public presentation figures to let us to optimise the installation direction. In add-on, the new central office should besides be a selling tool which will increase our company repute and popularity. An iconic landscape is a must at the outside of the edifice so that our central offices will hold a memorable characteristic for the populace.

2.0Application of Technologies and Procedures

The building procedure is an highly complex procedure that affects every aspect of design, from material choice and usage, to indoor environmental quality, to blow direction. It is indispensable that the assorted building forces to be receptive to new advanced building schemes sing stuff choice, design characteristics, mechanical systems, substructure, and operations and care that will hold less impact on the environment. This undertaking is alone in that it will dwell of multiple green edifice schemes and characteristics that can be incorporated through all phases of the building procedure. The undertaking will set up spouse relationship between the public and private sectors, such as building decision maker, general contractors, stuff makers and providers, recycling installations and waste direction service suppliers. This partnership will set up the necessary support throughout the undertaking to accomplish the undertaking vision and ends.

2.1Rating System

The desirable evaluation tools for the new central office will be Green Star Office Tool -2009 and will be rated by the New Zealand Green Building Council. The targeted accomplishment for this edifice must be at least 5 stars and above, where the accomplishable mark would be more than 60. As this edifice will be functioning as a new office edifice for our central offices, therefore it must run into the standards required in order to utilize the Green Star Office – 2009 tool for appraisal.

  1. 80 % or more of the building’s entire Net Lettable Area ( NLA ) must be intended for office intent.
  2. As the edifice will be assessed as one and non constituents by constituents, it is hence the Architect’s function to plan and join forces all the constituents of the edifice to be working as one.
  3. The design of the edifice must be alone, where it can be visually identifiable from milieus edifices which are non Green Star Certified.
  4. The edifice must run into the conditional demand for computing machine modelled energy usage, New Zealand Green Building airing rates and ecological value of site standards.

Example: Consumption of energy use less than 105kWh/m2 ( sole of office illuming energy ingestion and tenant little power ingestion ) .

  1. A certification of practical completion must be submitted prior to appraisal.
  2. The edifice must accomplish a minimal Green Star – Office 2009 mark of 45 in self-assessment.

3.0Assessment Classs

Presently there are eight assessment classs plus an invention class for the Green Star Office Tool, viz. direction, indoor environmental quality, energy, conveyance, H2O, stuffs, land usage & A ; ecology and emanations. To accomplish a lower limit of 5 stars in this appraisal, we hope that the design squad will concentrate on increasing the indoor environment quality and energy decrease attack as both of them weighted about half on the Green Star Weighting Scale. In add-on, the design squad should besides show strong invention and use new engineerings on the edifice design, which allows a greater focal point on life-cycle benefits.

Green Star Criteria Weighting Scale

3.1Design and Material Management

The design squad should hold at least one participant in the design squad which is a Green Star NZ Accredited Professional and is engaged to supply sustainability advice. He should be involved throughout the design and bringing period from the beginning of Concept Design. In add-on, the design squad should reassign the undertaking cognition to our company, therefore leting us to hold a better apprehension of the edifice and care.

Despite that, the design squad must set in attempt to get the better of obstructions to blow decrease in new or advanced manner. Schemes should be developed to maximise decrease, reuse and recycling of dust. A proper waste direction program should be implemented for separation of reclaimable stuffs and reuse of stuffs. Therefore, the design squad should hold a proper choice of the stuffs to be used. The usage of sustainable stuffs can significantly heighten a building’s environmental wellness public presentation, such as cut downing stuffs, resource depletion, embodied energy, and toxics generated throughout the life rhythm of the stuffs. The design squad should choose stuffs that are obtained from local beginning to minimise the cost wherever possible. The stuff selected should besides be field-tested and designed for efficient stuff usage.

3.2Indoor Environmental Quality

Indoor environmental quality ( IEQ ) refers to the quality of a building’s internal environment in relation to the wellness and well-being of the residents of the edifice. It can be determined by many factors, such as airing rates, indoor air quality, air alteration effectivity, tenant fumes riser, thermic comfort, daytime control, external positions, illuming degrees and internal noise degree. Harmonizing to the research done by The Building Commission of Victoria, there is an addition of the Australian workforces’ productiveness every bit much as 30 % as a consequence of high degree of Indoor Environmental Quality. Therefore, our company believes that maintaining a healthy indoor environment would non merely increase the productiveness the employees, but besides maintain their high morale.

The design squad should guarantee that the edifice airing rates must non merely run into the base rate as required by the New Zealand Building Code, but besides archived more than 100 % betterment on the New Zealand Building Code. As the our new headquarter will be located at a less busy country, therefore we hope that the design squad will include as much natural airing as possible for all common countries, such as the chief entryway hall, wash Centre, corridors, and stairway. However, these countries should besides be automatically ventilated during hot or showery yearss. The airing system to be installed in our new central office should hold an effectual bringing of clean air throughout the edifice. In add-on, the stuffs ( tiles, wall and floor coverings ) or sealers to be used must non breathe pollutants and have any negative impact on occupant wellness.

In footings of thermic comfort the design must follow the Predicted Mean Vote degrees ( PMV ) and calculated in conformity with ISO 7730. For automatically ventilated countries the PMV degrees must between -0.5 to +0.5 whereas for of course ventilated countries it must be between -0.75 to +0.75. The design must let the building’s residents to command the thermic comfort with easiness, for illustration electrical or automated Windowss and sunglassess. Natural daytime is another of import factor where the design squad should let the edifice to supply equal degrees of daytime for the residents. The edifice should besides be right positioned by leting long distance positions and supply equal ocular connexion ( non less than eight metres ) to the out-of-doorss. The inside of the edifice should besides be embedded with noise decrease coverings to keep the internal noise degree at appropriate degrees particularly on some critical countries such as conference suites, office countries, and hallways.

3.3Energy & A ; Water

It was expected that the design squad include design characteristics that will assist to understate the energy ingestion and nursery gas emanation in our new central office. One of the possible countries of nursery gas emanation is the Fluorinated gases ( mainly HFCs, or HFCs ) which was usually being used in air conditioning and infrigidation systems. It can be released during serving or from leaking equipment. Therefore, the design squad should guarantee these mechanical airing system are decently installed and ideally located to ease the service and care procedure.

Electricity ingestion indirectly contributes to the nursery gas emanation. These gases are released during burning of fossil fuel, such as coal, oil and natural gas to bring forth electricity. Harmonizing to The Centre for International Economics, illuming and air conditioning system contributes to about half of the electricity use of a commercial edifice. Therefore, it is high recommended that the design squad to do good usage of the natural airing and daytime to cut down the use of air conditioning and illuming system, for case, appropriate light on ceilings, walls and floors. Solar panels or little turbines can be installed on the rooftop to bring forth electricity for illuming, airing and warming system in the edifice. The design squad must besides guarantee that all electrical contraptions to be installed must be energy efficient. The edifice must besides hold a system to cut down peak demand on electricity supply substructure such as lifts and escalators.

For H2O efficiency, the design squad should include healthful adjustments that reduced H2O ingestion. Rain H2O reaping system must be installed to roll up rainwater for landscape irrigation or for healthful usage. Greywater direction system should besides be included in the edifice design to increase the efficiency of H2O direction of the edifice.

4.0Decision and other affairs

As one of the taking company in New Zealand, we hope that out new central office will be an iconic edifice for our state. Therefore, the design squad should include as many advanced schemes and engineerings as possible into the design. These advanced schemes must hold the benefit of cut downing constructing impact to the environment. Additional budget may be considered for back uping inventions that are transcending green star benchmark. All new thoughts and schemes are encouraged to be put into the design nevertheless at that place must hold relevant supportive paperss to turn out their workability.


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