Implementation of Park and Ride Services in Putrajaya Essay

Chapter 1


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Implementation of Park and Ride Services in Putrajaya Essay
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  1. Introduction

Nowadays traffic concurrence is one of the large jobs in the metropolis centre that will do the waste of clip, Park and drive is one of the solutions to the route concurrence presents in the metropolis. Normally people will utilize private auto to go to near public conveyance like train or coach to travel and will utilize installations of park and drive. The construct of park and sit it been use for a long clip in Europe to avoid traffic congestion and do an easy manner to entree city’s and to increasing quality of life ( Mingardo, 2013 ) .In the United Kingdom the park and drive are started at the early of 1960s and in the 1970s the execution of park and sit get attracted. ( Parkhurst, 1995 )

Putrajaya is the metropolis of authorities administrative centre that are located near to the Kuala Lumpur and KLIA. The public conveyances that are been link excessively this two location its KLIA Express railroad ( ERL ) . Peoples that are populating in Putrajaya or near to Putrajaya will utilize public conveyance and utilize the installations of Park and Ride. Park and Ride in Putrajaya located in Precint 7 that are dwelling 1,407 parking tonss provided harmonizing to Perbadanan Putrajaya.

In this survey is to happen out how far the execution of Park and Ride service in Precinct 7, Putrajaya and to happen out the related factor that involve of execution park and sit like direction of park and drive, location, handiness, local planning and from single perfect tense.

1.2 Problem Statement

Nowadays public conveyance is the most of import conveyance to go to metropolis centre. This is because of to avoid traffic congestions, save clip and money. Park and Ride is one of the solutions to go to the metropolis. However, there are still lack of use of the park and drive and people still non cognizant about the benefit of utilizing park and sit utilizing public conveyance.

Although, there many of public conveyance that authorities build one of it park and drive but it still hard to acquire the execution Park and Ride service in Precinct 7, Putrajaya? Basically, Park and Ride is one of the installations that are provided by local authorization to promote people to utilize public conveyance and avoid utilizing private auto. This installation normally provided near to railway station. In this survey is to happen the chief factor of implement Park and Ride.

An action should be taken by the direction to increases the use of the service Park and Ride. There are several of actions that can be taken by direction to increases the use of park and drive service by promote the installation of park and drive in term of security, by provided monthly base on balls that are lower rate that per twenty-four hours rate brand and do an consciousness to public about park and drive.

1.3 Research Aims

The research aim is:

  1. To analyze the execution of Park and Ride Service in Putrajaya
  2. To do recommendation on how to promote the pubic to utilize the Park and Ride Service provided in Putrajaya.

1.4 Research restriction and Scope

The survey will concentrate at Park and Ride in Precinct 7, Putrajaya and will concentrate on the execution on park and drive service. It is besides more to concentrate on the Management Park and Ride. Last, this survey will concentrate on user of park and drive and public as respondent.

1.5 Significance of survey

This survey is more focal point on public installations that are provided by the local authorities and involved public user. This survey can profit the undermentioned people:

  • Local Government

To Perbadanan Putrajaya who is the direction for the Park and Ride service at Precinct 7. This survey can assist the direction to better the execution of this installation to the populace.

  • Public

This survey can assist the public understand of import of park and sit service provided by the local Government. Public who do non utilize the service can besides profit from the cognition sing Park and Ride Service provided by our Government.

1.6 Research Methodology

The research methodological analysis is a beginning of information that divided into two primary informations and secondary informations. Primary information is the informations that come from the direct beginnings like interview, inquirers and observation. Secondary information is the survey or researches that have been done before as beginnings like article, diary, newspaper, book, cyberspace and others. This information will be as beginnings of this survey as a usher line and informations to finish this survey.

Therefore, this methodological analysis will be used for survey instance in the Park and Ride in Precinct 7, Putrajaya. There are a few phases that have to be done to finish this research methodological analysis that is:

1.6.1 Phase 1 – Preliminary Study

Identify the job is the chief factor will be see to make this survey. The job will be as guide line to make this survey and as restriction. This phase besides will place the research aims, range and significance of survey.

1.6.2 Phase 2 – Literature Review

In this 2nd phase is about literature reappraisal where the research needs to mention the old surveies that have related to this survey. The information and information from the old survey will be usage to make this survey. The old informations such as diary, articles, books and other informations that can be see or related to this survey.

1.6.3 Phase 3 – Research Methodology

At this phase is about how to acquire informations, behavior and collect informations. There are two type of methodological analysis that is:

  • Primary Data

In this survey the primary informations that will be usage is interview the direction that is Perbadanan Putrajaya, questioners the user and observation of Park and Ride Precinct 7, Putrajaya to acquire informations. Beside that the interview besides can be done to the populace about park and drive for give sentiment sing to the park and drive service.

  • Secondary Datas

Secondary informations can be happening in assortment beginnings. This is because of this secondary informations come from article, diary, newspaper, book, cyberspace and others. Secondary information is the research or survey that have been done in old that can assist this survey to acquire informations and it is besides save clip to roll uping informations comparison to the primary informations.

1.6.4 Phase 4 – Data Analysis and Finding

In this phase the informations that get from primary informations and secondary informations will be cod to analyse. For inquirers it will be analyzed by utilizing package such as SPSS to acquire consequence. The consequence will be usage to understand the job.

1.6.5 Phase 5 – Conclusion and Recommendations

The last phase is to analyse informations that have been collected to acquire consequence and do a decision to this survey to accomplish the aim and can suggested recommendation from the decision that been done.

1.7 Chapter Agreement

1.7.1 Chapter 1: Introduction

In this chapter, it will briefly explicate what of this survey or research approximately. This chapter is the chief of this research. This is because to cognize the instance survey, research jobs, aim of the research, important of research range and restriction and the method that will be used for this research.

1.7.2 Chapter 2: Literature reappraisal

Chapter two will present literature on Park and Ride from book, diary and other beginnings. It’s besides approximately old research that are been conduct by research worker to definitions of footings, to acquire information, and use old research to assist this research by looking they sentiment.

1.7.3 Chapter 3: Case Study – Park and Ride Precinct 7, Putrajaya

In this chapter will present the instance survey which it will explicate about the background, location, installation and public conveyance that provide in instance survey.

1.7.4 Chapter 4: Methodology and Data analysis

For chapter 4, it’s more focal point on the method to be usage for complete this research and to acquire information by utilizing primary informations and secondary informations. In the primary informations that will be usage is an interview the direction of Park and Ride in Precinct 7, Putrajaya and inquirers for public about park and drive. Besides method of observation will be usage at park and drive

From methodological analysis all the information and information that been collected will be analyses to acquire the consequence. There are informations that will be analyses in this subdivision that is inquirers by utilizing package SPSS to acquire the consequence. For interviews subdivision all the information have to been record and written right in this research as informations. Meanwhile, in observation the usage of park and drive has to be record right as the information to this research.

1.7.5 Chapter 5: Decision and Recommendation

In this last chapter, all the consequence will be conclude to happen whether the nonsubjective achieve or non of research. Otherwise, these chapters besides will demo the consequence of research either valid or non valid. It is besides demoing whether the methods that use in this research are suited or non. By mentioning the consequence of survey or research the research worker besides provides recommendation of survey and decision for this research.


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