Importance of computer on nigeria education Essay

With the World Wide Web, we’ve realized it’s a brochure and while we ponder, we discovered it has become a global community. ” should have been bobbles on the street or frustrated if not for this life changing profession which am proud of. Ladies and gentle men, emphasis on computer education cannot be over said. Today, the air we breathe, the water we drink. The food we eat, the cloth we wear and of course the work we do have their trace to technology directly or indirectly.

Introduction of computer into Nigerian education sector cannot be said to be new, this is because in 1988 the Nigerian government made an attempt in introducing computer science into all levels of learning, the publicity was so much hat certain companies where shoulder with the responsibility of distributing PC’s and educating schools within the country, not long this dream died tot and the Nigerian society were made to return to the old system of education which we still suffer from today.

Similar attempt was made In 2004 by the then Ligneous Bassoon led administration, there were songs of praises and Joy that Nigeria and Nigerian have finally Joined the rest of the world In advancing technology. Sooner than expected, It became a dead reality. Today, I am one of the happiest persons owing fully well that I have a boss who is ready to go with the rest of the world mindless the economic state of the country.

Ladies and gentle men, the dream of every child today is to be socially wise and of course civilized, to archive this, we cannot rule out the place of computer in their early stage of education. There is so much benefits attached to the computer education of a child worthy of mention are the few under-listed ;Improves Research Influence Career Aspirations Enhanced Creativity Improved Performance Improves Research imputer education Improves students’ research skills by encouraging them to look for Information on the Internet.

It enables them to research various topics by seeking relevant books that could be digitally available online. The Internet also contains search options, which expose students to diverse ways of obtaining information. Thanks to the speedy nature of the Internet, students can research their desired topics within minutes. Influence Career Aspirations Incorporating computer education in schools can inspire students to undertake arrears in technology and enhance their understanding of how computer technology impacts people’s daily lives.

The knowledge acquired in elementary and high school may increase their interest in computer-related fields during their college education. Furthermore, computer education provides students with a grounding in computer- 1 OFF related steward Ana actively, sun as slung Outlet salute, programming languages and creating data sheets. Students can apply these skills to a range of occupations later in life. Enhanced Creativity Computer classes allow students to put their creativity to use.

For example, classes can involve assembling and disassembling computer parts, which require students to think about and understand how parts function. Students can transfer their enhanced creativity to other activities in their lives, including memorizing scientific facts, historical information or mathematical formulas. Computer education also reduces the time needed to efficiently learn new material. Improved Performance Computer education may influence student performance by enabling them to come more involved with their school work.

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Importance of computer on nigeria education Essay
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