Importance of Early Childhood Education Essay

Importance of Childhood Education With the economy currently in such a terrible position now it sis’s no wonder why that people everywhere are being laid off, and companies around both the country and the world are Jobs are laying off and choosing to keep staff to a minimum. Unfortunately, the positions that are kept are held by those who have the educational background that has essentially secured their position from the beginning. There once was a time where an individual could apply for a job and their lack of educational experience was not held against them, but.

N now, it seems as if there re extremely few reputable Jobs are offered where only a high school diploma and some college is sufficient. But However, the economy is not who should be blamed. The question instead that we should be asking that should be asked is, “where does It start? ” Although It Is understood that education Is needed to surpass stay ahead throughout our lifeless, the importance of early education is frequently overlooked.

Childhood education, as in Pre-Kindergarten thru fifth grade, is not about learning the simple or basic parts of education, but Instead rather Its about Introducing nouns children’s minds to new and more complex things that will prepare them for a successful future. Some may choose to believe that pushing a child to learn a multitude of things at a young age would be considered cruel. Some may also believe that spending too much time learning would take away a child’s “childhood,” and that children should be allowed to stay children for as long as possible. And should be allowed to play as much as possible. On Thiele the importance of imaginative play is lassoers Important,contrary, If you were to analyzing the circumstances It makes it would be Lear as to why so many children have chosen a path of uncertainty in education. For example, take a five year old child who is being introduced to school for the first time. He or she would learn the basics; counting, coloring, reciting the Abs’s. Now take a child who has been introduced to a pre school program (normally around the age of four) as similar to that fool First Step or Head Start.

By the time that child will have entered Into Kindergarten he/ or she will have already been Introduced to a level of learning that is above any child that has not take advantage advantage of early earning programs. These will enable them to excel above their classmates. Children’s minds are truly like sponges; when a child Is still young their mind’s this should be the time when their minds should be “crammed” with an abundance of knowledge. Sean Brothers, a family science specialist, gives the example of a child’s brain being like a house that has Just been built.

He says, the walls are up and the doors are hung. You bring supplies to the new house and set them on the floor, but they will not work until everything Is wired and hooked up. He goes on to explains, wallpapering, “while learning later Is possible, it usually Is slower and more difficult. Some improvement in most skills is possible throughout life. However, providing children with the best opportunity for learning and growth during the pergolas when tenet minas are most ready to assort new International Is Important” From the time a child is born he/she is learning.

A disinterest in learning at an early age is something that may follow him or her throughout their school age life, and is something that can haunt them for their entire lives and may hinder their ability to succeed in the real world. If a child shows no interest in adding and subtracting from the very beginning, it’s is often likely that child will continue thru school disliking Math throughout school.. And that This is something that can hold a child back from their potential. It also started at a young age.

Children need to believe that learning is fun and, at the right age, is something that can help them progress farther. In life. In most Pre-Kindergarten classes in the United States, children are being taught to button their clothes, tie their shoes, or count to ten, and introduced to letters and heaps for the first time. These are all good tools to learn, Just not in school. If you were to look at schools in other countries, they are far beyond what the U. S. Is teaching our Preschoolers. Elaine Www, with The Okapi’s Newspapers, did an article on the failing education in the U.

S. She found that according to a study done by EUNICE, the U. S. Was failing when it came to international education rankings. Studies showed that other nations in the “developed” world had a more effective education storeroom effective education systems. How wrong could it be to give our children little more to think about, or giving them a problem that may take a little longer to solve?. Being that the children that attended my high school were approximately 75% military “brats,” it wasn’t not rare to have a new kid transfer in.

There were kids from all places over the world but the ones that stood out were the ones from different countries. I took special interest in where they came from, but what interested me more was the fact that they were being placed into mostly advances classes. So with that curiosity I would start a conversation, usually beginning with “where are you from”? And usually often times they were from another country or from somewhere where education was an important factor in their community. I am now 26 years old and am finally deciding to finish school.

Things like what I just described makes me wonder about the course my life has taken. Fill I had benders pushed into the books and encouraged to learn when I was younger would my outcome in school be different?. Here is another example. ‘ look at my I have a fourteen year old nephew who is now in 9th grade. He is a straight A student and plays basketball (coincidently at my same high school). His grades are monitored by his parents but the transition wasn’t was not always easy. He came from New Orleans, Louisiana, where he lived with his mother.

New , housecleans has one of the worst school systems in America so his early education was a struggle. When he moved to Hampton, trying to get him to open a book and study was next to impossible but. With a lot of perseverance he now knows how important school is and where it can take you. But imagine if he had beans excited to learn from the beginning. If he had been given the opportunity, the transition may have been easier. I am now 26 years old and am finally deciding to finish school.

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