Importance of education Essay

Education Is very important for every human being. All people who want to gain knowledge have to be educated. It Is Important because It trains the human mind. Opens them to the rest of the world, and helps them find solution to the world’s problems. Education trains the human mind to make the right decisions. From learning about past mistakes, they can figure out what the decisions to takes in a certain situations. Education helps people make the right decisions because Its encourages them to think.

An educated person can think the positive and negative effects of every decision that they make in their life. The will make better decision than an uneducated person who does not know what is wrong and what is right. All humans have same ability, but only the educated can make decision In most efficient way. This is because they have knowledge and skills. There is a greatest sayings dealing with uneducated people ; the person without education is like a garden without flowers”.

Similarly uneducated life is like a garden without flowers which isn’t have any value. They will not have knowledge of current events and will become follies in society. On the other hand educated person will gain knowledge of the outside world and will be able to apply this knowledge to events in his or her life. Instead of beings foolish in front of society. Education helps to solve world’s problems. It Is a simple fact that develop countries generally have higher stander of living. Why Is so?

It Is because the develop countries have people who are better educated then developing country. An educated people will be able to communicate ideas with each other better because they will know how to read and write. Also, the knowledge gained from education will help everyone in their careers because they will better understand what they are doing_furthermore, education helps society because an educated people will be applying their knowledge to the problem that they have. It is necessary to increase the economic, political, and social development of every country.

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Importance of education Essay
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