Importance of English Education Essay

The world communication Is possible only through the language English. A man can go around the world without any difficulty if he or she knows English. Other than English even a man knows hundreds of languages he cannot go around the world. English is commonly spoken throughout much of the world due to Great Britain’s expansion during the Leonia age.

It is clearly stated that English is the medium of world communication and education. In countries like India a central syllabus is allotted for all schools. In such cases English becomes the common language for all states. There are International schools and there too the medium of teaching is English. There should be oneness In education. The universal taught of students must be same. Then only there will be unity in education. Education Is globalizes. Another reason why English

Is so Important Is that It Is the language of science. English Is also the language of the Film Industry. And If you do not know English then you will lose your chance of studying In any reputed foreign university. English Is cultural. Every year many cultural books and magazines are published in English. The history and culture of a nation can be known only through English books. The TV media broadcast the world news in English every day. Without the knowledge of English one cannot get the benefits of other nations.

Language is varied among states. So interstate communication is possible only through English. A student has to go distant places for Job. English is Job oriental. Preference is given to those who knows English. So English is called as Interview language. English changes the life style of a man. It changes the course of one’s life. For a student English Is a must. English is flexible. As English Is flexible a student who knows English Is also flexible and he can manage situations and lives anywhere In the world.

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Importance of English Education Essay
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