Importance of Graduate Education Essay

These days, having an undergraduate degree has become the norm and graduate education is growing in importance. The main reason for the increase in the number of people going for further studies – is increased competition and graduate degree provide a benefit In the Job markets. Graduate education is essential for maintaining a vibrant economy and healthy communities especially in the face of increasing global competition.

The only way that we can hope to move beyond the status quo is by embracing new Ideas, and engaging in research to discover new knowledge and new ways of doing things. Graduate education teaches students how to think radically thus preparing them to deal with and find solutions to problems in the future. Problems we cannot even conceive of today. We must do all we can to ensure that our graduate community continues to be vibrant and healthy so that we remain able to compete in an increasingly knowledge-based and global economy.

Graduate education Is the engine of a highly skilled workforce. Many countries are investing substantially to improve graduate programs and develop human capital as an engine of economic development. This includes countries that have historically sent large numbers of students to U. S. Graduate schools, such as China and India. These countries are also offering career incentives for their students who do study abroad to return home for their employment.

At the same time, other countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the which are the most direct competitors to the United States as a graduate school destination, have adopted policies to attract and retain international students. Social and economic factors have impacted the educational system In the world, and some say this has led to an increase In the demand for graduate degrees. More people are looking for an edge in the competitive workplace and are turning to graduate-level education to get it.

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Importance of Graduate Education Essay
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