Importance of Health and Education in Development of Nation Essay

Education and Health have a magnificent role In developing human resources. While both are essential in developing human resources, no one can say which is superior. I would first like to talk about on Education. The role of education is paramount. Because without education, one’s life is incomplete. As it is said, “Knowledge make a full man”. The wealth of education is far superior to other wealth or riches). Education makes man positive-minded, well-refined, and flexible and saner. It makes him choose the right path in his life and takes man to the world of prosperity. The fundamental thing for growth of a individual or nation Is based on the educational level of the majority of the people in that country.

All steps necessary to educate all the people of the country are to be taken, not only for the Intellectual development of the individual, but also spiritual/mental development of the people, While intellectual velveteen accelerates economic and technological development, If proper measures are not taken for the spiritual/mental development of the people, the country would face anarchy, because of lack of fraternity, empathy for the poor people and flexibility to work with individuals of different characters.

Regarding Health, it must be mentioned that the people must be properly educated to keep their surrounding clean and hygienic, because many diseases are caused by unhygienic practices. Health is Wealth. Without health, no one can perform his/her duties satisfactorily.

Even during the period of Education, people should be taught the ill-effects of smoking, drinking etc which are taking a heavy toll of the Nation’s population. The people should be properly educated about healthy foods and yoga and exercise to keep body and mind fit . Healthy and educated people are the very essential for a Nation’s Progress. Long Live Healthy and Educated Individual

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Importance of Health and Education in Development of Nation Essay
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