Importance of Health Education Essay

The importance of our health is the importance of life itself. Without our health, life is no more than a pitiful existence. So, should we study it? I believe that a college health class is important, and I do believe that it should be made mandatory. Why? Because just like any other subject, you will not learn unless you are taught. In the words of Aristotle, The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. I believe that although the topics studied in a human health class may not be appreciated and applicable today, but the knowledge gained will help us down the road.

While many things continue to change as far as knowledge, the basic concept of health will always be constant. Things may change, but the idea that health is vastly important to life will never die. While many college students may not realize that their health today impacts their life tomorrow, a basic health class will teach them the impact that health has on their lives. The knowledge that we acquire today, will be carried with us for the rest of our days.

And it is better to learn now, so that we can adapt that knowledge for the future, rather than having to learn from the beginning as health sciences become more difficult to understand. Too many college students ignore the facts of basic health, and instead live for the moment without thought of the consequences their actions may have on them twenty years from now. With a basic health class, It may get them to thinking that the future isn’t so far distant, and that life Is far more important than the thrills of the moment.

A health class In college would serve well, If thing else than a wake up call to the problems that may lie ahead. The knowledge that can be gained from a health class, may only effect you for three days, but wouldn’t It be better to keep those three days, because of the knowledge that was gained than to lose those three days because of knowledge that was never offered? While much of the Information gained In a college level health course Is irrelevant, the chances that you may learn something, even one thing, that may help you In the future Is undeniably great.

Just the knowledge that your health now will effect you not only five years down the road, but five days down the road Is something that Is Invaluable to know. A college health class provides the basic knowledge of the consequences of our decisions and may cause college students to think a bit more before they place their bodies In certain situations. Just the knowledge of what could happen Is enough for me to think twice before doing something. The rapid rate at which people are getting terminally Ill and dying Is unfathomable. And the ages keep getting younger and younger.

Much of this Is due to lack of knowledge, along with not understanding that the means to deal with these problems are not so far unattainable as we often think. In conclusion, a college level health class Is a necessity In today’s society, because the knowledge that Is gained today will greatly Increase our chances for tomorrow. Understanding health Is understanding the Importance of life, and how to cope with ten everyday generalness we race. Not only Tanat, out now ten consoles Tanat we make today will have an impact on our future, as well as the future of others.

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Importance of Health Education Essay
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