Importance of Higher Education Essay

Importance of Higher Education BY sleekly “Ensuring quality higher education is one of the most important things we can do for future generations,” (Lewis). This quote by Ron Lewis exemplifies how I feel about furthering education following a high school career. Not only Is education Important during a high school career, but almost essential afterwards. Going to college not only expands the student’s education and knowledge, but it gives them insight to what the real world will be like. I believe that every graduating high school student and even people who have been out of school for a while should give college a hence.

It truly benefits the student in more ways than one, and they can use what they learned In years to come. Higher education can only build upon what a student already knows, which Is why Is It really Is crucial for everyone to continue on to college. There are many definitions of what higher education means and what it means to different people. Generally, higher education is defined as, “education beyond the secondary level; especially: education provided by a college or university’ (“Higher Education”).

Many people see colleges Just as being more usurious work than high school and at a faster pace, all while preparing the student for the career that awaits them. Hours of homework each night and studying that takes the student into the early hours of the morning are what college Is all about. Unfortunately, many people don’t see the bigger picture when it comes to universities and what students learn besides what the book teaches them. If more students saw what college can teach them besides more strictly education studies, I believe more people would attend.

This is one of the main purposes of my paper; to instill in there that college teaches students real world lessons. College is really about students learning how to apply themselves and what they learned when they enter the real world and begin their career. William Croon, author of the article, “Only Connect… The Goals of Liberal Education” demonstrated exactly how a student that attended a higher education facility would act and respond to situations that would come up in their career.

Croon listed ten aspects of how a college-educated student acts in every day life, which they learned by going too college. One aspect is “they sites and they hear” (Croon). Today, people sometimes forget to listen to others when they speak or really hear what others are saying, it goes In one ear and out the other. Going to college teaches students to have their own opinion and also to give others a chance to share theirs, while having other students actually listen to them.

Another aspect Croon presented was “they can talk to anyone”. Not only does this mean having normal, daily conversations, but also giving professional speeches, presenting memos, etc. (Croon). Knowing how to actually talk is incredibly important when entering the real world. A very Important aspect that Is also presented Is “they can solve a variety of puzzles and problems”. Many students learn how to take the extra step in their work and to solve things from a different angle than what many normally would.

This makes for creative students leaving the college campuses and getting into the work force where employers will be excited to hire new, Innovative employees (Croon). Croon does an excellent Joy AT snowing now college really does teach students life lessons along with actual academic studies. Martha Nassau, author of “Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities” gives more insight to why higher education isn’t only important for learning more from textbooks, but for learning more about life outside of school.

Many students have been in school practically their whole lives, so they may be shocked when they enter the work force and it isn’t what they expected. “Education is not Just for citizenship. It prepares people for employment and, importantly, for meaningful lives,” (Nassau, 9). Nassau and Croon have the same ideas and expand on them to make more sense of what they are trying to get across. Nassau understands that education is important in any aspect, but it is also needed to be able to form a better personal life after college.

What students learn in a higher educational facility will lead them through the rest of their lives; whether it is book studies or personal, social studies. William O. Barrett reviewed a book called “How College Affects Students”. He states “The evidence is clear–college graduates write, speak, and compute better; earn more; live happier lives; make significant advances in reasoning, thinking, and Judgment; become far more interested in art and culture; ND become more liberal, open-minded, self-aware, tolerant, mature, and morally sophisticated than non-graduates,” (Barrett).

Basically, he is stating that with a college education, you have a higher chance of finding a career that you love and that interests you. People tend to change while going to college because they start to realize that they have entered the “real world” and have to take life more seriously. Also, by going to college, you are constantly meeting new people, which increases your social skills and prepares you for your future career.

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