Importance of indoor activities in physical education. Essay

The benefits of these activities is that it results in better coordination of muscles, and an increase in strength, flexibility and stamina. While improvements in these areas certainly help athletic performance, they also help reduce the risk of injury: Stronger, limber muscles are less susceptible to strain and sprain. Aerobic and strengthening exercises can result is weight loss when combined with a calorie-reducing diet. Without exercise, dieting can cause the loss of muscle as well as fat.

An aerobic exercise regimen burns fat, while building muscle. This may mean less dramatic weight loss, but since muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue, the result is longer lasting. Consistent, regular exercise actually strengthens the heart, resulting in more blood and oxygen flow throughout the body. At the same time, aerobic exercise lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, both major health risks for many Americans. Poor posture is a major cause of injury, and often leads to big problems later in life.

Exercising in proper form promotes better posture, as well as he strengthening and stretching of muscles that help you stand up straight. A fitness regimen offers many psychological benefits, but the biggest payoff comes from an improved self image. Achieving fitness goals leads to self confidence, improved body image, self awareness and esteem. Athletes often recount the first time they surpassed what they believed the limit of their skills, and how this affected their opinions of themselves. In addition, the discipline necessary to accomplish personal fitness goals can have a positive effect on your professional career.

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Importance of indoor activities in physical education. Essay
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