Importance of sports in education Essay

Importance of sports and games “All work and no play make child dull. ” further, It is said that “Health is Wealth. ” We can have a sound mind only in a sound body. Games and sports play a very important role in the life of young boys and girls. On the one hand they give much of recreation Anton the other hand they help In the development of body, mind and the whole personality. They make life charming and useful. Games and sports impart the real education for future life.

Many good loyalties are taught by games and sports. Discipline, Mutual Corporation, unity and obedience of rules are some of the characteristics feature which form the total personality of the youths. A regular habit of playing according of rules becomes a part of their character. Classroom teaching does not Impart that vital of caution which is the impact of games and sports. Games and sports bring about national and international honor to us. The players and athletes of different countries participate

In various games and sports In the world competitions. They try to perform their skill with utmost vigor . If they stand first, second of third, they win a name for their country. Games and sports make the the growing boys and girls honest and hard working. They earn patience, confidence and courage. Victory and defeat are equal In their view . This sportsmanship makes their future bright. Moreover they form regular habits which lead them on the path of success.

In the modern age games and sports have become professions also. Many skilled players and athletes earn a huge amount of money by performing their skill in various national and international competitions. By virtue of being good players or good athletes, they gets Jobs, where- ever they go they get honor. Thus we see that games and sports are very Important for the mental physical and moral make up of the youth who have to shoulder great responsibilities for the progress of their country.

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Importance of sports in education Essay
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