Importance of Women Essay

“Importance And Power Of Women” No one can regret the importances of women in our daily life. Women are a key for our progress. They not only help us with our daily routine jobs but also help in doing other things also. Women role in our daily life can’t be regretted. Women now just don’t help in household works but are now helping a country to progress politically as well as professionally. Women now have reached to a height comparable to that of men. But now also in some corners of our world these women are facing discrimination. They are not allowed to see outside world and are not allowed to work outside.

They are beaten up brutally by their husband or family members and are kept at a very low priority in their family. They are not getting proper treatment and face with many ill treatments. In spite of so many advantages women are now also treated like this. There should be a stop to such activities and women should be treated equally and should have same opportunities as that of men. There should be very strict norms that should be taken against the people who do discrimination against women. Women should get higher reservations in government offices, parliament so that the problem of women can be heard at central level.

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Importance of Women Essay
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In spite of so many restrictions many women have come up and have made them shine among so many people. Indira Nui (CEO to PEPSICO) is voted as the most influential and powerful woman for the second year is from India where discrimination against women is at its peak. Kiran Bedi who is also an Indian is the first IPS officer in the history of India. A very recent example is a Dalit women becoming the speaker of Lok Sabha in India. This all shows how much talent and intelligence women have. This talent and intelligence has to be nurtured to improve the status of women in the world.


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