Improving Employee Performance J C Penny Essay

Jackie Jackson
Organizational effectiveness
Motivation in the workplace
How to improve members behaviors and attitudes
Team building through different stages of development
Managing conflict and change
Organizational Effectiveness
Wegmans once said that we can achieve our goal only if we fulfill the needs of our own people.
To our customers and our people we pledge continuous improvements, and we make the commitment:
Every Day You Get Our Best.This statement exemplifies a move that many organizations
are making to take care of their customers and employees (WoW, 2014).

Organizational effectiveness is the concept of how effective an organization is in achieving the outcomes
the organization intends to produce. Organizational Effectiveness groups in organizations directly concern
themselves with several key areas (Wikipedia, n.d.).

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Improving Employee Performance J C Penny Essay
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Motivation in the Workplace
What is motivation and why is it so important? Motivation is defined as
a process used to direct, intensify, and provide guidance to stimulate human
behavior in an effect to achieve an organizational goal.
Maslow hierarchy of needs theory is one of the most popular theories that
address human need because it covers all levels of the organization.

Management by Objectives (MBO) is a methodical approach that
allows the employees and management team to focus on goals that
are realistic.

How to improve members behaviors and attitudes
Analyze methods to improve behaviors and attitudes
Propose team building
Manage conflict
Team Building Through Different Stages of Development
Team development is extremely common in todays business environment because there are many forms
and uses for groups and teams in business (WoW, 2014). Team development is fast becoming a means for
competitive advantage in the workplace. But most organizations do not understand that there is a difference
between a group and a team.
Team – Consist of two or more individuals, but is brought together to complete a specific task, mission, or

Group Consist of two or more individuals that work independently toward corporate goals.

Managing Conflict and Change
Change in an organization inevitably results in conflict. Often, employees resist having their comfort zones disturbed; therefore, management may gradually introduce change to the environment. Change occurs for a number of reasons, such as a corporate reorganization, new management, or market shifts, consequently causing conflict between individuals or groups. Conflict often carries a negative connotation. It is critical that management direct change using a systematic method to reduce any conflict that may occur, including effective communication methods (M.U.S.E. 2013).

Conflict between individuals in an organization and between two or more positions will always be a part of the corporate environment. Although conflict wastes valuable time, it can release creative problem solving, leading to new innovations. Management should manage the conflict so that it becomes beneficial to the organization. So when two employees are having some difficulty, what can you do?
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