Improving Team Performance Essay

Improving Team Performance Dung Tran University of Phoenix July 4, 2010 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to construct and support an argument on how to improve performance within a team. The argument will be based on a team charter comprising two other members’ responses. The paper will evaluate a variety of strategies in support of improving performance. Improving Team Performance

Teamwork, as defined by Wikipedia, as a joint action by two or more people, in which each person contributes with different skills and express his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group in order to achieve common goals”. Obviously, as humans we know that not everyone is perfect and knows everything. Each of us is unique and has different personality and skill set. Therefore, taking this into consideration, understanding each member’s role is vitally important in achieving performance.

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As referenced in Belbin’s article, a team usually performs at its best is attributed to a clear understanding of each member’s responsibilities. Within our team, there’s a shaper, an implementer, and a finisher. A shaper is a person with characteristic of always challenging the team to improve (Valerie’s role). An implementer is a person who puts ideas into action (Lynda’s role). A finisher ensures thorough, timely completion (Ransom’s role).

By utilizing each member’s roles will improve our overall team performance. Next, each member will invest his or her time in developing relationships so that members can feel comfortable without questioning each other’s motives. Our team has set the following guidelines in achieving performance: (1) by having constant communication, (2) by sharing ideas and suggestions, and (3) by providing full participation with trust and respect.

Ultimately in achieving performance, members will have to keep their eyes on the target by having a clear understanding of our purpose. Members need to be on the same page with common goals. Our goals are to divide and share our workload, inform members of available resources and alternatives in completing his/her assigned task in a timely manner, and conduct meetings in which members can discuss various issues in an open forum with solutions. Finally, achieving performance requires proper monitoring of the tasks.

With different skill sets like being organized, being able to managed time, capability of handling administrative matters, our team is focused on having constant communication to ensure that tasks are being completed and submitted on time. If a team member is having difficulty in completing the assigned task, other members need to step up to the plate and assist. Full and open communication is the key in monitoring tasks. Thus, working together and combining our strengths and weaknesses will create a balanced team with results. REFERENCES

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