Inconsitency of Our Actions Essay

INCONSISTENCE OF OUR ACTIONS Life is full of contradictions. People often contradict themselves by saying or thinking about something but they end up doing something completely different. Michel de Montaigne of his essay of the inconsistence of our actions criticizes with frankness how humans tend to contradict themselves, most of the time. There are four fragments of this essay that i will put as a examples and put in discussion of how the actions of the people are inconsistent more than ever.

The first fragment is found at the beginning of the essay “ there is some justification for basing a judgment of a ma of the most ordinary acts of his life; but in the view of the natural instability of our conduct and opinions, it has often seemed to me that even good authors are wrong to insist on fashioning an consisted and solid fabric out of use” in this example Montaigne states that they’re could be one exception that a human would be consistent on his actions but he ends up saying that not even the great men are consistent , in this case he is referring to the good authors by calling them wrong. Our ordinary practices follow the inclination of our appetite, to the left to the right, uphill and down, as the wind of circumstances carries us. We think of what we want only the moment we want it” (pg 2654). According to Montaigne the circumstances we face every day will define how inconsistent our actions would be. Mointaigne also says that we tend o be stubborn because we want the things only at the monet we wan it. if anyone could prescribe and establish definite laws and a definite organization in his head , we should see shinning throughout his life and evenness of habits, an order and an infallible relation between his principles and his practices. (pg 26646). Montaigne says that the main reason of the existence of inconsistency in our actions is because we lack organization, and discipline, this is why we don’t have those habits and tend to be inconsistent. “A man who has not directed his life as a whole towards a definite goal, cannot possibly set his particular actions in order” (pg2657).

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Montaigne is stating again that in order to be consistent a man has to have purpose and goals in life, by doing this a man should set his actions so they can make him consistent. People tend to contradict themselves a lot Michel de Montaigne in his essay of the inconsistency of our actions gives us certain guidelines that would take any person to be consistent. In conclusion, the inconsistency humans have in their actions is due to all the garbage, that is in their heads, thus we will not have discipline and intelligence.


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