Increase Competitive Advantage In This High Competition Market Place Accounting Essay


In order to increase competitory advantage in this high competition market topographic point today, every company need a planning and control tool to move faster. Budget is the tool to program, proctor and command day-to-day activities to run into organisation end with efficaciously and expeditiously. If we able to be good on the manner to pull off and pull up company budget, it will be effectual toolkit to you to increase ability to last in the commercial word through foresight and planning.

In this assignment is to present what is budget system, intent of budget, budgeting procedure and different type of budget system in an administration. Additionally, how budget play the function as planning and control tool is nucleus of assignment.

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Increase Competitive Advantage In This High Competition Market Place Accounting Essay
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We will critically analyze the current budget system prepared by Nature Biscuits Sdn Berhad with analysis advantage and disadvantages of budgeting procedure. Recommendation for betterment of budgeting direction will be indicate in this instance survey every bit good.

Natural Biscuits Sdn Berhad is a place grown Malayan company. Main merchandises are maize base bites and layer bar. Natural Biscuits merchandise can be found in Malaysia and 38 markets, worldwide. Its chief oversea markets are China, Indonesia, Japan, India and Middle East state. As a local company lead the manner in the bar merchandises subdivision, Nature Biscuits has fine-tuned the development of doing bars with long shelf life, 9-12 months. Company end is as world-wide leader of quality bars and bites.

2.0 Budget

What is budget ; harmonizing to concern dictionary define as estimation of cost, gross and resources over a specified period, reflecting a direction ‘s reading of future fiscal status.

In other words, budgeting is the procedure of “ interpreting fiscal resources into human intents ” ( Wildavsky, 1986 ) . Budgeting is besides viewed as a procedure of acknowledging, assembly, summarizing and pass oning fiscal information of an Organization ‘s future activities. Blumentritt ( 2006 ) further explained that budgeting procedures include a reappraisal and survey of the anterior period ‘s fiscal consequences, projections for gross revenues, runing disbursals ( fixed, variable, and semi-variable ) and funding disbursals, scrutiny of proposals for capital outgos, and agencies of turn overing up and apologizing figures from different functional sections to guarantee they run into company-wide net income outlooks. It is managerial control tool to be after and command hereafter disbursals, gross and resources allotment in a certain period usually in 1 twelvemonth.

In order to hold a realistic and good budget, there are few factor need to be considered:

Assign right individual to pull up the budget. The individual in charge demand to to a great extent affect in the full exercising. Predictive ability is the must. He or she need to unclutter about administration activities every bit good as possible income and outgo.

Clear channel of communicate, authorization and duty.

Goal and process or guidelines of budget must be clear can be implemented in the budget.

Accounting generated accurate, consistent and appropriate informations.

Compatibility and intelligibly of information

Support at all degrees of the administration, upper, in-between and lower

Budgets consider external factors, such as market tendencies and economic conditions.

allow for altering conditions

2.1 History of budget

The budget merely is used for governmental scene during agribusiness ware. In industrial moving ridge, budget had been use in big company as direction control tool to be after and command their concern. In 1960, budget is recognized as effectual manner to centralise company operation under top direction.

When come into information moving ridge, decentralize the concern is one of solution in order for company can respond faster. When concern direction manner alteration from centralize to decentralize, company demand to alter budget system to run into company aim. Hence, traditional budgeting like incremental budget be replace to zero base budgeting and other modern budgeting is begin implement to follow company way. Method of budget besides change from top down ( centralise ) to bottom up budgeting ( decentralise ) . The new budgeting system like turn overing budget, balance mark card, activity base budgeting and beyond budgeting are start implement in some company to better effectual and efficiency of administration.

2.2 Purpose of budget

As planning tool

Budgeting program and apportion fund to accomplish company end. Manager need to be after concern schemes to accomplish company nonsubjective with arrange resource allotment such as machinery, fund, people and runing company in progress. Mean that budget usage as tool to associate company aim with company resource to let for believing how to do operations and resource more productive and expeditiously. It is a better money direction accomplishment by making structured program. Budget is able to supply overall image of position of company resource, expected income and disbursals. Thurs, director can forestall job before they arise. All fiscal statements should be written in footings of the budget so that it is easier to be crystalline and accountable and to guarantee that no money is spent on costs that you have non budgeted for ( Hansen,2003 ) . So director able to set up guidelines in the signifier to continue in the right way.

Communication tool

Budgeting procedure is affecting every section in an administration. Team work is required to finish a budget. Therefore, budget as toolkit to organizing between sections to achieve efficiency and productiveness. Indirectly budgeting procedure can better working relationships. It is coordination of top direction with center and lower lever at administration every bit good.

Deputation tool

Manager need to concentrate more on what they have plan in the budget. Therefore budget is encourages deputation of duty in order to better managerial determination devising because prominence is on future events and associated chance.

Monitor and control

Budget is allows direction to supervise, control, and direct activities within the company. Manager can compare budget program with existent consequence and points out divergences. Investigation and disciplinary action will be taken. Therefore, direction can aware of job faced by lower degrees. Action can be taken earlier before consequence worse.


Employees participate in the budgeting procedure able to actuating them to execute in line with the company end. They feel they are involvement in the procedure and enhance motive. Additionally, expected net income or cost decrease planned in the budget may actuate director to accomplish. And those meeting budget marks, inducement will given as motivational device.

The budgeting procedure

Budgeting planning procedure

Departmental Budget

Strategic end & A ; concern

The budget procedure used by a company should accommodate its demands, be consistent with its administration construction and take into history human resource. The budgetary procedure establishes end ad policies, formulate, bounds, enumerate resource demand, examines specific demands provide flexibleness, incorporates and see restraints. ( Horgren, 1999 ) Thurs, budget procedure is starts from the company end with decide the overall or strategic ends and strategic of concern, which are so translated into specific long term ends, one-year budgets, and operation programs. Puting fiscal ends is the get downing point in the budgeting procedure. Examples: net incomes growing, cost minimisation, gross revenues, production volume and return investing.

Once short term end of company had been set, director need analyzing available resources, prediction net income and expected cost and interpret into budget program. Manager can establish on history or past experience to gauge cost like capital cost, staffing cost, operation cost and administration cost. How director plan the budget is related to what sort of budget system usage by company. For illustration, if budgetary system of company is zero bases budgeting, director demands to get down program budget base of zero alternatively of base in past twelvemonth figure. Estimate gross normally is bring forthing from gross revenues income. Therefore, gross revenues budget is first budget to be plan so following with cost budget. Those estimate figure will be put in the budget format harmonizing to company needed. First bill of exchange of budget volitions submits to exceed direction to obtain blessing. Top direction will measure the budget with company aim. If budget is realistic and run into the company end or mark. It will be implemented, distributed and coordinated among different functional section. If budget is rejected, necessary accommodations to the budget, cheque of computations one time once more and feed back for blessing once more. Finally compare gross and expense projections.

2.4 Budget control

The budget is the most of import tool you have for supervising the fundss of your administration, undertaking or section. You use the budget to supervise income and outgo to see whether or non you are on mark ; describe how you are making financially to your staff, and board ; make hard currency flow projections and do fiscal determinations ( Gosellin, 1997 ) Comparisons of existent income and outgo against the budgeted income and outgo need to be done on a regular basis. Variance study demand to be prepare if any. There are 2 discrepancy consequence:

Favorable = existent is better than planned so it is a positive discrepancy

Adverse= existent is worse than planned so it is a negative discrepancy Investigate and disciplinary action demand to be taken.

2.5 Budget planning procedure in Natural Biscuit ( NB )

NB top direction group will get down to be after the following twelvemonth budget on every twelvemonth terminal. Top direction group of NB are CEO, COO and gross revenues manager. They will hold the pre budget meeting with section caput to put the following twelvemonth mark or short term nonsubjective demand to run into by following twelvemonth. Target and short term aim are link to company end. For illustration, LB company end is as world-wide leader of bar and bite. They develop and expand their market to other state as scheme to run into the company end. So short term aim will be spread out their market to certain country like USA market. Therefore, company may make up one’s mind to pass more money to put at R & A ; D and holding market study for USA nutrient market. Budget will be affected of this sort of company aim or determination.

Top Management will merely put the mark to administration, and allow staffs roll up relevant information which influence next twelvemonth mark. Therefore, method of budget in LB is bottom up budgeting. Feedback and information from subsidiaries will take into consideration to be after budget.

Finance section is demands to take and roll up budget to get the hang budget. As regular pattern, foremost budget to pull up is gross revenues budget. Gross saless team start with constructing forecasts and environment analysis. They need to include the nonsubjective or mark had been set by top direction. For illustration they may necessitate to accomplish 10 % of entire gross revenues growing on following twelvemonth. Therefore, they need to see this and program budget consequently. Gross saless section at NB is delegate base on country gross revenues. Each country gross revenues director need to lend in the budgeting procedure. Account dept will assist to supply gross revenues history for past few old ages to foretell future gross revenues public presentation. Statistical analysis will be performed by each country gross revenues directors. Statistical analysis can be norms based on past gross revenues to place tendencies that can be extrapolated into the hereafter. This is call incremental budgeting. In this instance, top direction is set annually mark for gross revenues dept is 10 % of increase of entire gross revenues. Hence, directors will establish on past twelvemonth record and calculating 10 % addition gross revenues figure.

Gross saless section in NB

After gross revenues budget be approved by gross revenues manager, it will be distribute to related section to go on program the disbursals to secure estimate gross revenues figure. There are 2 types of chief administration disbursal ; operation cost and disposal cost. In NB there are few dept in charge of operation cost: Production, technology, QA and QC and buying sections.

Production budget included unit of merchandise demand to be produced to run into gross revenues aim qty. Example: budgeted gross revenues volume on Jan 2011 is 10,000 carton of pie bar, production director need to establish on this figure to gauge how many direct labor, machinery cost, utilises cost, care cost and so on.

QA & A ; QC need budgeting how many instruments to back up estimated production end product in order to guarantee merchandise quality. Common instrument in the NB ‘s QA & A ; QC is pass spine, graduated table and work force needed every bit good.

Buying director demand to budgeting direct stuff cost base on budgeted gross revenues mark.

Administration cost

Are non-operational costs and will include things such as selling, human resources, rents and vehicle costs every bit good as general disposal.

HR & A ; admin director in LB prepare the indirect labor budgeting. It includes developing cost appraisal, general operating expense, office care cost, and stationary and so on.

Account director budgeting the general office cost like staffing cost.

IT is one of supported dept in the LB. IT manage handle the full IT instrument. He needs to budget those equipment like computing machine, pressman or other related demand.

After all the departmental budget and gross revenues budget is done, finance dept is accountable to roll up these budgets into maestro budget. Finance accountant will compare gross and disbursal projections and verify budgeted consequence in line with the NB short term aim.

In some instances, finance accountant found that any eventuality budgeted consequence, section director is request to revise and subject budget once more. Else, maestro budget will subject to CEO and COO for concluding blessing. Once Master budget is approved, it will administer, communicate and implemented in NB. Each section director need to explicate item to subsidiaries and supervise the consequence from clip to clip.

2.6 Budget control in LB

Finance section and section directors take of import function in commanding parts. Each section directors are delegating as budget commission. Quarterly direction meeting will be held in NB for follow up and supervise budgeting purpose. Finance accountant is core individual in the budgeting control as he have to supply preparation to budget commission, guarantee budget date line is fitting and covering with budget job.

Master budget in Lb is break into monthly study. They call it as Monthly Budget value study. This study includes wholly budgeted and existent income and disbursals in a month. Comparison of existent and budgeted figure will be shown in the standard format by month by month, where you are over-spending, under-spending or on mark.

For that discrepancy more than RM5000, account and discrepancy study needed. This study outline the cause of important discrepancy, propose disciplinary action and any other major affair. An analyzing study provided finance accountant base on discrepancy study to analyzing and anticipate what impact for maestro budgets is.

Current fiscal position

Analysis of budget alterations

Fiscal place to day of the month

In month fiscal place

Swerve analysis by month

Main cause of discrepancy

Estimate terminal of twelvemonth place

Suggestion action or disciplinary action

In some instances that prove the budgeted figure is unrealistic, budget is request to revise.

Format of monthly budget study in NB

First month







Gross saless

Cost recovery

Interest from investing

Entire income


Undertaking 1

Undertaking 2


Operational costs

Organizational costs

Staffing costs

Entire outgo

If section budget with important divergence will be issue warning missive and discrepancy study from finance section by acknowledge by top direction. They need to follow the action program and act consequently. Audit will be held from clip to clip from finance dept to guarantee they are following consequently.

2.7 Advantage of LB budgeting procedure

Presently Natural Biscuit is pattern underside up budget system where are supervisor and section director pulling up the budget base on company end and nonsubjective and submit to exceed direction for blessing.

Normally this sort of budget method tends to be more accurate and realistic because caput of section program and estimation of ain section disbursals and demand as they are direct contact with company activity. This budgeting method can supply the chance for employees get involved in puting their ends and outlooks for a given fiscal period. In other manner, employees feel sense of ownership in such budgets, they attempt to run into or transcend those outlooks. Employee occupation satisfaction is addition. Thurs, bottom up budgeting is good motive tool. By the manner, budget planning procedure can coerce director to be after in front. Hence, they can gain any possible job in progress

NB budgeting ( Bottom up ) involve every section. Therefore, they are force to pass on between each section to finish the budget. Opportunity is given for subsidiaries to discourse budget issue with superior. Through communicating of exchange information can assist to work out the job more efficaciously. Relation between of employees can be bettering every bit good.

Budget system is incremental budgeting. Incremental Budgeting uses a budget prepared utilizing a old period ‘s budget or existent public presentation as a base, with incremental sums added for the new budget period ( Hansen, 2003 ) . Advantage of this system is stable and alteration is steady. It is base on company mark to program and increase the estimated figure. Directors can run their sections on a consistent footing, so this is rather simple to run and easy to understand. Therefore, employees are easy to pattern and follow this budgeting system.

2.8 Disadvantage of NB budgeting procedure

Bottom up budgeting need cooperation from each section in NB. There are affecting excessively many employees cause take excessively long clip to fix and completed. From below clip tabular array we note that from start to finish a budget, they taken 46 yearss. Human behavior is one of factor will affected realistic of budget. For illustration waste may originate as directors adopt the position, “ we had better pass it or we will lose it ” . This is frequently coupled with “ imperium edifice ” in order to heighten the position of a section. Furthermore, if on certain group might farther stress his sentiment. Master budget is tend be inaccurate. Departmental struggle arises with faulting each other if marks are non attained.

Time table to finish budgetary in NB

Activity Duration


Estimated Number of twenty-four hours

Top direction determination of annually mark

01 Dec

7 yearss

Manager start pull up budget

08 Dec

25 yearss

For top direction blessing

02 Jan

7 yearss

Budget dialogue ( top direction with budget commissions ) and budget revision.

09 Jan

7 yearss

Finalise and implement budget

16 Jan

Entire yearss: 46 yearss

Of class, certain budget commission is unfamiliar with the operation being budgeted. They may miss of preparation of budgeting procedure. Such as IT section is expert in their operation country where is guarantee system are in line and operate good in the company. They possibly deficiency of thought how to pull up budget.

In NB, flexed budget is non applied in the budgeting control. Component of Master Budget is fix budget mean that informations will non be revise base on activity achieved in the budgetary period. Finance section of NB is merely comparing the existent figure with expected figure. In fact to hold better comparing consequence and realistic result, flexed budget demand to be including for control procedure. Flexed budget is based on existent activity of company. In NB should establish on unit of existent end product. From below tabular array, we can detect that more realistic discrepancy figure we can acquire if existent figure subtraction flexed budget. As any discrepancy figure is more than RM5000, discrepancy study needed and warning missive will be issue to related section. But due to unrealistic comparing in NB, this is unjust to that section since production end product is increase. Morale of employee will be affected and bad labor relation due to unjust comparing of budgeting control.

Master Budget


Flexed Budget

Variance ( MB- Actual )

Variance ( FB- Actual )

Unit of measurements end product of pie cake




Direct stuff

RM 200

RM 250

RM 240

RM 40 ( U )

RM 10 ( U )

Operation Cost





RM 20 ( U )

RM10 ( F )

Admin cost

Indirect labour wage

RM 150



RM 20 ( U )

RM 20 ( U )

Additionally, quality and client service issue are non included in the NB ‘s budget. And adding value of merchandise wholly non be program and allocate resource of this country. In fact, these are possible job will impact budget earnestly. Any unsatisfactory of client incur, mark or expected gross revenues figure will be effected. Whole budget demand to be revised.

In other manus, discrepancy study of NB is excessively complicated. There are excessively many affair or publish need to be explain due to divergence of budget. This is taken clip to finish and describing the divergence. Staff of NB may happen other alternate manner to jump this study. End last, unrealistic study may be submitted to finance section.

2.9 Recommendation

Lead clip of budget planning demand to be shorted by less involve figure of employee. Manager of NB will see sentiment and information from all of subsidiary. But really they can merely name few individual of employee which occupation map more related to budget procedure. For illustration, in the production budget, merely affect production executive and above to fall in the pre budget meeting but non merely budget commission ( Manager ) can fall in the meeting. This can shorter lead clip of planning, director non necessitate to explicate more farther since they are obtain necessary information in the meeting.

Finance section suppose is section more expert in the budgetary affair. Therefore, finance accountant has to supply more preparation to other section. He needs to explicate farther how to be after, why we need and what is budget. Additionally, factors will be effected budget demand to underscore in the preparation. In NB, no budget counsel or process in composing provided. What they have is merely simple excel budget format. So finance accountant demand to hold composing process and counsel with clearly defines countries of duty and supply during pre budget meeting. In order to guarantee budget can be completed on clip, stat mis stone is good proctor tool for finance accountant. He needs to be really rigorous to the clip which indicates in the stat mis stone. And supervise the budget procedure from clip to clip.

A better computing machine plan need to replace excel format to do speedy and accurate computations, maintain path of undertakings immediately, and do proper comparings. In instance that discrepancy more than RM5000, warning missive given to HOD which need to be replacing with assessment system. Award or inducement should be given for those meet the budget mark. Therefore, direction of NB should set up a appraise system to actuate and promote employees.

Sometimes it is necessary to hold two different budgets for NB. One as the ideal budget that we would wish to hold and a 2nd one as a minimal budget of the money that is wholly necessary for your company to last. When we draw up the ideal budget, net income is merely estimated so we non certainly will acquire all the money for company demand and a minimal budget will assist you to make up one’s mind which costs can be cut, if we do n’t pull off to raise the necessary financess.

3.0 Decision

Budget system is control and be aftering tool for Natural Biscuit to be after and supervise their administration activity in progress. NB is pattern Bottom up budgeting with involved suggestion and information from their employee in budgeting procedure. Therefore NB ‘s budget is more accurate and realistic. Communication between sections will be improved during budgeting procedure. But NB ‘s budgeting procedure to take excessively long clip to finish and some of staff are deficiency of budget preparation.

Incremental budget is budgeting method of NB. It is easy and steady method, so employees are easy to understand and pull up the budget. But NB do non hold good budgeting format to be after and command their budgeting procedure. Hence, a good budgeting plan needed. Additionally, NB need to shorter lead clip of budgeting with cut down people affecting in the procedure. Systematic appraise system besides needed to actuate employee in the manner to better budgeting system in NB.

Hansen, S.C. , Otley, D.T. , and Van der Stede, W.M. , 2003. Practice Developments in Budgeting: An Overview and Research Perspective, Journal of Management Accounting Research, 15, 95-116.

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